Sunday, October 31, 2010

B2ST says goodbye on Inkigayo

The B2ST boys said their goodbyes on the October 31st episode of Inkigayo.
It has been a pretty short promotion period with “Soom“, as the B2ST boys will now start to prepare for their upcoming debut in Japan and solo concerts in Korea at the end of the year.
But rest easy, as B2ST will also return in mid-November for follow-up promotions!
Check out their heart-stopping “Soom” performance below.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

B2ST says goodbye on Music Core

The B2ST boys said their goodbyes on the October 30th episode of Music Core.
It has been a pretty short promotion period with “Soom“, as the B2ST boys will now start to prepare for their upcoming debut in Japan and solo concerts in Korea at the end of the year.
But rest easy, as B2ST will also return in mid-November for follow-up promotions!
Check out their heart-stopping “Soom” performance below.

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B2ST releases Junhyung’s version of concert teaser

With their concert date edging closer, B2ST recently teased fans with teasers for their ‘B2ST AIRLINES’ themed concert, which is to be held on December 12th.
With Doojoon and Hyunseung’s versions revealed earlier, it was the turn of Junhyung for the 3rd one.
Check out the video below, as the B2ST members teach you how to “put yo hands up” and shake ‘em appropriately, depending on whether they are singing a ballad, or an upbeat song.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

KiKwang, Taemin, Wooyoung, Chansung, and Minzy to perform Halloween Special stage on Inkigayo by GhostWriter on October 29, 2010 at 2:47 pm

A special treat for fans on October 31st’s SBS Inkigayo! The Halloween Special of Inkigayo will feature a special stage dance performance from B2ST’s KiKwang, SHINee’s Taemin, 2PM’s Wooyoung and Chansung, and 2NE1’s Minzy.
These experts of dance from their respective groups will share the stage in the Halloween spirit and dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’
In addition, 2NE1 will perform their follow up track for the very first time in addition to ‘Go Away’ on Inkigayo.

Source: SBS Inkigayo website, allkpop
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B2ST says goodbye on Music Bank

The B2ST boys said their goodbye on the October 29th episode of Music Bank.
It has been a pretty short promotion period with “Soom” as the B2ST boys will now start to prepare for their upcoming debut in Japan and solo concerts in Korea at the end of the year.
But rest easy, as B2ST will also return in mid-November for follow-up promotions!
Check out their heart-stopping “Soom” performance below.

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B2ST to debut in Japan!

Six-member idol group B2ST will be making their official debut in Japan on November 27th.
According to information disclosed by Cube Entertainment on October 29th, B2ST will be holding a 10,000-member audience showcase on November 27th. They will be signing under Universal Music Japan to release a new Japanese album by the beginning of next year.
B2ST will be transported by helicopter from the Haneda Airport all the way to their performance hall, much like Michael Jackson and other iconic pop musicians in the past.
A premium album and DVD set – “B2ST Japan Premium Edition” – has been scheduled to be available by November 24th.
Japan has already been showing much interest in the group. Indeed, a Japanese sports newspaper released an article titled “The Beasts of K-POP, B2ST to take over Japan on November 27th” just yesterday. This paper went on to state, “Their concert is on an extremely large scale, considering it’s a group that has yet to debut. Their music is strong unlike, their soft appearance. The charm of this group lies in their powerful performance style.”

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nominees for 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards revealed

There has been much controversy over Mnet’s decision to hold their annual awards ceremony, “2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards“, overseas in Macau on Sunday, November 28th, as it angered the two TV broadcasters, MBC and SBS. However, Mnet is no stranger to such situations, and they have now revealed the nominees in the various categories for the extravaganza.
Despite supposedly “bad blood” between Mnet and SM Entertainment, SM Entertainment artists like Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee were nominated in the various categories released by Mnet on their official website. Mnet had said earlier in a press conference today that they had sent invitations to all entertainment companies, including SME and were awaiting a response from them.
And here are the nominees!

