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12.08.31 Performances from August 31st’s special episode of KBS ‘Music Bank’!

KBS‘s ‘Music Bank’ is back with another fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances! This time around, KBS aired a previously recorded concert that took place on August 29th, featuring many rookie, idol and previously active idol artists.
Boy group ZE:A held their comeback stage with “Phoenix” on tonight’s episode.
The MCs for tonight’s episode were After School‘s UEE and actor Lee Jang Woo.
Others who performed tonight included AOA, CHAOS, TINY-G, Phantom, TWO X, VIXX, EXO-K, A Pink, B.A.P, Simon D + Rhythm Power + Dynamic Duo, Eru, TEEN TOP, G.NA, SECRET, INFINITE, KARA, IU, B2ST, Super Junior, and BoA!

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12.08.31 B2ST’s Yoseob explains his mood swings?

B2ST‘s Yoseob explained his mood swings on the recent filming of ‘B2ST on QTV‘.
The other members of B2ST decided to poke fun at Yoseob on the show by asking him if he’s bipolar. Yoseob answered, “I’m just very clear about my emotions when I feel happy or down, I don’t do that when nothing’s happened.”
“Though if there’s an opportunity, I’m the type to think a lot and suffer through things by myself, [you guys are ganging up on me and making it seem like] I have bipolar disorder.”
The B2ST members responded, “We think bipolar disorder is a bit much. It’s better to express your emotions clearly so that when you sing a sad song or a happy song, you can communicate the feelings well.”
This episode of ‘B2ST on QTV’ will be aired on September 1 at 11PM KST on QTV.

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12.08.31 13,000 copies of B2ST’s new comic ‘The Beast’ sell out

Boy group B2ST‘s influence has been spreading even to book stores as their new comic book, ‘The Beast‘, has already sold out of its 13,000 released copies.
An insider stated, “We’ve started a secondary printing, as all of the copies from our first printing sold out. In the comic book field, 13,000 copies is a huge number. We were extremely surprised by the large number of copies sold“.
Another insider at Kyobo Books stated, “As of now, ‘The Beast’ is doing very well in terms of copies sold and readers’ responses. The response was even faster than the influence of other stars in videos or dramas. It could be because this is the first time we’ve had a Hallyu group star in a comic book series. We were worried at first, but that concern has completely disappeared. Online, the book has been receiving good reviews in comparison to other latest releases.
B2ST will be holding a fan signing event on September 3rd to celebrate the release of ‘The Beast’.
‘The Beast’ was the work of Jena and features all six members, who are given superpowers in the fantasy-action plot.
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12.08.31 ‘Weekly Idol’ hits highest ratings with B2ST

B2ST guest starred on ‘Weekly Idol‘ and the show achieved a personal record for highest viewer ratings.
According to TNmS Media Korea, this week’s episode had an average rating of 1.08%, which is the highest recording rating for the show. At it’s peak viewership, the show hit a rating of 1.727%, recording the highest rating on cable TV for the day.
In order to fulfill his promise with Jung Hyun DonDoojoon along with his other members came in to record the show as soon as they released their new single. Showing off their unique charms and wit, the boys once again showed the audience their talent.
From the start of the show, B2ST and ‘Weekly Idols’ constantly ranked at the top of searched terms on search engines and the interest continued after the show’s end. Searches like ‘Kikwang’s height’ and ‘Hyunseung and Junhyung’s couple dance’ continued to top the search lists.
B2ST’s special appearance on ‘Weekly Idol’ has been split into two episodes and the second episode will air next week, September 5, at 6 pm KST.
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

12.08.30 Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for August 19th – August 25th

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oriconin Japan and Billboard in the United States.
Check out the chart rankings for the week of August 19th to August 25th below!

< Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking >

1. Huh Gak ft. Zia – “I Need You”
2. KARA – “Pandora”
3. PSY – “Gangnam Style”
4. Seo In Young – “Anymore”
5. B2ST – “Beautiful Night”
6. BoA – “Only One”
7. CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun – “My Love”
8. PSY ft. Sung Si Kyung – “Passionate Goodbye”
9. SISTAR – “Loving U”
10. Davichi – “Do Men Cry”

< Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking >

1. KARA – ‘Pandora’
2. Super Junior – ‘SPY The 6th Album Repackage’
3. Girls’ Generation – ’3rd Album The Boys’
4. EXO-M – ‘MAMA EXO-M The 1st Mini Album’
5. Various Artist – ‘SM Best Album 3′
6. PSY – ‘PSY 6th album Part 1′
7. Teen Top – ‘Summer Special Be Ma Girl’
8. EXO-K – ‘MAMA EXO-K The 1st Mini Album’
9. Teen Top – ‘aRtisT’
10. Super Junior – ‘The 5th Album Repackage A-CHA’

< Online Downloads For The Week >

1. Huh Gak ft. Zia – 365,872 Downloads
2. KARA – “Pandora” – 338,054 Downloads
3. Seo In Young – “Anymore” – 246,465 Downloads
4. PSY – “Gangnam Style” – 214,294 Downloads
5. B2ST – “Beautiful Night” – 153,991 Downloads
6. BoA – “Only One” – 149,091 Downloads
7. CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun – “My Love” – 134,741 Downloads
8. 10cm – “Love Forms In Drops” – 133,040 Downloads
9. PSY ft. Sung Si Kyung – “Passionate Goodbye” – 129,482 Downloads
10. ALi – “Carry On” – 128,124 Downloads

< Top 10 songs sung at Karaoke >

1. PSY – “Gangnam Style”
2. CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun – “My Love”
3. JUNIEL – “illa illa”
4. SISTAR – “Loving U”
5. Lee Hyun – “My Heartache”
6. 2NE1 – “I Love You”
7. Ulala Session – “Beautiful Night”
8. Huh Gak – “One Person”
9. Busker Busker – “If You Really Love Me”
10. Lim Jae Bum – “For You”
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12.08.30 B2ST members insult leader Doojoon on Weekly Idol

On ‘Weekly Idol‘, the members of B2ST took turns with a few insults on leader Doojoon.
Yoseob flustered Doojoon by stating, “If (Doojoon) tries to make us laugh, and we don’t, his fists come up first. Lately Doojoon has been going to acting school and he’s using what he learns on us“.
At this confession, the MCs suggested a game of “You’re right“. The “You’re right” game is where one person says anything they wish and the other has to reply “You’re right”.
The game started with Yoseob, who spilled more of Doojoon’s secrets. “Doojoon, do you remember? Do you remember hitting me earlier for not laughing?“, “Do you remember hitting me in the head with a soccer ball?“, “Do you remember borrowing money from me?” and more causing laughter to fill the studio.
Junhyung followed up and said, “Do you know you’re not funny lately? After ‘Sweet Rain’ it was over for you“.  Kikwang asked, “Our Doojoon, you try so hard at acting but do you know it’s kind of awkward?” shocking Doojoon. However the greatest laughter came from maknae Dongwoon when he said, “You know most people think of Kikwang when you say B2ST?
With the members burying their leader, more laughter followed throughout the show. And with another episode next week, fans can’t wait for more.
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12.08.30 B2ST to conclude promotions and make comeback later this year

B2ST will wrap up promotions for their 5th mini-album ‘Midnight Sun‘ on September 2nd KST, and immediately start preparing for their next album.
This week will be the last that the group will perform “Beautiful Night” on music programs, starting withKBS‘ ‘Music Bank‘ on the 31st KST and ending with SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘ on the 2nd. Fans won’t have to wait for long however, as B2ST will be releasing a new album at the end of this year.
A representative stated, “There were plans in place for B2ST to make a comeback within this year. After a brief vacation, the members will start working on the next album.” It was also revealed that B2ST is planning to promote overseas as well.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12.08.28 B2ST’s Yoseob performs his personal ‘aegyo’ fan service on ’1 vs 100′

