Tuesday, October 28, 2014

14.10.23 BEAST release the behind-the-scenes of their '12:30' photoshoot

Have you been captivated by the fall mood and charming appearance of BEAST's concept?

From indoor and outdoor filming, let's take a look how these good-looking members pose for cameras and adorable in between takes as well.

Watch below:

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14.10.23 BEAST release short PV for 'How About You' Japanese single

BEAST release the short PV for their upcoming Japanese single 'How About You' scheduled to be released on November 14.

Though the setting may seem to be familiar, BEAST's highly-rated vocals and dancing skills are on the hook. The song is composed by Junhyung. This is the 2nd track he wrote for their Japanese promotions with 'Sad Movie' being the first. The single album is going to have a subtrack titled 'One Day'.

This this new Japanese release, BEAST are kicking off their nearing arena tour '2014 BEAUTIFUL SHOW IN JAPAN' in late November. Watch the short PV below:

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

14.10.20 BEAST release '12:30' MV

BEAST release full MV of their new hit song titled '12:30', check out the boys in action below:

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14.10.19 BEAST announces '561 Project'

On the official YouTube channel of Cube Entertainment, the agency of male KPop group BEAST, a video was uploaded featuring the six equally handsome and talented boys of BEAST.

On the video, they were seen playing a ladder game, then eventually announced the '561 Project,' where 5 stands for their 5th year anniversary after debut, six (6) for the number of members and one (1) implies their unity.

In celebration of their 5th anniversary, BEAST decided to grace an event where their fans can mingle with them. They are going to meet their fans in Seoul, Daejeon, Gwangju, Busan, Chuncheon and Jeju Island.

BEAST is coming back on October 20th with their latest song '12:30.'

Watch below:

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14.10.18 BEAST release '12:30' MV teaser

BEAST release MV teaser of their comeback song titled 12:30, check out the teaser below:

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

14.10.13 BEAST releases audio teaser for third track 'It's A Good Thing'

BEAST continue to provide sneak audio preview for their tracks form upcoming 7th mini album 'TIME'.

Today, they've released the audio teaser for their third track 'It's A Good Thing' through soundcloud.

Meanwhile, BEAST are releasing 'TIME' on October 20 to commemorate their 5th anniversary since debut. 

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14.10.14 BEAST drop the audio teaser for their title track '12:30'

BEAST let their fans hear a snippet of their upcoming title track "12:30" from their upcoming special mini album 'TIME'.

The track's preview begins with sound of ticking clock and escalates to a soothing sound of piano and violin.

Listen below while we wait for the album to be released on 20th.

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14.10.12 B2ST to guest on KBS's talkshow 'I'm A Man'

B2ST will make their guest appearance on KBS's talkshow 'I'm A Man'.

According to an official broadcaster, B2ST will participate in the recording of 'I'm A Man' special episode 'I'm A Woman' today on October 12th at KBS Annex Building in Yeouido.

'I'm A Woman' special episode will feature an audience of 100 woman with a wide range from those who have only attended all-girl schools to those who resemble celebrities and tone deaf. They will discuss 4 topics and it's also expected that there will be a surprise performance from the guest.

This episode will be broadcasted on October 17th.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

14.10.09 BEAST release tracklist for special mini album 'Time'

BEAST unveil the tracklist for their upcoming 7th mini album 'TIME'.

After revealing that the mysterious digits 12:30 is their title track, the tracklist reveals that there's a total of 6 songs.

Some of which includes 'Drive', 'Stay', 'SO HOT' and more.The five tracks are composed by duo Good Life (Kim TaeJoo & BEAST Yong Junhyung). While the last track 'SO HOT' is composed by KiKwang.

The special album to commemorate their 5th anniversary will be released on October 20.

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14.10.08 B2ST to release title track '12:30' in upcoming 7th mini album on October 20th

B2ST's comeback is getting near!

Few days ago, Cube Entertainment unveiled the first teaser video which showed '1016' and '1230' was written on the sand. Today on October 8th, the agency has released a new teaser image with the infor saying that B2ST will make their comeback with title track '12:30' from 7th mini album 'Time' on October 20th.

'12:30' is a work from composer team Good Life and is an R&B ballad which describes the longing for someone after a breakup by comparing it to the hour and the minute hands of a clock pointing in different directions.

The music video for '12:30' will be released along with the 7th mini album on October 20th.

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14.10.07 BEAST release group jacket photo for 7th mini album 'Time'

BEAST has unveiled the jacket image for their special 7th mini album 'Time' to commemorate their 5th anniversary since debut.

The boys are oozing with charisma in their fall outfit with the sunset view of a seashore behind. Their are looking relaxed and an emotional mood is coming off their auras.

Aside from the jacket image, BEAST are releasing member individual teaser photos every hour in total of seven hours. Enjoy the releases before their album drops on October 16.

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14.10.07 BEAST release individual charismatic concept photos for 'Time'

BEAST release the individual concept images of members for their 7th mini album 'TIME'.

After dropping their group jacket image, members' photos are gradually released with an hour gap. The boys are looking classy and charismatic in their 'fall concept' image. Adding the scenic view of a sunset along the seashore, the mood appeals very emotional.

Meanwhile, BEAST are returning on October 16.

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14.10.06 BEAST release teaser for special 7th mini album for 5th anniversary

To commemorate their 5th anniversary debut, BEAST are releasing special 7th mini album following their 6th EP 'Good Luck' 4 months ago.

The teaser clip shows a gloomy seashore and on the sand the digits 1016 are written but as the waves cleared up 1230 emerged. In addition, we hear Yoseob's voice singing with the word 'Drive'. Fans have noticed that the number have been hinted by the members on their twitter accounts.

Though it's suggested that 1016 means October 16 but the 12:30 remained a mystery. Meanwhile, watch the teaser below:

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Monday, October 6, 2014

141003 EXO-K, Infinite, Beast, Ailee and more are coming for 'Music Bank in Mexico'

'Music Bank' is bringing your favorite kpop idol groups to the 'country of the sun' Mexico to perform special and  exciting stages.

A promotional clip is aired today revealing the confirmed line up of groups and artists. They are Beast, Infinite, Girl's Day, B.A.P, Ailee, EXO-K, BTS and more.

'Music Bank in Mexico' is happening on October 30 at Arena Ciudad de Mexico. So far, 'Music Bank World Tour' has gone to various countries such as Japan, France, Hong Kong, Chile, Indonesia, Turkey, and Brazil.

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