Daesang Award
Singer of the Year
Song of the Year
Album of the Year
Male Group Award
Super Junior
Female Group Award

Male Singer Award

Female Singer Award
Seo In Young
Son Dambi
Lee Hyori

Male Rookie Award

Teen Top
Seo In Guk
Female Rookie Award
miss A
Nine Muses
Best Music Video Picture
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
Epik High – “Run”
UV – “Sorry I Can’t Be Cool”
Ga-In – “Can’t Turn Back”
Taeyang – “I’ll Be There”
Best Dance Performance – Solo
Narsha – “Bbiri Bbabba”
Rain – “The Song That’ll Hold YOu Back”
Lee Hyori – “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
Taeyang – “I’ll be There”
Hyuna – “Change”
Best Dance Performance – Male Group
2PM – “I’ll Be Back”
SHINee – “Lucifer”
Super Junior – “Bonamana”
Best Dance Performance – Female Group
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
4minute – “HUH!”
miss A – “Bad Girl GOod Girl”
Secret – “Magic”
T-ara – “Bo Peep Bo Peep”
Best Vocal Performance – Solo
K. Will – “Miss Miss Miss”
Gummy – “Because You’re A Man”
Seo In Young – “You Write It As Love and Call It Pain”
Jung In – “Hate”
Wheesung – “I Thought of Marriage”
Best Vocal Performance – Group
2AM – “Can’t Send You Even if I Die”
4men – “Can’t”
8Eight – “Break Up Is Coming”
Vibe – “Come Back”
Davichi – “Time Please Stop”
Best Band Performance
CNBlue – “Love”
FT Island – “Love Love Love”
Hot POtato – “Confession”
Boohwal – “Love Is”
TransFixion – “Shouts of Reds”
Best Rap Performance
DJ Doc – “I’m This Kind of Person”
Epik HIgh – “Run”
Outsider – “Acquaintance”
UV – “Sorry I’m Not Cool”
Supreme Team – “Dang Dang Dang”
Best Collaboration
Homme – “Eating Well”
Ga-In/Jo Kwon – “We Fell In Love”
Seo Young Eun/Jung Yeob – “This Pitiful Word”
IU/Seulong – “Nagging”
Sung Shi Kyung/IU – “It’s You”
Best Digital Single
MC Mong – “Hurt to Death”
Monday Kiz – “Spread Away”
Park Bom – “You and I”
Supreme Team – “Then Then THen”
Jung Yeob – “Without YOu”
The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award

Viewers can begin voting via MAMA’s official website from today.
Mnet plans to air the ceremony live through Hong Kong TVB, Singapore Mediacorp, Philippines GMA, Cambodian CTN in real time, in addition to its main Mnet channel. It will also air the show via satellite in North America, Oceania, and Europe and more will be revealed in due time. 

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B2st @ M! Countdown [28 oct 2010 ]

1. Breath/Soom

2. Shock

B2ST releases Hyunseung’s version of concert teaser

With their concert date edging closer, B2ST recently teased fans with the first teaser for their ‘B2ST AIRLINES’ themed concert, which is to be held on December 12th.
It looks like each member will have their own teaser to show, as Hyunseung’s version was revealed earlier today.
Check out the video and translation below.

To our flight passengers of B2ST AIRLINES, to enjoy a wild and crazy voyage, we wish you to familiarize yourself with the following scenario.
If you encounter a potentially murderous, charismatic performance by the aircrew of B2ST Airlines, there is a chance that you may lose slight consciousness, find it difficult to breathe and suffer symptoms of respiratory disease. In this situation, all you need to do is open your mouth and airway, and scream out the loudest noise you can make with all the strength you have deep in your abdominal muscles. “AHHHH!”
For your posture, you can stand as natural and comfortable as you can.
For a safer flight, our aircrew may suddenly scream out, “Scream!”. When this happens, all you need to do is stand naturally and scream “AHHHH!” until you feel refreshed.
December 12, 2010, we will welcome you on board with our best of service for an awesome journey with B2ST AIRLINES.

Video: B2STshow@YT
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

B2ST releases concert teaser Ep 1

Having released the slick looking concert poster yesterday for B2ST’s upcoming concert this December, Cube Entertainment has now released Ep 1 of the concert teaser.
The teaser features B2ST’s leader, Doojoon acting as the captain and narrating the ”Happy Flight Rules’ (what to do during the concert), and acted out by the B2ST members. Despite the “serious” nature of the video, it is actually pretty comical. Check it out below.