B2ST member Yoseob revealed how he delivers his aegyo ‘fan service’.
On the August 28th broadcast of KBS2‘s ‘1 vs 100‘, Yoseob was asked if it was true that he had the most elementary school fans among the group members.
All the members are very popular, but I think the younger fans seem to like me a lot,” Yoseob said. The singer was then asked if he had a unique ‘fan service’ action he delivers, and Yoseob remarked, “At first when we debuted, I performed aegyo no matter what.”
However, the singer continued, “But these days it doesn’t seem to have the same effect. So nowadays, I try aegyo that comes across as a little indifferent. For example, while I’m singing, I will look towards the camera and give a little wink.”
The singer then gave a personal demonstration, melting the hearts of his fans watching from home.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

12.08.27 B2ST’s Yoseob sheds tears on ‘National Talk Show Hello’

B2ST‘s Yang Yoseob shed some tears as he opened up about the difficult days he spent as a trainee.
On the August 27th broadcast of KBS2‘s ‘National Talk Show Hello‘, a 27-year-old citizen who was still working towards becoming a singer shared a few concerns about not having a stable job.
Yosoeb then remarked, “To be honest, during my trainee days before I joined B2ST, I was often rejected and I could not settle down. I was so lost.
He continued, “But at that time, Kikwang pulled me into B2ST’s agency.” Yoseob then grabbed Kikwang’s hand and added, “Because of this, I am so grateful to Kikwang today.
His hand tightly holding Kikwang’s, Yoseob continued to speak but suddenly dropped his head and shed the tears he was fighting back, causing everyone’s hearts to reach out to him.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

[NEWS] 120808 BEAST Transform into Comic Characters, 100% Synchronization

 Idol group, BEAST, has become the main leads of a comic series. Recently the cover picture for Beast has been revealed.  the comic, titled “The BEAST – Beginning of Destiny”, which has received large interest from fans, have released the comic characters which resembles the Beast members. 
As these 6 comic characters were revealed, it looks as if they resembles the 6 members of Beast in reality. Also, it was reported that, after the members saw their characters, they couldn’t hide their happiness as well as their curiosity towards this comic series.
The revealed characters furthermore highlights the personalities of each Beast members. Doojoon was seen posing with a powerful pose, Hyunseung having his sexy charms, JunHyung showing off his chic charms. And also, Yoseob who emphasizes on a sense of mysteriousness, Kikwang having a healthy body, and Dongwoon focusing on his smart looks.
“The BEAST – Beginning of Destiny” will unfold its story as each members are transformed into individuals who posses super powers, as well as conveying a message of saving lives. While revealing more story plots, it is said that this comic will have a romantic story line, which consists of friction and compromise between the members.
credits : Star News, BEAST中文首站微博 (chinese trans) (eng-trans)


