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120929 Yoseob’s message on Soulmate

[T] It has been a long time since I left a message on Soulmate. Wishing everybody a Happy Chuseok! Ah, and I’ve deleted my twitter account. Its because of personal reasons. So don’t worry, and you don’t have to send Chuseok blessings to me too. Good luck!


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12.09.29 BEAST to release ‘Midnight’ in Japan in October

BEAST’s Japanese single album is set to be released.

K-POP idol group BEAST will be releasing their new single album “Midnight – The night I count those stars” on October 17. Mini album, “Midnight Sun – Japan edition” first track, ‘Midnight Sun – The night I count those stars’ as well as ‘On Rainy Days’ which was included in ‘SO BEAST’ are both recorded in Japanese version.

This album will be in 3 limited edition A, B, C (DVD included) as well as normal edition. It was also decided that Universal Music Studio will start sales for limited jacket version for each members.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed that BEAST will be starting ‘BEAST ZEPP TOUR 2012 We’ starting from Sapporo on October 11, in order to meet fans.

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[B2STLYSUBS] 120829 Weekly Idol BEAST EP 1


[ENG SUB] BEAST For U - Fanmeeting

Idols send out Chuseok Holiday greetings

It is that time of the year again! This year, the Chuseok holiday will be celebrated from September 30th and many celebrities have already sent their greetings to their fans in this special Korean holiday.

In light of Chuseok, many celebrities wore traditional and colorful hanboks as they wish their fans a Happy Chuseok.

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12.09.28 B2ST releases PV for Japanese “Midnight”

The boys of B2ST have just concluded their local promotional activities for “Beautiful Night” and are currently gearing up to release a new Japanese single next month.

B2ST will release a Japanese version of “Midnight” in October 17th as their third Japanese single. On September 28, a PV for the track has been revealed, showing the group’s concept and choreography.

“Midnight” was originally released as part of the group’s latest Korean mini album ‘Midnight Sun’. The new single will be available in three different editions; regular CD only, and limited editions [A,B,C].

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12.09.28 ‘SBS K-POP Super Concert’ ft. SNSD, 2NE1 and more sets new date and venue

After unfortunately being postponed due to some issues, ‘SBS K-POP Super Concert in America’ will resume once more with a new date and venue.

On September 28th, SBS announced that the ‘K-POP Super Concert in America’ will be held at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater located in Irvine, California on November 10th (local time).

 The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater is a popular outdoor venue that can draw a capacity of 15,000 audience members for large-scale acts and festivals. The event boats an awesome lineup which includes 2NE1, SNSD, CNBLUE, B2ST, SISTAR, KARA and 4Minute.

The concert was planned to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Korea and America’s diplomatic relationship. It is drawing a lot of attention as the first concert in the United States with only the leading Hallyu idol groups.

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[PV] BEAST - Midnight (별헤는밤) Japan.ver(FULL)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

12.09.26 B2ST releases album jacket photos for Japanese ‘Midnight’

The boys of B2ST have just concluded their local promotional activities for “Beautiful Night” and are currently gearing up to release a new Japanese single next month.

B2ST will release a Japanese version of “Midnight” in October 17th as their third Japanese single. “Midnight” was originally released as part of the group’s latest Korean mini album ‘Midnight Sun’. The mini album will be available in three different editions; regular CD only, and limited editions [A,B,C].

A Japanese edition of ‘Midnight Sun’ will also be released in Japan on September 26th. The new edition will include a bonus track of their Korean digital single “I Knew It”.

Ahead of the official release, B2ST released the album jacket photos for third Japanese single ‘Midnight’. Check out the photos below.

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12.09.26 [TV Daily] MR Removed ‘Fair standard’, Owners to ‘Reversed Singing Talents’

While K-POP is in its growing phase, singers who bears the Hallyu wave are required to go through an evaluation, called the “MR Removed”.

MR (Music Recorded) is a term to describe the music that was recorded. If MR is removed, we are able to listen to the pure vocals of those singers.

Lately, some netizens use MR Removed to evaluate singers’ singing abilities. Through this MR removed method, the singer’s capabilities that was hidden by electronic sounds and strong beats surface and can be heard, and with this, their singing qualities can be evaluated.

There are few issues that was made a topic by netizen’s fair evaluation through MR removed. Although singers are supposed to sing well, there were doubts if idols are debuted based on looks or performances, therefore their singing talents are often being questioned.

Of course, it’s never always that handsome looking idols will have bad singing skills. There are even idols that worked hard on both appearance and singing capabilities. Rather than that, there are still idols that had their hidden singing talents recognized through MR removed videos.