Video translation (courtesy of gergergal@Youtube)
“To the flight passengers of BEAST AIRLINE, for a enthusiastic/crazy voyage, we wish you to familiarize yourself with the following scenario.
During the flight, when one sees a hot and lively stage, one will start to feel the symptom of a tickling/tingling sensation in their body. If you start to feel this, place your two feet together, and start jumping.
Right then, if you raise one hand while jumping to the rhythm, the tickling/tingling sensation will go away faster. For those who find it hard to do by themselves, the attendants will endlessly shout, “Jump!” Whenever you hear this, we would like you to jump crazily.
Jump! Jump! I’m telling you to jump!
“Now…….2012, December 12: a cool journey with BEAST AIRLINE. We will welcome you aboard with the best of service.”
The concert will take place on December 12th at the Jamsil Stadium and all tickets have been sold out shortly after it went on sale at 8pm on October 26th.

Video: B2STOfficial@Youtube
Video translation: gergergal@Youtube
Source: AsiaToday, allkpop

Monday, October 25, 2010

B2ST welcomes you onboard B2ST Airline this December

December is a month which seems to be jam-packed with concerts by Korean artists, and among them will be idol group B2ST after an announcement by Cube Entertainment at the start of October.
Fans were no doubt delighted when Cube finally unleashed the concept for the concert, which will take place on December 12th at the Jamsil Stadium, through a promotional poster.
Through the promotional poster, we can see that they are going for a pilot concept as all six B2ST boys are decked in smart pilot uniforms as they welcome you the fans onboard the B2ST Airline, Flight No. 20101212 with the tagline, “LET’S PLAY. LET’S FLY B2ST!”
A representative from their company told OSEN earlier, “It will be held on a very large scale. The concert will be so entertaining that you won’t keep track of time. We already have many ideas flowing through our heads. The members are waiting very much.”

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Friday, October 22, 2010

B2ST dishes on their first K-Chart win

After a year since their debut, it seems like six membered B2ST are finally getting their break, all thanks to their 3rd mini-album, ‘Mastermind‘. Back on October 8th, B2ST received their first ever Music Bank K-Chart win for ‘Soom‘, and they are also scheduled to receive the ‘Asia Influential Artist‘ award at the ‘2010 Asia Song Festival’ this coming October 23rd.
It’s difficult for groups to distinguish themselves in a music industry where there are already an overflowing number of idol groups debuting on a daily basis, so for B2ST to be known as one of the top groups is a remarkable achievement in itself. With that being said, the members expressed that they were flabbergasted when they realized they had beaten the immensely popular 2NE1 on the night they won their first K-Chart.
“When we released our album, we actually felt more anxiety than anticipation. However, we were so happy when we achieved results that we didn’t even think we would achieve. That day on stage, right until our name was called, we weren’t anticipating anything, not even the tiniest bit. To think that we beat the amazing 2NE1…We were so shocked that we were lost for words. We were so happy that tears didn’t even come out.” (Lee Ki Kwang)
So what is B2ST’s secret? After a long pause, the members said, “I think people regard highly each of the six members’ charms.”
“Looking at us six members separately, we each have different talents and charms. It’d be fun to pick and choose (laughs). Since Yoseob is quite lively and gives off a mothering nature, he has a lot of female fans. Dong Woon is conservative and quiet, so he doesn’t seem like the maknae – people gave him the nickname ‘Son Grandpa’ (laughs). Hyun Seung is known as the 4-D kid – a bit dorky. When you look at Junhyung from the outside, he looks serious and blunt, but he’s very affectionate and takes care of the members well. Ki Kwang can pull off the ’stupid’ image easily (laughs), he’s an innocent child. I guess we could say Doojoon is the masculine leader? He has the charisma to lead the team.”
“In contrast to other idol groups, I think we show very kind images off stage. People say that when they meet us, they feel like they’re talking to a close brother or friend. Also, I think many people are taking interest in us for being able to display both our singing and dancing abilities.” (Lee Ki Kwang)