[INFO] 120731 ‘The Beast – Destiny’s Start’ : Synopsis and Characters Profile

“The presence of the unknown hiding behind the neon signs of the city. Do not fear. There’s BEAST!”
(K-comics ‘The BEAST’ planning to have 6 books and is not affiliated with Cube Ent. in any way.)
A group of people win an event hosted by a program. So the group of people and their familes are sent on a trip down to the South Pacific! However, the plane carrying the passengers to the final destination crashes into the ocean and many people lose their lives.. but there were passengers on the plane who had their young located in a different place. So despite the tragic accident six kids are still alive. 
2012. The six kids are living their own lives. If there is anything that differciates them from the public it would have to be their special abilties. However, for these kids who don’t know why they have his strength and how they got it, these special powers are just abilities that hinder them from being normal. Yoseob who can control people by singing and creating hallucinations. Soccer player Doojoon who had all the skills you need to be an excellent sports star. Workout trainer Kikwang who has enormous amount of strength and power. Talented dancer Hyunseung who can teleport anywhere he wants. College student Dongwoon who can absorb any knowledge in seconds. And Junhyung who can feel emotions just by touching an object or person. For them, it isn’t so easy to hide their abilities and live amongst people. However, there is one person who knows their true identity and that’s the head of the ‘Red Eye’ clan.
The ‘Red Eye’ clan have been livng in the city amongst the people. The ‘Red Eye’ people are the only ones who know of the “Varients” and have been secretly hunting them down for the peace of the city. However, chaos strikes the clan when they find out that these “Varients” have evolved to look like the humans as well. The Head of the clan realizes that there are only the 6 men who can go against the new “Variants.”Even thought they have special powers, it isn’t enough to defend them from dangerous situations. And it doesn’t help that they are called “monsters” by the Red Eyes. Then a mysterious incident occurs. The Head decides to call on BEAST, the six boys from the plane crash. But, not only can’t they gather their strength together, but they keep on fighting each other. Their future doesn’t look so bright..
As BEAST goes against the new variants, they start to realize that their powers are amazing. Letting out their suppressed powers, the action that rocks the city begins! The six members as a team start to understand each other and start to face their different traumas. As a bonus love comes to find them too!
Then one day, BEAST realizes something is wrong when following a new variant. It’s as if they saw their alter ego. Like a family member.. what is this? While BEAST falls into a confused state, Miso, the girl who used to love Junhyung, gets captured. Junhyung, realizing that Miso had become an important part of his life works with his members to save her..
However, awaiting BEAST is even more danger and a truth too great for them can’t handle. The tragedy made by humans endless amount of desire. BEAST, who are stuck in the middle of all that tragedy. Will they be able to come out of their deadly destiny and become a true hero?..

• Age : 22 / Height : 178cm / Weight : 66kg
• Job : Professional soccer player
• Location : Incheon (dorm). On breaks he goes to visit his aunt.
• Special ability : Hyperactive exercise skills. Speed, balance, coordination. All his sport skills exceed the average man kind. For a soccer player it’s like a gift, but for Doojoon, who still can’t control it, he is still just a bench player full of mistakes.
• Ability : Running
• Nickname : CEO (Working on his own job just incase he might be fired), Bluff Yoon (full of bluff)
• Hobbies : Planning his business
• Role Model : Steve Jobs
• Pro : Can take care of situations well
• Con : Bit of a bluff. He likes to act like he knows everything and if he is wrong then he tries to find a way out.
• Motto : If met strategically for work, don’t leave it up to the partnership.

• Age : 22 / Height : 176cm / Weight : 58kg
• Location : Mapo (dance school) / Doesn’t have a specific place so he goes around staying with his friends.
• Job : Dance teacher
• Special ability : Teleport. He can teleport to anywhere he wants in the world. But Hyunseung can’t decide on the location and it’s totally random.
• Ability : Poppin dance
• Nickname : 4D. Because he can teleport? NO~~ because he is strange
• Hobbies : Whether it be a mirror, when he can see his reflection, he dances anywhere
• Role mode : Justin Timberlake, Neyo, Usher
• Pro : Strange+serious (you can tell how he is really like)
• Con : Lies a lot
• Motto : Loan is the way to failure.

• Age : 22 / Height : 178cm / Weight : 58kg
• Job : Popular slacking college student
• Location : Boondang / Living together with a grandfather who has a lot of assets
• Special ability : Psyco-commentry. Can read minds by touching the person or object.
• Abilites : Dating girls (girls follow him more than he does). It has nothing to do with his special ability, but there are a lot of girls who follow good looking bad boys like Junhyung. Junhyung only uses his special ability when he is about to break up with a girl (too heartless). He was taken care by his grandfather after his parents passed away. Even though it was at a young age, he remembers one thing. The feeling of being “hated,” Living with his grandfather who didn’t even want to touch Junhyung because he was the grandson that he never wanted, he first learned the emotion of being hated. So to Junhyung, who doesn’t believe that anyone would love him, he can’t open up his heart easily. But when love comes and finds him through Sooae, he soon finds out that she doesn’t like him and he curses her with his special ability.
• Nickname : Yong psychic. Short for brave psychic.  He has to be brave with his answers. He can see through everyone.
• Hobbies : Shopping for brand names. Going to the club. Nagging Dongwoonie.
• Role model : None
• Pro : A true man of mens!
• Con : Scared of bugs
• Motto : You live alone.

