Tuesday, May 12, 2015

150503 BEAST "Beatiful Show" Taiwan concert tickets are sold out

BEAST will be holding their “Beautiful Show” concert tour on 30th May 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong, before heading to Taiwan on 6th June.

Although it is BEAST first time having a concert in Taiwan, they receive overwhelming support as the all the tickets were sold out within one hour. Currently, the organizers are considering to have an additional concert in Taiwan.

Moreover, the Hong Kong concert price and seating plan have attracted a lot of attention from China and Hong Kong fans. The tickets for the Hong Kong concert can be purchased through online or retail shop.

Lastly, all the members are looking forward to their upcoming solo concert in Hong Kong next month. These events are brought to you by Sun Entertainment Culture and Jasco entertainment.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

15.04.24 BEAST interview session: Upcoming concert tour in Hong Kong and Taiwan

BEAST will be holding their “Beautiful Show” concert tour on 30th May 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong, before heading to Taiwan on 6th June. The ticket pricing is as follows: HK $ 1380 / $ 1080 / $ 780 / $ 480. The event is brought to you by Sun Entertainment Culture and Jasco entertainment.

 Since it is BEAST’s first solo concert in Hong Kong, the organizers decided to interview the members exclusively in South Korea.

In the interview session, Yoseob mentioned that although the members had attended events in Hong Kong , they actually did not have any chance to go on sightseeing, thus, he hopes that they could enjoy Hong Kong’s famous night view soon. Moreover, it has been a long time since BEAST met their fans in Hong Kong, therefore, Kikwang hopes that BEAST could present their best songs and performances to their beloved fans.

Furthermore, BEAST members mentioned that they often involve in various activities during their leisure time: Kikwang will spend his time exercising - no wonder he has a healthy muscular body; Yoseob expressed that regular exercise and reading could refresh his mind and body; As a member of Korean artists’ football team, Doojoon will be busy on the field weekly; Hyunseung will meet his friends and enjoy bowling with them; Junhyung will spend his free time in the studio as a composer; Lastly, Dongwoon will enjoy aromatherapy in his house.
Although currently BEAST does not have any plan to make a comeback, the members are consistently working hard to improve themselves, and hopefully they could meet their fans soon. Lastly, all the members are looking forward to their upcoming solo concert in Hong Kong next month.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

15.04.12 BEAST's short MV for 'Hands Up'

On April 10th, BEAST dropped a shot version of the music video of their newest Japanese single 'Hands Up.'

'Hands Up' is the rhythmical dance track which was released on April 6th, and topped the chart a day after its release.
BEAST will hold a Japan fan meeting tour in May in four cities: Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Watch below:
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15.04.12 BEAST Hong Kong concert tickets will be on sale soon

BEAST will be holding their Beautiful Show Tour concert on 30th May 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong. The event is organised by Sun Entertainment Culture and Jasco entertainment.

Since their debut in 2009, this will be the BEAST's first time having a concert in Hong Kong. After the concert in Hong Kong , they will be performing on 6th June 2015 in Tianmu Stadium, Taiwan. Therefore, fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan will have the opportunity to experience the charming performance of BEAST.

 Since the announcement of the concert details, the organizers have been receiving overwhelming support and response from fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In order to repay the support of fans, the organizers decided to sell official merchandise at the concert, such as hand lamps, towels, light headband, badge and hat. The price of merchandises is almost similar to the price in South Korea. For example, the hand lamp will be sold at HKD 150 each.  In addition, the fans will be able to pre-order the official merchandises online. Further ordering details will be announced at a later date.

Moreover, the concert tickets will be on sale starting next week.
Last but not least, BEAST members are looking forward to meet their heartwarming fans during their first concert in Hong Kong.

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15.04.08 BEAST's 'Hands up' tops Itunes Japan chart

On April 7th, Cube entertainment announced that BEAST's latest Japanese track, "Hands Up" nabbed first place on iTunes Japan. 
"Hands Up" is the rhythmical dance track which was released on the 6th. It topped the chart after only 1 day, showing BEAST's strong popularity in Japan.
BEAST recently also formed its own independent Japanese label “BEAST Music” to focus on promotion in Japan. Through the new label, they are set to unveil a new song every month for 10 consecutive months. 
Meanwhile, BEAST will hold a Japan fan meeting tour in May with 4 big cities: Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.
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15.04.04 BEAST's 2nd teaser video for 'Hands Up'

BEAST will make a comeback with Japanese single!

BEAST reveal their 2nd teaser video on their official YouTube channel with the title 'Hands Up,' although the teaser is short, fans seems to be curious for its full release.