Of course, B2ST did not build up their popularity on their own: a lot of the contribution came from their fans. The members did not forget to express their gratitude toward their fans for helping the group reach to the top.
“Even though we always emphasize our thankfulness to our fans, we feel it’s never enough. We didn’t even know this, but the fans have been doing good deeds under our group’s name, and when we release new albums, they organize their own promotions as a way to expose us. They also never spare their compliments. We always find strength from our fans’ support. We might not be able to meet you as often, but if you leave a message through our Twitter or minihompys, we’ll reply back (laughs).” (Son Dong Woon)
“I still haven’t forgotten the time when the fans collected and sent in school supplies while I was on the program ‘Danbi’. I thought, who could have possbily sent all of this? I was so happy from the amount of love I didn’t even know I received. I will repay it back with good music.”Yoon Doojoon) (
“We heard that the fans made blue cushions, towels, and even pens once our album was released. The amount of devotion really shocked me. Also, news articles about our album or posts on open boards receive a lot of positive comments, so we thank you for always looking over us and supporting us.” (Yang Yoseob)
A difference about the group that has to be mentioned is the amount of effort they have been showing ever since their debut. B2ST produced their 3rd mini-album, ‘Mastermind’, during all the spare time they had throughout their last set of promotions, and continuously adjusted the final edit of their title track, ‘Soom’, until it hit perfection. Even for their choreography, they modified the dance to the point where it was a completely new dance every time. The ballad song they revealed before their album release, ‘Clenching a Tight Fist’, also helped B2ST reveal a new side of themselves, besides their usual powerful and masculine concepts.
“We have a great desire to show our different and constantly developing images. There are people who think that we won’t be able to pull off sincere songs, since we only ever show lively performances. Ever since our debut album, we’ve always added in ballad tracks, and even in this album, we sang another ballad. Our team’s goal is to showcase our diverse voices, and not settle for just one color.”
For their final words, B2ST clenched their fists and stated that this was only the beginning of their prosperous career. The members expressed, “We are always working hard and never forgetting our rookie mindsets. You could still consider us as toddlers. The beginning only starts now. Please keep looking over our developing selves, as we become a group that commands the stage.”

Source + Photos: Kuki News, allkpop

B2st - Soom/Breath @ Music bank [22 oct 2010]

Sunday, October 17, 2010

[101017] BEAST - 숨 / Soom

[101016] BEAST - Soom/Breath and Shock

B2ST sits down to a heartwarming interview with TV Report

The members of B2ST recently came together for an interview with TV Report in order to talk about their recent achievements and their upcoming activities. Despite garnering much success with their comeback song “Soom“, the boys expressed humble and thoughtful responses. They also demonstrated a strong determination to reach the top with their fans.
<It’s been a year since you’ve debuted last October with “Beast Is the B2ST.” What do you feel are the differences between the past and the present?>
Dongwoon: “I thought my heart was going to burst a year ago when we first stepped on stage. Now, I’m just as excited as I am nervous. Still, I’ve become a lot calmer since then – I think about the songs and performances I’ve been rehearsing for months that I wanted to show.
<It hasn’t been that long since you returned with “Soom”, and already you’ve managed to take first place in a public broadcast program. Did you predict such a hot response?>
Doojoon: “We didn’t expect it at all – all of us were surprised. We were just as glad as when we debuted on “M!Countdown” and won for the very first time… It’s definitely because of the love and interest that our fans have been giving us.”
<B2ST is one of the recent boy bands that has made clear advancements and improvements. Do you consider anyone your rival?>
Hyunseung: “We debuted on the same day as MBLAQ, so we heard a lot of people talk about us as rivals, but our music styles are different so we’re more friends than we are rivals.”
<Members Doojoon and Kikwang make frequent appearances on variety programs. Do the other members not have enough talent for variety shows?>
Doojoon: “The members have already shown off their talent through MBC’s “Idol Maid”. Everyone has a variety of skills such as singing, dancing, writing, and composing. We’re trying to find different paths for them which properly utilize those skills to their benefit.
<Your new album is being released in November, along with a concert set for December. Do ever feel upset in not being able to live the life of a young adult due to your busy schedule?>
Hyunseung: “It’s disappointing when we miss our friends and family, but I believe that we earn that much more. It’s a profession I chose with much determination so I have never ever once regretted having to go up on stage to dance and sing.
<You have nonstop activities planned up to next year. What kind of determination do the members have now as they stand before the starting line?>
Dongwoon: “We’ll be running without rest until the new year. We have only just turned over one page of a very long book. Watching our fans show us so much support just makes us want to work that much harder. We’ll be running with our fans by our side in order to turn over another page.”

