Wednesday, June 6, 2018

October 2, 2010 - June 6, 2018

I am extremely sorry to announce that I am closing Yoseob Europe.
After running this fansite for eight (more or less) consecutive years, I decided to close it due to one big reason, the lack of time. I do not have time anymore to continue operating this fansite and searching for news, photos and videos related to Yang YoSeob.
I wish to thank Yang YoSeob for being such a great inspiration and role model. Even though the fansite was lacking, thanks for enjoying it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

15.08.06 BEAST nab #YeY2ndWin at M!Countdown

Fans are working hard in hope for Beast to sweep this week's music shows and they might do so as they nab their 2nd win with 'YeY' at M!Countdown today.

Though there's no performances today due to the airing of highlights from KCON 2015, the boys receive their trophy and give their thank you speech through a video clip.


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15.08.05 BEAST win at 'Show Champion' #YeY1stWin

BEAST have just taken home their 1st win with their comeback album title track 'YeY' at Show Champion today.

Aside from this, the boys have actually won Inkigayo trophy for their pre-released track "Gotta Go To Work" on August 2 making fans hopeful to sweep this week's music shows. Meanwhile, also on the top 5 are Apink, AOA, GFriend and INFINITE.

The boys are extremely happy during their encore. Congratulations!

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15.07.31 BEAST's YeY live on Cultwo Show

BEAST prove their amazing live singing ability on Cultwo Show, check out their performance below, are you impressed?

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