So let’s look at those who made it to the MR Removed’s fair evaluation.

◆BEAST- Visual Group that is equipped with Performance and Singing Talents

Regardless how highly skilled a singer he is, there are always situation where singers will focus more on dancing and therefore unable to concentrate in their singing. When it’s like this, in order to show a perfect stage, it is felt that they have to give up either dancing or singing. Most of the time, some groups have no choice but to concentrate on dancing over singing so that they are able to show a perfect performance.

However, BEAST grasped both performance and singing talents well. Famous with their strong performance, BEAST has recently received recognition for their singing skills through an MR removed video.

In that MR removed video, BEAST presented their good singing skills with “Beautiful Night”. From the video, BEAST was seen jumping up and down while putting on a lively stage. Despite all these, BEAST was able to show a stable live skills.

It is important to work hard to present a more amazing stage to fans on stage.

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Source: TV Daily

12.09.25 [TV Report] BEAST, ‘BodyART’ DVD, Released in Japan on the 25th

BEAST’s BodyART DVD was seen to have been released firstly in Japan on the 25th.

In conjunction with the release of BodyART DVD, which includes BEAST members’ flexibility and powerful movements, they have also progressed with a first come first served preorder event. From 10am of 25th till 10am the next day (26th), within a total of 24 hours period, 1,000 copies will be sold at a 1,000 Yen cheaper than the usual price.

Followed this, it is reported that BEAST’s BodyART which was receiving attention prior to its release, has flooded both online and offline stores in Japan nationwide.

It is confirmed that BEAST’s BodyART will be released in mid-October in Korea.

BEAST’s BodyART DVD reveals their success in achieving a slim and solid muscular body. Every movements are in consistent with the vibes of their very hit songs, such as ‘Shock’, ‘Fiction’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Soom’ and more, hence gaining attention among fans.

Meanwhile, BodyART’s movements are based on the natural concept of Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and many other form of exercise methods. This powerful cardiovascular exercise program is said to be an internationally-known Europe kind of fitness program where everyone can follow happily.

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[INT] 120925 Esquire Magazine

#1. Money
Doojoon Very important in a capitalist society. I feel bitter knowing that it will disappear once you meet your spouse, but I think that I should world hard to make it.
Yoseob My mother always says, "when you chase money, it's bound to run away from you. Money should be the last thing on your mind when you are working." I try to enjoy anything I do.
Hyunseung I try to spend least of it as much as possible, but I tend to be a giving person so I'm not stingy about it. But then again, I didn't even ride the taxi before debut… I think I need to stop buying clothes too
Junhyung Both good and bad.
Kikwang Beautiful when you just have enough of it.
Dongwoon It's difficult without it, but also difficult if you have it.

#2. Love
Doojoon Work comes first. Later when I have more free time and my mind feels settled. When I cam more mature.
Yoseob Good to have, but if you don't have it, you can live without it. I still don't know what is what and I forgot what it felt like because I loved a long time ago. I think I'm fine without it.
Hyunseung Necessary in the world even if I don't particularly have it.
Junhyung No comment.
Kikwang Without it I can't see anything. However, I'm really busy with promotions so it's really hard to meet someone who you really love. At the same time, I think it will be nice to have someone who you really love to think about while you are busy chasing work.
Dongwoon Option.

#3. Ambition
Doojoon As long as I am invested in this job, I don't want it to end sadly.
Yoseob Ambition is for me to fulfill tomorrow. There is a possibility that I won't be able to fulfill my ambitions in a few years later right?!
Hyunseung Something I have in my heart.
Junhyung I still haven't shown half of my talents. I believe that success will come after I reveal everything I have. 
Kikwang I still have a lot of greed and ambitions. I believe that it's better to have bigger and more ambitions.
Dongwoon I want to be recognized as the best after I do my best.

#4. Friendship
Doojoon My members fill the void of my friendships
Yoseob A little stronger than love.
Hyunseung As important as love between a male and female.
Junhyung I realize that it is really important these days
Kikwang I agree with the saying that you have lived a successful life, if you have a friend who will genuinely cry for you at your grave. I'm happy that I have the members of our group and special friends outside of that.
Dongwoon Your companion for life. I have exactly 3 friends. Ah! 4 friends. No, it's 3.5 friends. I don't know about one person. Because our group members are all hyungs (older), they give me strength when I need a friend to talk to.