Source + Photo: TV Report, allkpop

Thursday, October 14, 2010

[101014] BEAST - 숨/Soom live performance

B2ST wins M! Countdown

Mnet’s M! Countdown is back again on October 14th with another weekly fun-filled music show, and this episode is packed with exciting performances.
The most anticipated stage today would definitely have to be 2PM’s, as they performed their addictive comeback track “I’ll Be Back“. Younha also has a comeback stage today, singing her rock number “One Shot” for the audience. There was also a debut stage for Superstar K2’s Kang Seungyeon and a follow-up performance by rookie girl group, Nine Muses.
It was a rematch between 2NE1 and B2ST this week once again for the #1 spot on M! Countdown. In the end, it was the B2ST boys who came out on top and ended 2NE1’s four consecutive #1s run on M! Countdown tonight, just like what they did on Music Bank last week.
Congratulations to B2ST on a 2nd win for “Soom”!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Images of an emotional B2ST after their ‘Music Bank’ win

Last night on KBS’ “Music Bank“, the boys of B2ST delivered a crisp performance of their comeback track “Soom“, drawing fangirl screams that could have probably been heard all the way to Japan. It was an especially memorable night for B2st, however, as they took home their very first ‘K-chart’ victory.
Stunned to learn that they defeated the triple-crown champions, 2NE1, the boys were almost speechless and could only repeat, “Thank you, thank you very much” as the show scrolled through its end credits. Photos of the boys’ emotional reactions backstage have just been revealed, giving their fans an intimate look at how relief and triumph can only be expressed through tears.

Check out the photos below!

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B2ST would have auditioned for ‘Superstar K’ if they did not debut

6-member group B2ST recently confessed during an interview that if they had not debuted under Cube Entertainment, they would have auditioned for ‘Superstar K‘ instead.
The members said, “If we didn’t debut under B2ST, we would have auditioned for ‘Superstar K’… Since we too have experienced trainee days, whenever we watch ‘Superstar K’, it always reminds us of our past. It makes us think back a lot to our trainee days.”
B2ST explained that although their trainee days were psychologically stressful, since they never knew when they were going to debut, they miss being trainees from time to time because of the fun times they had going out on weekends with friends.
The group also complimented on how talented the ‘Superstar K’ contestants were, saying, “All the contestants who were in the top 11 have immense talent. They are so good that sometimes we think about whether we could even get into the top 11 if we auditioned.”
They continued, “There is only one winner, but we hope that all contestants of ‘Superstar K’ are able to achieve their dreams.”
Meanwhile, B2ST made a successful comeback last week with their new track ‘Soom‘, from their 3rd mini-album ‘Mastermind‘.

Source + Photo: Edaily, allkpop


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[Interview] Take 7 Interview with Yoseob

Yang Yoseob

Yang: This Yang Yoseob.
Yo: This is Yoseob
Seob: As a BEAST member, I'll try to work as hard without being seobseobhae!!  (seobseobhae means sad in kr)

T7: Before your debut, there seem to be a lot of clips of you in various parodies, and performances in the UCC community.  Was this a PR strategy?  
YS: I think it was probably because the more we filmed,  the greed of wanting to do it do it grew as well.

T7: Was there a UCC that you guys weren't able to finish that you remember?
YS: Due to filming such a monstrosity of a project, Lord of the Rings, I made horrible mistake of leaving in the middle of it.  Still can't sleep just thinking about it.

T7: I hear that you're particularly a good eater.  Normally, how much can you eat?   
YS: I might feel full maybe after eating one bowl of rice, ramyun and 7 sausages.

T7: I heard there are a lot of uploaded pictures of you, when you search for "Yang Yoseob's cuteness" on the internet.  Do you have any suggestions, for those who don't possess any cute attributes, that one can easily follow?
YS: For beginners, you could get the a response by doing a simple wink or stinking your tongue out a little. I think that's probably the best.  

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B2ST wins K-Chart on Music Bank

2NE1 had won the K-Chart three times to this point, and they were against B2ST this week. Although it was very very close, B2ST came on top and earned their first-ever K-Chart win for their track, “Soom“. What other awards will they claim next? We shall wait and see!

Congratulations to B2ST!

Yayyyyy finally :X:X:X God i'm so but so happy for them :X:X:X ^^ they are really good ^^ ♥♥♥ and i'm so proud.

