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[NEWS] 120731 BEAST's fan sign a great success, ‘Myungdongil got mobbed’

Because of group BEAST's fan sign Myungdongil got mobbed.

BEAST had done the fan signing event at a make-up store they are going to model for on the 31st.

1 thousand BEAST fans came and covered the whole shop. This is a very rare event in the afternoons so there were a lot of fans that came to see BEAST. They were able to feel the popularity.

The members enjoyed the fan signing by holding their hands and greeting them with smiles. Like a Hollywood star they have interacted with Japanese fans and Chinese fans instead of only greeting Korean fans. Some of Japanese fans were too excited that they couldn't hold it in.

BEAST said "Thank you for giving us all these attention, and we will show more of unique sides of us as models." and also "We will return the favor by having fun with the new song."

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12.07.31 B2ST to star in their own action fantasy comic series, ‘The Beast’

B2ST will be making their debut as mahnhwa characters through the work of artist Jena!
Scheduled for release on August 22nd, the members will be the leading characters in Jena’s upcomingmahnhwa series, ‘The Beast‘. The action fantasy series, which took three years of preparation, will focus on the boys discovering new supernatural powers and their adventures on saving the world as new superheros.
Jena herself is a widely known artist online, with her previous series including ‘19 and 21‘ and ‘Girl the Wilds‘. Also participating in the series is writer Kim Hak Bun, who’s written for dramas and movies like ‘Monster 2′ and ‘Runway‘.
The series will be distributed with a focus on the international market as well as the domestic market as a ‘OSMU (One Source Multi Use)’ product. Fans can expect to see various contents like animation series and games coming out in the near future.
The first part will come out on August 22nd, for a total of six parts in the series.

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12.07.31 Idol stars who are often mistaken as the youngest member of their group

The above collage of idol stars recently surfaced on an online community board, and is becoming a hot topic of conversation amongst netizens.
Seeing the post titled ‘Idol stars who are often mistaken for maknaes‘, fans began discussing the group members who look young for their age, sometimes even younger than their team’s actual maknaes.
The top choice was B2ST‘s Yoseob. The singer who turned 23 in Korea boasts a baby face and is often mistaken as the youngest member of his group. Likewise, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park (Dara) who was born in 1984 turns 29 in Korea this year, however, her age is not obvious, even when standing side by side with group maknae Minzy who is ten years her junior.
T-ara‘s eldest member Boram is often mistaken as the youngest member thanks to her petite frame, while 2PM‘s Wooyoung is actually a year older than youngest member ChansungKARA‘sSeungyeon is actually 6 years older than Jiyoung.
Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon also looks extremely young for her age, and is often mistaken as the youngest member of her group.
Netizens who came across this post left responses such as, “They all look like the youngest members“, “These members are actually a lot older than I thought“, and more.
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Monday, July 30, 2012

12.07.30 Instiz releases chart rankings for the fifth week of July

9. B2ST – “Beautiful Night” – 8,878 Points

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12.07.30 B2ST holds a surprise fan meeting with 2,200 B2UTY’s

B2ST concluded their first week of promotions with a surprise fan meeting with 2,200 fans.
On the 27th, B2ST held a guerilla performance at Gwanghwamun Square for 4,000 fans and was widely complimented for their live performance skills and full stage after the recording of the show was aired.
Also, after their comeback stage at SBS‘s Inkigayo was aired on the 29th, the ‘MR Removed Live video’ also became a big topic. Even with restless choreography, their live was strong and firm, proving their skills once again.
On the day of the comeback stage, the fans waited since the early morning and B2ST, upon seeing this, forgot about their preparations for the stage and were worried about the fans in the heat.
After the show at a park near the SBS Hall, the members had a pleasant time meeting with 2,200 of their fans who cheered for their comeback even in the hot weather.
They also showed their gratitude with a aegyo speech to their fans who rooted for them with unwavering support even after a year and 2 month break.
Meanwhile, B2ST has attracted attention after it was revealed that they have a history of holding fan meetings after their official Inkigayo performances. They have held one ever since their debut in 2009.
Even though they had many fans before their debut, B2ST‘s first mini fan meeting started off with meager attendance of 300. However, with their special love for their fans, the number increased to over 1500 by the time of their “Fiction” comeback. Even in this fan meeting, the picture of B2ST with 2200 B2UTY’s (B2ST‘s fan club) confirmed the reciprocal love between them despite the scorching hot weather.
B2ST is planning on embroidering the summer night with their song, “It’s a Beautiful Night” and show the essence of B2ST‘s stage.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

