Thursday, March 24, 2011

YoSeob facts ^^

  1. In high school, Yoseob was in a hard rock/metal band.
  2. Yoseob searches for himself on the Internet.
  3. Yoseob cannot go under 80 cm in limbo.
  4. Gikwang and Yoseob can learn a dance very quickly.
  5. Yoseob would buy medicine for the sick members.
  6. Yoseob used to act as Junhyung’s alarm clock. He wakes him up by singing and dancing “Change” on his bed.
  7. Yoseob doesn’t remember his first love.
  8. When Yoseob trips/falls, fans think it’s cute. But when Dongwoon falls, it’s serious.
  9. Yoseob likes how none of the B2ST members are good drinkers.
  10. Yoseob and Drama, from Dalmatian, were best friends back in Mboat and were called Soulmate.
  11. Yoseob confirmed that Gikwang, in fact, always slept in school.
  12. "I’m always full of charm or cuteness." Yoseob
  13. Yoseob will be very happy if someone confesses her love to him. He doesn’t have anyone in mind.
  14. Yoseob takes red ginseng capsules and uses youngkkaksan powder, which elders often use.
  15. Yoseob treasures his Eastpack backpack because his sister gave it to him after winning a journal image contest.
  16. After watching Hyunseung at a photo shoot, Yoseob joked that he was falling for Hyunseung.
  17. Yoseob is the worst at games (including computer games). He’s a sore loser and won’t play again if he loses.
  18. Yoseob would sometimes call Gikwang “hyung,” even when he’s older.
  19. Yoseob likes dressing in normal clothes such as t-shirts and hats.
  20. When they finished filming the “Bad Girl” MV, Yoseob felt like he was being released from prison.
  21. The B2ST members think Yoseob looked the weirdest before debut because of his hair.
  22. Yoseob gained his interest in singing after listening to Brian McKnight’s songs.
  23. Yoseob has a habit of hitting Doojoon while sleeping.
  24. Even Yoseob thinks he’s cute.
  25. Yoseob used to love soccer. Junhyung influenced him and now he only uses his strength unless he must.
  26. According to Yoseob, B2ST will always be hardworking like bulls.
  27. When talking about their hard times, Yoseob starts crying.
  28. On the day of their debut, Yoseob shouted, “I’m going to debut!” on maplestory.
  29. Doojoon and Yoseob’s theme song is John Legend’s “Ordinary People.”
  30. Junhyung wears the glasses Yoseob gave him often.
  31. Yoseob can beatbox very well.
  32. Yoseob is proud of the fact that he can beat all of the members at Mario Kart.
  33. Yoseob likes to take Hyunseung’s food.
  34. Because of Yoseob and Dongwoon’s regular snack patters, they’re always blamed for missing food.
  35. Yoseob wasn’t a very good dancer to begin with. He got better after choreographing his own moves.
  36. Yoseob used to always go back to the dorm to eat ramen, but now he says he’s too tired to.
  37. During elementary school, Yoseob’s parents were called to school when he exposed that his teacher was really wearing a wig.
  38. Yoseob once got angry after a fight with his sister. He grabbed his sister’s shoes and told their mom: “Mom, it looks like she skipped lessons to play!”
  39. Yoseob trained the longest among the members.
  40. Yoseob does unimaginable things when the members are upset. He always cheers them up.
  41. Yoseob and Dongwoon are midnight snack buddies.
  42. Yoseob wants his wife to be and feel beautiful. She will be the happiest.
  43. During “BEAST is the B2ST,” Yoseob’s hair was bleached 8 times.
  44. Yoseob and Junhyung nearly got rejected from Cube.
  45. Yoseob’s ideal type is SNSD’s Seohyun.
  46. Gikwang and Yoseob first met in the 10th grade.
  47. Sometimes Yoseob is very dishonest.
  48. On Yoseob and his ex-girlfriend’s 100 day anniversary, he booked a karaoke room and decorated it beautifully with balloons and other things. After that, he told her to come inside and sang her a song. Plus, she loves dolls so he bought her a huge doll exactly her size.
  49. Yoseob is the most romantic in the group.
  50. Yoseob might only feel full after eating one bowl of rice, ramyun, and 7 sausages.
  51. Yoseob was once known as the “Church Oppa.”
  52. Yoseob spent his Children Day replying to B2UTYs on his YOZM.
  53. The words “Car Wash Self Customer Is King” was written on Yoseob’s arm with sharpie.
  54. Ramen is Yoseob’s favorite food.
  55. Yoseob loves cute girls with long, straight, black hair.
  56. Yoseob and Gikwang both went to Ahyun High School. Gikwang said, “Yoseob and I are destined to be.”
  57. Yoseob has a small head.



  1. Love it : i'm going to be HiS WiFE :)

  2. @ EUNBiiE
    hehe i think many many girls thing about that ^^
    thx 4 the com :)

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  4. #13 is a lie LOL I can bet that he likes IU. Isn't the IUseob couple cute :)) btw,#55 cute girls with long and straight hair, yeah definitely IU or seohuyn <3

  5. @curious bubble - yep the IUSeob couple looks cute :) hehe well i don`t know ^^ only he knows xD

    thx 4 the com ^^

  6. i really love yoseob....

  7. @Anonymous - yep i believe u ^^ thx 4 the comment :)

  8. huhhh i'm really sad that his ideal type is Seohyun.....

  9. Darn, if his ideal type was Sunny, I'd be all set. I look like Sunny :3

  10. @Anonymous - hehe :D we can't do anything about that ^^

    @Anonymous - xD this means that u r cute ^^

  11. hey , do you know what is seobie's fav colour??

  12. @Anonymous - hi ^^ he's fave color is white

  13. no guys, yoseob and suzy all the way <3
    oh, or yoseob and me ;D

  14. #48 is not true.. he never had a girlfriend.

  15. @Anonymous - hello ^^ hmmm, yes he had a girlfriend ^^ he said it himself :)

  16. do u have the website? i like to watch he said it himself :D

  17. @Anonymous - here u go, enjoy!! and yeah it's not the same thing u asked but it's something ^.^

  18. Soo sad I don't fit yoseob's ideal girl description T^T

    But, I will always be his fan no matter what:D

    I wish I could meet him....

  19. @Munchkin-pyon - such a nice comment :X:X i wish i could meet him as well and i'm glad 2 hear that u will support him no matter what >:D<

    1. It's nice to know that you reply to all of your comments:D
      We should talk more often...if that's ok with you? Haha!!:) ( as fan friends--just to make that clear and not sound stalkerish) haha!!
      Anyways...I really enjoyed reading this!!:)

  20. @Munchkin-pyon - Hehe thanks ^^ it's a pleasure
    Yep, sure we can talk more often xD
    I'm glad :)

    1. Yay!!!:D Hahah:) I was hoping to get someone's opinion on an idea I have...Soo you should email me at
      And you could help me out:)
      Thanks sooo much for Replying and saying yes to being fan friends lol:) did say yes right?

  21. @Munchkin-pyon - i sended u an e-mail ^^ yep of course, it will be a pleasure, you're welcome, yep, my answer is yes ^^ we can be friends >:D<

  22. i know this is yoseob europe but do u know anything about the beautiful show tour dates its already started and i cant find anything but the citys, i wanna see beast in vancouver but theres nothing i can find

    1. hey ^^ it's ok don't worry, i'm really sorry but i don't know anything about Vancouver, i know only about some cities here u go, this are the only dates confirmed, i'm sure they will confirm the date for Vancouver sooner or later

  23. do you know why yoseob was called as 'church oppa'?

    1. I think it's because of his attitude, he's humble, polite, determined and loyal. :)