#5. Style
Doojoon One of the necessities of life. Something that ends up becoming basic. I personally like to dress casually so I'm glad that other members dress well. I think that you should dress to match the occasion.
Yoseob I don't think I can talk about style! I try dress so that I don't stand out wherever I go.
Hyunseung Looking as if you didn't dress up. It doesn't look good if you are over dressed.
Junhyung Something I have my personal opinions on. People can tell me that they don't like it, but if I like it, I just wear it. Of course this job requires me to look presentable to the public, but I don't have plans of matching everyone else. I like it if I like it. I don't think I will change that.
Kikwang I think that stars should look good. But then again, comfortable clothes are the best when you are tired.
Dongwoon Something that helps you express your own feelings.

#6. Leisure
Doojoon I am in the star soccer team F.C MANU which is centered around idol artists.
Yoseob I rode my bike from Jamwon Jigu to Banpo Bridge yesterday. It felt nice.
Hyunseung Games. No comment on what game it is.
Junhyung I don't have hobbies. If I have some free time I'm always at the recording studio, but that doesn't mean I continuously work on music. There is game consoles and sofas so I play and rest there. With time left over I work hard on songs that might not even come out to the public.
Kikwang Working out. I like sports I can sweat a lot in, like soccer.
Dongwoon Figures and lego.

#7. Challenge
Doojoon Owning a restaurant.
Yoseob I stick to reality. I enjoy possible challenges.
Hyunseung In 2013, I wish that each BEAST member is able to challenge something in front of their eyes. That is one way that BEAST can fly higher. 
Junhyung To keep doing what I am doing.
Kikwang I took a step in composing
Dongwoon Radio DJ. I also want to make a band with my own name and show off an acoustic feel performance at a small concert stage.

#8. Image
Doojoon It's important because it's our job, but I'm not sure.
Yoseob I don't care too much about it. I don't even put on that much cologne. 
Hyunseung Beside the fact you are good looking or not, I think your impression and charms are more important.
Junhyung I don't care about how I look. There are times when you do look good in videos and pictures, but if you look at all of that, you will just end up getting stressed.
Kikwang Important for a guy. Your first impression is important when you meet someone, but I believe that you should focus on your image inside as much as your image outside. Someone with a good image will have an advantage to success.
Dongwoon I think your image should come second. Your inner beauty in more important. I much prefer someone who I can connect to even though she might not be very beautiful.

#9. Family
Doojoon I feel sorry. I'm always lacking. I exist because I have my family.
Yoseob 0th place. They are more precious than me and they always come first.
Hyunseung I can't help but to cry when I think about them.
Junhyung I am always sorry because I am not expressive. I tend to talk around something to them when I am facing hard times.
Kikwang I always miss them and they are always warm.
Dongwoon I am the most thankful for them, but I feel sorry. I always regret when I look back on the fights at home.

#10. Humor
Doojoon Important. From all your emotions, laughing is the best.
Yoseob You must NEVER emphasize it. Leader Doojoon tends to emphasize it on us. That is like digging his own grave.
Hyunseung Doojoon thinks that he is the funniest in the world
Junhyung To be honest, once I open my mouth, I am the funniest. Just that things I say can't be broadcasted.
Kikwang Hard. I'm the type of them who will laugh at the story someone tell me rather than make someone laugh.
Dongwoon It's all of me. To be honest, I think that I can make an awkward moment more comfortable.

#11. Betting
Doojoon I like things that stimulate my competitive side.
Yoseob Doesn't match me. I always lose when I do bet. Even in rock, paper, and scissors.
Hyunseung Ambushing
Junhyung I really like it. People around me say that I have a gambling side in me. I am willing to go until I win. Even though I always lose.
Kikwang I like it. I get competitive when it comes to sports or games.
Dongwoon I play games instead of betting. That Anipang game. 

#12. Alcohol
Doojoon I can't drink it well.
Yoseob Not close. I can't drink. Really.
Hyunseung I never went to it first.
Junhyung I like it. I enjoy sake. I drink soju at a roadside restaurant with a friend. I like wine too. I like the fact that you can talk about things you don't talk about usually. I don't like chaotic places and I enjoy it when it's somewhere I can talk quietly with someone else.
Kikwang Not to the point of being wasted, but I like the buzzed feeling.
Dongwoon I like drinking after a concert with everyone. Otherwise, I don't drink often.

#13. Cars
Doojoon Not interested.
Yoseob I used to like the convertible style until last year, but now I like the SUV style. 
Hyunseung Right now I want to ride a typical car, but later I want to ride a fancy sports car once.
Junhyung I'm interested in it. If someone tells me that the car that I'm driving is typical, then I want to change it. I'm the style to get easily tired of it. I'm looking into a different car right now. I don't know if I would change it though.
Kikwang I don't know the cars by model names, but if it looks nice I'm interested. My dream car is an Audi A7. 
Dongwoon I am really interested in it. Before I get any older, I want to drive a convertible without a top.