12.07.29 B2ST makes a hot comeback with “Not Me” + “Beautiful Night” on ‘Inkigayo’!

It’s a beautiful day for B2uties as B2ST has finally made their return with “Beautiful Night“!
“Beautiful Night” is the title track of the group’s new, fifth mini-album, ‘Midnight Sun‘. Another song from the album, “Midnight”, was pre-released a week before the album officially came out.
The music video was shot in New York, and the new single is described as a dramatic dance track from the electro-synth pop genre.
As part of the comeback special tradition, along with “Beautiful Night”, B2ST has also performed “Not Me“.
Check out their amazing rising stage below.
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12.07.29 Netizens impressed with B2ST’s MR removed performance

B2ST, who recently made their return with their 5th mini-album titled ‘Midnight Sun‘, has impressed netizens with their flawless live performance of their latest title track, “Beautiful Night“.
The boys made a powerful return on the July 27th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘ and performed two tracks including “Not Me“. A video of their MR-removed performance was recently uploaded on Youtube and is drawing high praise for their impeccable live skills.
Netizens left comments like, “Indeed, Yang Yoseob‘s live is flawless“, “Their MR-removed is not bad“, “I never knew their live was this good“, and more.
Check out the MR-removed performance below!
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[NEWS] 120727 BEAST, 'Idol who could do the sexiest performance' 1st place

BEAST was chosen as the idol who could do the sexiest performance.

On the 27th, the production company said that BEAST placed 1st in a poll that started on the 23rd 'Which idol do you think could do the sexiest 19+ performance like in the movie 'Magic Mike'?

Following the poll, BEAST won by a mile with 42% in a midst of tough idol competition Super Junior, MBLAQ, Infinite, etc.

BEAST who came back with their mini album 'Midnight Sun' in the middle of July have influenced the poll with their masculine image and powerful performance and such with the powerful image they've shown on stage.

Following BEAST was Infinite and MBLAQ who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

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12.07.27 B2ST makes a hot comeback with “Not Me” + “Beautiful Night” on ‘Music Core’!

It’s a beautiful day for B2uties as B2ST has finally made their return with “Beautiful Night“! “Beautiful Night” is the title track of the group’s new, fifth mini-album, ‘Midnight Sun‘. Another song from the album, “Midnight”, was pre-released a week before the album officially came out. The music video was shot in New York, and the new single is described as a dramatic dance track from the electro-synth pop genre.

 As part of the comeback special tradition, along with “Beautiful Night”, B2ST has also performed “Not Me“.

 Check out their performances below.

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12.07.27 10 of the most intriguing ‘Music Core’ outdoor special stage performances (part 2)

As we all know, MBC‘s popular music program, ‘Music Core‘ has always attracted K-pop fans for their great selection of MCs, as well as a wide array of special outdoor stages.
We recently compiled 10 of our favorite special outdoor stages, and thanks to all of our readers, we were able to compile a part two with more fun performances.
Be sure to take a peek below, and let us know what you think in the comments!
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5) B2ST‘s Yoseob & A Pink‘s Eunji – “Love Day