[8 Oct 2010] B2st - Soom/Breath + back stage @ Music bank

Thursday, October 7, 2010

1O1OO7 Beast - Breathe

101001 Beast @ Star Access -- Pop In Seoul [English Subtitle]

B2ST returns to M! Countdown with “Soom”

The boys of B2ST brought another breathtaking comeback performance on today’s M! Countdown.
B2ST has been in the spotlight ever since their comeback, but they have also revealed a lot of great news for the fans, such as the second part of their album “Mastermind“ and a concert in December. Not only that, they will also receive the Asia Influential Artist Award at the 2010 Song Festival.
During today’s M! Countdown, the boys brought their usual flare and charisma, and they amazed the fans with the performance of their latest track, “Soom”.

Check out the awesome performance below!

Source: allkpop

B2ST releases behind-the-scenes video of “Soom” MV

B2ST released the making-of-video for their “Soom” MV on the morning of October 7th.
The clip reveals the members’ friendly and warm sides, such as when Doojoon and Dongwoon imitate the voices of other stars in order to make the fatigued staff members laugh.
Doojoon even turned their deserted film set into a motor show and made a comedic introduction by using lead vocal Yoseob as one of the models.
The boys were also revealed to be completely professional throughout the actual filming, as Yoseob sang live consistently for all his parts. The members each made sure to monitor their cuts as well.
B2ST will be holding their comeback stage on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on the 7th.

Source + Photo: Newsen, allkpop

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

4minute and B2ST to receive the Asia Influential Artist award

4minute and B2ST will be receiving an award at the 2010 Asia Song Festival.
Representatives of KOFICE revealed on October 6th, “4minute and B2ST were chosen to receive the Asia Influential Artist award.”
The award is given to artists that garnered the most attention in Asia for the year. 4minute and B2ST will be making an appearance at the awards event on the 23rd to give impressive performances.
4minute contracted with Universal and set out to expand their activities all over Asia. They’ve been earning much success so far by topping various music charts and earning thousands of new fans.
B2ST began touring through the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan this June while promoting “Shock“, and also earned the support of many. Their comeback album, “Mastermind,” has been sweeping the charts as well.

Source + Photo: Frontier Times, allkpop

B2ST on their comeback

Group B2ST has returned with their 3rd mini album, “Mastermind.”
In a recent interview, the members expressed that they were upset with not being able to live up to the hype created around their comeback. Having already earned much attention with “Bad Girl” and “Shock,” the group still felt that there was 2% missing. With “Soom,” the boys expressed a strong sense of determination to reach the top this time no matter what.
Doojoon stated, “It’s been a year and a lot more people recognize us. We’ve also gotten a lot of new fans as well. I still feel like something is missing though. We’re still 2% away from being complete. I hope that this promotion cycle fulfills that last 2%.”
Junhyung continued, “Going to the broadcast halls feels a lot more comfortable now as well. It helps us feel more confident on stage.”
Regarding their killer rehearsal schedule, Yoseob answered, “Lately, we’ve began to realize that winning first place isn’t important at all. If we’re not satisfied with what we’re presenting, won’t our fans feel the same as well? We’re working that much harder to make sure that we have every last detail covered. We rehearse, and rehearse.”
On the choreography for “Soom,” Hyunseung stated, “I think one can only feel our performance in its entirety by watching the choreography along with listening to the song. Our new choreography is a lot more detailed than usual. ‘Shock’ was a pretty difficult choreography, but compared to ‘Soom,’ it’s nothing.”
The members revealed that they have already completed their 4th minialbum set to be released in November. Most of all, they say that they’re counting down the time to December 12th, their first ever concert.
Dongwoon expressed, “Holding a concert was the dream of every member. I’m so excited, to the point where I dream of what kind of performance I want to show. I’m anticipating our individual stages, but I want to collaborate with our members as well.”

Source + Photo: Sports Korea, allkpop

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yo Seob singing in english

1. Cracks of my broken heart

2. Rise and fall

3. Ordinary people

4. The last time

5. U got it bad

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Practice video of B2ST’s ‘Soom’ revealed

Last week, Prepix, the choreographer of B2ST’s latest title track ‘Soom,’ uploaded photos of the boys’ practice video. Since then, lots of things have happened including the release of B2ST’s ‘Soom’ MV, as well as the comeback stages on Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo.
Like promised by Prepix, the practice video of B2ST’s ‘Soom’ was finally released today!
The video first introduces co-choreographer Mike Song from Kabba Modern, followed by Haw from Prepix and the producer, S.Tiger. At the end of the video, it includes funny bonus cuts of the boys dancing.

Check it out below.

Source: allkpop