#14. Watch
Doojoon Not interested.
Yoseob Comfortable to wear.
Hyunseung I don't have any watches. I'm more interested in bracelets.
Junhyung I started gaining interest. I'm not wearing one right now, but I'm looking into it.
Kikwang I don't have any interest in watches right now, but someone told me that a guy is defined by a suit and a watch. There is a watch I want though. It's a collaboration watch from Rolex and Chrome Hearts.
Dongwoon I heard that men wear expensive belts and watches. I don't really know at this point. I still like toys right now.

#15. Muscle
Doojoon Men need muscles, but it's really hard to work like Kikwang.
Yoseob You only need the muscles you use in life.
Hyunseung I just wish that I had the small defined muscles that women like. 
Junhyung I don't need muscles. Not my style. I like lean figures. I just don't like working out, but that doesn't mean I can't
Kikwang I prefer slim and hard muscles than having buff muscles. I workout 3~4 days in a week and when I am decided to make muscles, I stay away from flour and too much liquid. 
Dongwoon Muscles are there to please the man. There is a saying, "Grow a brain rather than muscles." I think my brain to muscle ratio is 7:3.

#16. Music
Doojoon I enjoyed music since I was in high school.
Yoseob I enjoy many genres. I like hard rock and heavy metal that I enjoyed in high school.
Hyunseung Something I need to listen more of in the future. 
Junhyung Music that I like is hip hop. Beenzino, The Quiett, Supreme Team, Verbal Jint are some of the Korean groups I like. I'm amazed by their expressions.
Kikwang I like KPOP, but I enjoyed R&B since I was little. And I like hip hop. I enjoy crazy and chaotic dance songs too. 
Dongwoon Something that I can learn more about and never reach the end. I think it's my homework for the rest of my life.

#17. Man
Doojoon In a family, it's the greater figure over a woman. And you need to be able to take care of the woman even when you are in a position of loss. I'm happy to be born as a man.
Yoseob You need a bulldozer like faith. A true man would keep going until the end whether or not you will have success. 
Hyunseung Someone who can confidently grip the handles driving down the road of life.
Junhyung You need to live without regrets. Even if you do something bad, I believe that it's justified if you aren't going to regret it. Of course by bad things I don't mean crimes.
Kikwang He needs to be able to back up everything he says. Promises are a given.
Dongwoon You need to live confidently. If you have confidence and conviction you have no reason to be pathetic!


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12.09.25 B2ST, Secret, and FT Island Added to ′M Countdown Smile Thailand′ Lineup

Along with Super Junior, Sistar, Infinite, Kara and B.A.P, B2ST, Secret and FT Island have also been added to the top star lineup.

The M Countdown Smile Thailand lineup is comprised of singers who have placed at the top of M Countdown from May to September, as well as singers who are actively promoting overseas.
B.A.P, which currently placed 8th on the Mnet charts last week, will be showcasing its charm for the first time in Thailand.
A rep from M Countdown Smile Thailand stated, “M Countdown’s Thailand concert is the first K-pop chart ranking concert in the country. It’s the perfect opportunity for Thailand fans to see Korea’s most popular stars. Through this concert, we hope to spread not only Korean culture, but MAMA and other topnotch concerts.”
The star-studded tour will take place at the Rajamangala Stadium on October 4.
Currently, M Countdown is available live in the States, Japan, and also available recorded in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and more. In addition, Global Mnet is live streaming the show each week. 


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12.09.24 [Joy News] KBS Chuseok Special, “Resurrection of the Royals”… 14 male-female idols participate

KBS will be airing a special Chuseok variety program on the 1st of October, titled, “Resurrection of the Royals! Prince’s appointment” (name may differ).

Group BEAST, 2PM, 2AM, Infinite, Kara, Secret, 4minute, Sistar, A Pink has traveled through time and put on a couple act at a filming scene in Buan.

“Resurrection of the Royals! Prince’s appointment” is a variety program that transcends back to the Chosun era.

In order to relieve the king’s (Lee SuGeun) worries, Prime Minister Leeteuk had rode the time machine and traveled beyond the 21st century. Without having any knowledge in English, he has managed to capture 7 male idols, who are the main characters (in this program). These idols include BEAST’s Kikwang, Yoseob, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Wooyoung, 2AM’s Changmin, JinWoon, Infinite Woohyun and more.

As soon as they reached the Chosun era, what’s awaiting them, is not only the king’s hard competition but also the fact that they will be playing games with their fixed wives. This include Kara’s Goo Hara, Gyuri, Secret’s Hyosung, 4minute’s Hyuna, Sistar’s Bora, Soyu, A Pink’s Eunji and more.