Friday, July 27, 2012

12.07.26 B2ST heats up Gwanghwamun Square with their “Beautiful Night” guerrilla performance

On July 26th, B2ST managed to gather over 4,000 fans into a sea of dark gray balloons at the Gwanghwamun Square for their comeback guerrilla concert with ‘Inkigayo‘.
The concert was announced just 12 hours before the event, and despite the sweltering heat wave that day, Cube Entertainment has released to us a few details about the event held yesterday.
The agency has reported that fans gathered since 11 a.m. and stood in line as they counted down to B2ST’s comeback. The group’s “Beautiful Night” comeback is their first in a year and two months, so fans showed their passion by heating up the square from day to night.
Fans were reported to have stood in lines nearly 900 meters long circling the square from the entrance way. Not only were Korean fans present, but international fans that had been visiting from overseas as well.
B2ST finally arrived at 11 p.m. onto their special night time stage lit up with several spotlights ready to showcase their talents. After greeting their fans and passersby, the boys confidently stated, “Let’s have as much fun as possible”, before launching into their comeback performances.
The boys showed utmost passion and stage manners during their “Beautiful Night” recording and instantly transformed the square into a concert venue of their own. Aside from what they needed to film for the broadcast, they also performed “It’s Not Me“, “Freeze“, and “Beautiful“, all the while making sure they thanked their fans for their patience, love, and support.
Yoseob even gave a special performance of “Thanks To“, a song dedicated to Beauties, without any background music to specially express his gratitude.
B2ST’s comeback will be broadcast on July 29th through ‘Inkigayo’. Fans that weren’t able to make it to the pre-recording can expect fun-filled stages full of energy from both the boys and the crowd against the beautiful nightscape of Seoul.
The reason B2ST chose the square in particular was because it is the representative location of Koreans coming together out of support, as well as in preparation for the Olympic season.
Ahead of ‘Inkigayo’, fans should also make sure to tune in to their first comeback stage on ‘Music Bank‘ on July 27th.

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12.07.27 B2ST makes a hot comeback with “Not Me” + “Beautiful Night” on ‘Music Bank’!

It’s a beautiful day for B2uties as B2ST has finally made their return with “Beautiful Night“!
“Beautiful Night” is the title track of the group’s new, fifth mini-album, ‘Midnight Sun‘. Another song from the album, “Midnight”, was pre-released a week before the album officially came out.
The music video was shot in New York, and the new single is described as a dramatic dance track from the electro-synth pop genre.
As part of the comeback special tradition, along with “Beautiful Night”, B2ST has also performed “Not Me“.
Check out their performances below.
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12.07.26 Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for July 15th – July 21st

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oriconin Japan and Billboard in the United States.
Check out the chart rankings for the week of July 15th to July 21st below!

< Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking >

1. PSY – “Gangnam Style”
2. B2ST – “Midnight”
3. 2NE1 – “I Love You”
4. PSY ft. Sung Si Kyung – “Passionate Goodbye”
5. T-ara – “Day By Day”
6. CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun – “My Love”
7. Brown Eyed Girls – “One Summer Night”
8. SISTAR – “Loving U”
9. PSY ft. G-Dragon – “Tree Frog”
10. PSY ft. Leessang & Kim Jin Pyo – “Seventy Seven 101″

< Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking >

1. Super Junior – ‘Sexy, Free & Single 6th Album’
2. PSY – ‘PSY 6th album Part 1′
3. Jang Wooyoung – ’23, Male, Single’
4. Various Artists – ‘Dr. Jin OST’
5. Kim Kyu Jong – ’2nd Mini Album Meet Me Again’
6. INFINITE – ‘Infinitize’
7. EXO-K – ‘MAMA EXO-K The 1st Mini Album’
8. T-ara – ‘DAY BY DAY’
9. Busker Busker – ‘Busker Busker 1st Album’
10. Various Artists – ‘Phantom OST’

< Online Downloads For The Week >

1. PSY – “Gangnam Style” – 818,868 Downloads
2. B2ST – “Midnight” – 473,121 Downloads
3. PSY ft. Sung Si Kyung – “Passionate Goodbye” – 396,479 Downloads
4. Brown Eyed Girls – “One Summer Night” – 371,496 Downloads
5. PSY ft. G-Dragon – “Tree Frog” – 349,264 Downloads
6. PSY ft. Leessang & Kim Jin Pyo – “Seventy Seven 101″ – 347,668 Downloads
7. PSY ft. Park Jung Hyun – “What Should Have Been” – 327,372 Downloads
8. 2NE1 – “I Love You” – 325,528 Downloads
9. CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun – “My Love” – 314,135 Downloads
10. T-ara – “Day By Day” – 302,628 Downloads