• Age : 21 / Height : 170cm / Weight : 57kg
• Job : Magician
• Location : College Road
• Special ability : Can create an apparition by singing. He can create an apparition by singing and use that to control humans. Since when he was young, other’s happiness was Yoseob’s happiness. After seeing that people were happy from watching a magic show when he was little, he decided that he was going to be a magician. However, despite all the efforts, he can’t get past being an amateur magician.. Yoseob can’t handle anyone being disappointed at him.
• Ability : Magic
• Hobby : Magic
• Nickname : Emotional Seob. Because he is always so emotional
• Role Model : Kikwang. He is inspired by Kikwang’s abilities.
• Pro : Happy, nice, sweet
• Con : Doen’t get mad. He might actually really pop one day.
• Motto : Wa to the rm. Loves warm atmospheres!

• Age : 21 / Height : 170.5cm / Weight : 58kg
• Job : Workout Trainer
• Location : Apgujeong
• Special ability : Power, Psychokinesis. Has enormous amount of strength. But because of the love for his muscles, he only uses the special powers when he has to.
• Ability : Working out
• Nickname : Strong shorty (he really doesn’t like it)
• Hobbies : Working out. Even though he isn’t at a gym, he uses anything around him to work out.
• Role model : The chief workout trainer
• Pro : Can get along with anyone. His simple mind is charming to many.
• Con : Can’t get to know anyone too well. He looks like he is focused on the conversation, but goes in one ear and out the another.
• Motto : You make your muscles on your own

• Age : 20 / Height : 180cm / Weight : 64kg
• Location : Chongdam / Living with his grandma in an apartment
• Job : Personal tutor
• Special ability : Photographic memory. He can remember every little thing he saw down to the smallest detail. Even rushing through a book, he can remember everything like he took a picture of it.. However, after an hour he returns to his clear minded state.
• Ability : Cleaning
• Nickname : Arab prince
• Hobbies : Cooking food for others. Because he learned from a cook book others have a hard time eating.
• Role model : Yong Junhyung. He looks up to him and hates him. What’s the point of taking girls out to shopping and walking them home. They all go to Yong Junhyung in the end.
• Pro : Memorization
• Con : Because he learned everything from a book it isn’t realistic. Especially when it comes to dating.
• Motto : This dirty world only remembers Yong Junhyung


[YoSeob fanfiction] Marriage Blues


Yang Yoseob , You(Jung Jiyeon) , IU (Lee Jieun), Hyunseung , some characters~


Imagine getting married to the one you love~ How sweet~ BUT What if it's an arranged marriage? Sure, you love him and you don't mind BUT he doesn't likes you at all.... WHAT WILL YOU DO?



"Your're getting married."
"Don't get...too over-excited...CHILL"
"HOW CAN I....MARRIED!?!?! Are you kidding?" 
"You're getting married to...Yoseob."
"Yo...seob? Seobie? "
"No...He...doesn't like me..right? He likes...Ji Eun..."
"IU? Aish....chill~ He can't choose!"
"That's even worse......"
"Jung Ji Yeon!!! WAKE UP! It's your Chance!!!"
"No way am i going to torture him."
"fine...suit you... You can't escape this marriage pay back what your Dad owes seobie's Dad.." 
"I'll rise the money!"

cr: emilyXP  @ asianfanfics