Fated by destiny since the Chosun era, these couples have started their act.

As the game progresses, the initially awkward couples started to work with one heart without stopping to satisfy their winning greed. In the process, they referred each other as husband and wife, their caring and jealous and many other more spectacular expression were shown.

Meanwhile, on this day of broadcast, female idols have revealed their cooking skills.

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Source: Joy News

12.09.24 [TV Report] Hallyu Dream Concert, BEAST in black formal wear, ‘Grabs attention’

In ‘Hallyu Dream Concert’, BEAST who appeared on stage with black formal wear has grabbed everyone’s sight.

On the 23rd, BEAST, except member Hyunseung, had performed in ‘Hallyu Dream Concert’. All the members wore outfits which were in black color. It was understood that they wore this due to the passing away of Hyunseung’s father.

On that day, BEAST and many other more singers stood on one stage. Although only 5 members were present, they have managed to capture hearts of the locals and foreign audiences with their glamorous performance. Leader Yoon Doojoon, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and After School’s UEE were in charge of Hallyu Dream Concert’s MCs.

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12.09.18 [TV Report] BEAST, Teaser for Body Art revealed… Masculinity, Healthy image

BEAST has shown their masculine and healthy image through the revealed BodyArt teaser video.

On the 14th, BEAST has presented their success look with their slim figure and solid muscles through the teaser video. Also, the 6 members of BEAST were seen performing BodyArt movements together. With these powerful and flexible movements, they have highlighted the advantage of BodyArt, and hence is gaining attention.

It was also known that these movements were personally created by BodyArt founder Robert Steinbach and Alexa Lee in order to create a beastly image and character for the group.

Meanwhile, BEAST and BodyArt will be holding a showcase on the 19th as a commemoration for the release of the DVD which will be revealing their secret filming in June. BodyArt DVD will firstly be released in Japan this month and in Korea during mid-October.

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Source: TV Report

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Son Dongwoon, BEAST’s bomb? Rejected during pairing.

BEAST's Son Dongwoon has faced consecutively three rejections during coupling part, causing laughter on the set.

On KBS2 ‘Invincible Youth 2′ which was aired on the 1st, in order to proceed with “Sleep Quiz”, during the pairing session, Dongwoon was rejected by Kara’s Jiyoung, Jewelry's Yewon and Kim Shinyoung.

BEAST’s maknae Son Dongwoon initially took his brave attempt at Kara’s Jiyoung by saying, “While we were riding the boat, we’ve exchanged glances”, but at the end, Jiyoung chose Yoseob instead of him. Dongwoon then said, “I’m going to take off my mic”, expressing his reaction towards this unexpected situation.

Son Dongwoon then tried to be paired up with Yewon and Kim Shinyoung. Yet, Yewon chose Doojoon and Kim Shinyoung chose Jang Hyunseung.

Lee YongJa was the last person left. After losing a game of rock-paper-scissors to Yong JunHyung, Dongwoon’s looks while pairing up with Lee YongJa caused laughter.

Who will resist Dongwoon if he asks you to be his partner?

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12.09.10 BEAST's BTS video for W Magazine!

Check out the BTS video of BEAST for W Magazine


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12.09.23 Hallyu Dream Concert, introduced with a colorful stage! ~ Daily K Pop News

2012 Hallyu Dream Concert is held on the 23rd afternoon at Gyeongbuk Gyeongju Civic Stadium. At the opening ceremony singer Lee Joon (starting from the left), Uee, Doojoon and other singers that have participated are introduced.

15,000 locals and tourists with about 5,000 tourists will participate in this event together with Beast (Yoon Doojoon, Jang Seunghyun, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang, Son Dongwoon), 4 Minute (Nam Jihyun, Heo Gayoon, Jeon Jiyoon, Kim Hyuna, Kwon Sohyun), MBLAQ (Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondoong, Mir), Infinite (Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, Sungjong), Sistar (Hyorin, Bora, Dasom, Soyu), Davichi (Lee Haeri, Kang Minkyung), T-ara (Hyomin, Boram, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Soyeon, Qri, Areum)< Kara (Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Goo Hara, Kang Jiyoung), Miss A (Fei, Jia, Min, Suzy), After School (Jung Ah, Juyeon, Uee, Raina, Nana, Lizzy, Eyoung, Kaeun), Ailee, Eru, FIX, MY NAME, Boyfriend, Rainbow, A Pink, NU'EST, BTOB, U-KISS, etc 26 teams.

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