< Top 10 songs sung at Karaoke >

1. Ulala Session – “Beautiful Night”
2. JUNIEL – “Illa Illa”
3. Busker Busker – “Cherry Blossom Ending”
4. SISTAR – “Loving U”
5. TaeTiSeo – “Twinkle”
6. Lee Hyun – “My Heartache”
7. Lim Jae Bum – “For You”
8. 2NE1 – “I Love You”
9. f(x) – “Electric Shock”
10. Busker Busker – “If You Really Love Me”
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12.07.26 SHINee, B2ST, T-ara, f(x), Ailee, and more to perform at Korea’s demilitarized zone

MBC announced at a press conference on July 26th that they will be holding a ‘Peace Concert’ this August at Korea’s demilitarized zone (DMZ), the buffer area between North and South Korea.
The concert will be held specifically on August 14th-15th in the outdoor theatre at Paju’s ImjingakPark. It will be celebrating the 59 years of ceasefire between North and South Korea, and convey a message of peace through music.
For this concert, MBC’s main points of focus was to appeal to a mass audience. The head of MBC’s Special Event Planning Team told the press, “In order to better approach a wide range of people in a more familiar manner, we have prepared this concert while keeping mainstream appeal in mind.
The first day of the concert will consist of performances by top K-Pop stars, while the second day is scheduled to showcase familiar classical performances. The first day of the concert will be subtitled, ‘We are a peaceful generation’, and will open with the stars Han Young AeBobby KimSHINeeT-araB2ST, f(x)SISTARA Pink, and Ailee. This line-up of singers will have a collaboration stage and perform under the theme of peace.
The second day of the concert will feature violinist Richard Youngjae O’Neill, and be followed by performances from artists such as Sung Si Kyung and Kai, cellist Song Young Hoon, and pianistKim Jung Won, all who will also collaborate with the TIMF Orchestra. Popular classics such as the“Shostakovich Waltz”“Libertango”“Imagine” by John Lennon, and traditional Korean folk song“Arirang” will also be performed.
The concert will be free of charge, and will not have a limited audience number, as it will take place in the wide outdoors. The concert will be filmed so that the performances can be viewed via TV as well. The head of MBC Hong Suk Ho commented, “Although we haven’t decided on the exact time frame, we will broadcast the concert on television a few hours after the performance comes to an end.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

12.07.26 B2ST to hold comeback performances through guerrilla concert

According to information released to allkpop by Cube EntertainmentB2ST is scheduled to hold a guerrilla concert at the Gwanghwamun Square at 11PM KST on July 26th.
The boy group will perform “Beautiful Night“ along with other new songs for the guerrilla stage as a comeback welcome stage in collaboration with SBS‘ ’Inkigayo‘.
The B2ST members previously alluded to the guerrilla concert on their SNS accounts, sparking the curiosity of many fans. Doojoon posted, “Tomorrow will be a beautiful night with our Beauties. Our date begins at 11PM,” while Yoseob wrote, “Hope a lot of you come tonight. Let’s have a blast,” promising an exhilarating show.
The guerrilla performances, which mark the group’s return with a new song after a year and two months, will be aired on the July 29th broadcast of ‘Inkigayo’.
In addition, the location was revealed to have been specifically chosen to complement “Beautiful Night”s enthusiastic melody and playful lyrics. Because the Gwanghwamun Square is noted as one of Seoul’s most beautiful night scenes as well as a representative location for citizens to view events such as the Olympics, it was chosen as the spot for the nationally loved boy group’s return.
Leader Doojoon stated, “I’m so glad to be able to reunite with all of you fans in a location where our nation comes together as one to passionately cheer on our country.
In related new, B2ST will begin official promotions for “Beautiful Night” starting with KBS‘ ‘Music Bank‘ on the coming 27th.
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12.07.25 K-Pop’s ‘All-in-One’ System: Why it works for Idol stars