Watch below:

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

[INTERVIEW] 141029 ANAN October Issue Part 2

Playing games inside my room, which is like a PC/game room, is resting time
“The price of furniture in Japan or Korea are alike~” Doojoon-san who cooly, calmly check the prices of the furniture even till the corners of the shop. An independent life that is wished and hope for “I’m able to do everything that I want to do so it’s perfect!”, and according to the members, out of the six of them, he has the cleanest house. “I made a room exclusively for playing games and there are 5 TVs and PCs. It’s like a PC/Game room. I like playing games that much but the members have no interest in it (cries).” How many hours do you play? “Um~.. Let’s cut it down a little, please write ‘3 hours’ (laughs)”.

Dujun’s choice:
“I have the exact succulent at home. I chose this with the thought of (the fan) carefully raising this pot (of succulent) while thinking of me” 3000yen

 An affectionate side that values furniture because it contains memories with his family♡
Hyunseung-san who lay down on the huge bed at the start of the filming, sent a sexy look to the camera. The laid-back atmosphere created a good tension in the shop. However, when speaking about his home that he lives in with his family, with an affectionate gentle look he said “Because I’m not living on my own, I can’t change up the interior up to my liking. But I think it is fine just the way it is. About our sofa, furniture we’ve been using it since I was a baby – I’d like to keep using it in the future too. It is most enjoyable when I’m playing games or web-surfing in my room.”

Hyunseung’s choice:
“”It’ll be great to use this when it gets really busy to the point that you don’t even get time to wash your hair. (But) I wash my hair every day”. Even the members were surprised at Hyunseung’s unrestrained comment! 1200 yen

Decorated the house according to his wishes but already has plans to change up the arrangement!
BEAST’s sound-maker who writes and produces, Junhyung-san. However unexpectedly, he doesn’t listen to music when he’s at home. “Because I’m constantly listening to music due to my work, at home I’d like to rest my ears.” Having a reputation for fashion sense, he is also the most interested in interior amongst the members. “What I’d like to have are fashion brand props that will become the focal of the house. Right now I have a huge red sofa in the house so there’s an modern image therefore I’m interested in interior too. Since I get bored easily, I can’t not change it up often.. I want to place a stylish table and change up the atmosphere.”

Junhyung’s choice:
After agonizing about it, he chose a bright red watering can. “I want to pour water on my fans. That’s a joke. I think it’ll be cool even just putting it in the house” 2500 yen

Moving to a larger house and making a workout room?!
“I’m happy to be able to come to Jiyugaoka’s interior shop!” said Yoseob-san while laughing. He picked up boxing about a year ago and right now he has a small health club in his house. “I don’t play games, I also don’t meet up with my friends outside often. I was looking for something I could do that I could focus on and somewhere along the way, I picked up working out. Compared to the house I revealed on a Korean show, I’ve moved to a slightly bigger house and dedicated/made a room solely for working out. I have a bench press, barbell, and a sandbag too. Every evening, I spend about 30-40 minutes in that room.”

Yoseob’s choice:
“I chose something that is practical. Please use it when you go for a holiday or camping.” A multi-tool that has a spoon, fork, wine opener etc. 950 yen.

Excited in the interior shop! Right now, collecting information on furniture from the members.
Kikwang-san whose eyes turned wide as soon as entering the furniture shop exclaiming “Wow!” He opened drawers, sat on sofa, and even asked about shipping prices etc. No matter how you see it, it looks like he’s serious about buying. “I moved in summer but I got hurt immediately after so I’ve not even unpacked my boxes or brought in my furniture. Now I’m looking through magazines, asking members where they bought their furniture so I’m collecting info. The furniture here are nice. I want to buy every~thing. But the price to me is a little.. (laughs). I’ll go earn money and will come back at a later time.”

Kikwang’s choice:
“I hope the person receiving this present thinks of me and raises it preciously well with a mindset of raising me.” Succulent, 3000 yen

 He looks like a good looking man who plays the piano but in reality, a man who works hard because of Lego.
Dongwoon-san who isn’t sure when is the next time he could be living together with his family so he’s living with them right now. Although he is a reliable magnae, at home he spends his time like a small child!? “I like lying on the floor and spending time building Lego! I’m building a Euro castle from a 5000-6000 piece Lego. I’ve started it for a month now but I’m not even halfway done (laughs). At home, I play the electric piano too. I play a lot of classical music.” Whenever they head to Korea, he will look for figurines to decorate his room together with Junhyung-san. “I wanted Iron Man but I went this time and it’s all sold out.”

Dongwoon’s choice:
Dongwoon-san said “I want to send a photo frame with my photo inside. I also cut the picture myself with a scissors. The design is cool too so I’m satisfied.” 4000 yen.

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