New Year - Project [Finished]

UPDATE 13.01.22 

Hi everyone. ^^

Remember our Project for the New Year? Well thanks to our project arrived at Cube Entertainment. 

Thank you everyone for participating in our project.


Hello everyone.

We are organizing a project for the New Year, dedicated to Yang YoSeob. 

The project consists in a collage you have to make with YoSeob’s pictures (and if you want you can add pictures of yourself as well) and a message for YoSeob for 2013 or a message to congratulate YoSeob for what he did in 2012.

On the final picture write your name/nickname and the country you are from.

After you finish the collage send it to this e-mail address:

Send your collage before December 29th.

You can write the message in English or Korean.

Anyone can participate. 

Good luck and have fun.


  1. Replies
    1. Hello, you have to make a collage, here is an example:

      I hope it will help you ^^

  2. is this international or only for europe b2uties?? ;)

  3. I love you Yang Yoseop You so cute!!! ><

  4. Hi everyone.

    I have answered to all the e-mails related to YoSeob's New Year project. If you didn't received an e-mail please send me your collage again.

    You still have 2 hours left to send your collage so hurry up.

    Thank you.

  5. Hello
    May name Ana cristina
    I fron Brasil
    Love love Beast-B2st