A recent article posted by OhmyStar assessed the blueprint of the K-pop system, pointing out all the steps entertainment agencies take to create a successful, genuine K-Pop star.
Foreign Language
SM entertainment representative Kim Young Min revealed, ‘The first thing 5th grader Boa learned was foreign languages. It was the one thing that would allow Boa to stand on a world-wide stage. During her vacation periods, she would stay in Japan to study language and receive intensive training. In order to learn the language proficiently, localization would prove crucial.”
For idol groups nearing debut, knowledge of foreign languages are vital. Japanese, Chinese, and English are just the very basics. Now French and Spanish are taught as well. Cube Entertainmentrepresentative, Hong Seung Sung stated, “Not just keeping in mind future overseas promotions forBTOB, but also taking into consideration the members’ own interests and talents, the group was taught Japanese, English and French.” The possession of cultural understanding and language acquisition of the country at hand is the strategy that also proved successful for well-known producer, ‘Brave Brothers’.
Japan’s entertainment publishing company’s editor Matsubara stated, “Artists like Boa and TVXQ that received thorough Japanese language training were able to increase their profiles on variety programs in Japan. This strategy is the biggest factor for success.
J-Pop artist-like familiarity VS. The ‘Beatles’ Project
The debuts of Boa, TVXQ and Girls’ Generation differ from the beginning. TVXQ made their Japanese debut in 2005 while they were receiving much love in Korea. AVEX’s live director Kikuda Yoko says, “The group built up a fan base by singing and speaking fluently in Japanese and by performing diligently on small stages and eventually worked their way up to performing at the Tokyo Dome in 2009.
On the other hand, Girls’ Generation’s debut falls into the ‘Beatles’ Project category. Much like that of legendary group, The Beatles’, “Girls’ Generation avoided the localization strategy in Japan and instead released songs in Korea. It’s an approach where they raise their popularity first with the release of songs and then go on to visit fans to ‘quench their thirst’, said representative Lee Young Min.
Like the difference between TVXQ and Girls’ Generation, the growth of social network services, such as Twitter and me2day, are once again transforming the angle of approach for newly debuting idols. Representative of CUBE entertainment, creator of 4MinuteB2STG.Na, and BTOB suggested, “In the long run, a global approach proves more effective than localizing your artists. Planning tactical promotions and showcasing K-Pop’s diverse charm is advisable.
Signing native artists such as 2pm’s Nickhun2NE1’s Sandara ParkMissA’s Jia and Fei, and f(x)’sVictoria into the record label also plays a part in the global phenomenon.
However, you cannot forget about the music and choreography to which the whole world can easily relate. CJ E&M representative stated, “The songs are not foreign to the world-wide audience because they follow a structure commonly used in the Americas and Europe. Beginning with an intro and bridge, followed by the chorus and the bridge again, then repeating with the chorus is the ‘Hook song’ format that allows even those who do not know the language, to enjoy the songs.

The All-In-One System: Sex education, Psychological consultation and more
The K-POP artist’s upbringing/developing system revolves largely on casting and training, producing, and global promotion. JYPE’s producer J.Y. Park stated, “On the outside it may seem that an idol group’s training follows a universally standardized system; however it is more fitting to make the process about finding each artist’s unique style and individuality. With this system, never seen before in any other country, each trainee can grow into a well-prepared artist.
This nurturing system that J.Y. Park has revealed is the ‘All-In-One’ system. With the one side which includes vocal, dancing, acting, and acrobatic abilities, there is another complementary side that comprises of foreign language, academic management, reading, and personal consultation which helps with character building.
Representative Hong Seung Sung added, “Besides the technical training that includes vocal, dance, acting, language, weight training, acrobatics, and rap, artists carry out community service and other specialized character building classes such as sex-education, leadership, drug awareness, mind control and etiquette training, all provided along with psychological therapy as well.
Then, from where does the competitive edge of K-Pop stars come? Representative Shin Dong Young pointed out that K-Pop artists’ encompass a plethora of positive aspects such as flawless dancing abilities that shine even when compared to the striking appearances of western artists. Suh Hwang Wook, an executive of Google stated, “An easy to remember melody, unique appearances and choreography, and a music style different from that of other countries yet easy to relate to, is the biggest positive aspect [of K-Pop].
KBS’s director of content, Kwon Oh Suk said, “Combining idols with unique looks and specialties is a ‘Multi-Targeting Strategy”, and is helpful in attacking a more diverse fan-base, just like the diversity of the groups themselves.
Is the K-pop system what you imagined it would be like? Let us know in the comments below!
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