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15.04.24 BEAST interview session: Upcoming concert tour in Hong Kong and Taiwan

BEAST will be holding their “Beautiful Show” concert tour on 30th May 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong, before heading to Taiwan on 6th June. The ticket pricing is as follows: HK $ 1380 / $ 1080 / $ 780 / $ 480. The event is brought to you by Sun Entertainment Culture and Jasco entertainment.

 Since it is BEAST’s first solo concert in Hong Kong, the organizers decided to interview the members exclusively in South Korea.

In the interview session, Yoseob mentioned that although the members had attended events in Hong Kong , they actually did not have any chance to go on sightseeing, thus, he hopes that they could enjoy Hong Kong’s famous night view soon. Moreover, it has been a long time since BEAST met their fans in Hong Kong, therefore, Kikwang hopes that BEAST could present their best songs and performances to their beloved fans.

Furthermore, BEAST members mentioned that they often involve in various activities during their leisure time: Kikwang will spend his time exercising - no wonder he has a healthy muscular body; Yoseob expressed that regular exercise and reading could refresh his mind and body; As a member of Korean artists’ football team, Doojoon will be busy on the field weekly; Hyunseung will meet his friends and enjoy bowling with them; Junhyung will spend his free time in the studio as a composer; Lastly, Dongwoon will enjoy aromatherapy in his house.
Although currently BEAST does not have any plan to make a comeback, the members are consistently working hard to improve themselves, and hopefully they could meet their fans soon. Lastly, all the members are looking forward to their upcoming solo concert in Hong Kong next month.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

15.04.12 BEAST's short MV for 'Hands Up'

On April 10th, BEAST dropped a shot version of the music video of their newest Japanese single 'Hands Up.'

'Hands Up' is the rhythmical dance track which was released on April 6th, and topped the chart a day after its release.
BEAST will hold a Japan fan meeting tour in May in four cities: Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Watch below:
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15.04.12 BEAST Hong Kong concert tickets will be on sale soon

BEAST will be holding their Beautiful Show Tour concert on 30th May 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong. The event is organised by Sun Entertainment Culture and Jasco entertainment.

Since their debut in 2009, this will be the BEAST's first time having a concert in Hong Kong. After the concert in Hong Kong , they will be performing on 6th June 2015 in Tianmu Stadium, Taiwan. Therefore, fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan will have the opportunity to experience the charming performance of BEAST.

 Since the announcement of the concert details, the organizers have been receiving overwhelming support and response from fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In order to repay the support of fans, the organizers decided to sell official merchandise at the concert, such as hand lamps, towels, light headband, badge and hat. The price of merchandises is almost similar to the price in South Korea. For example, the hand lamp will be sold at HKD 150 each.  In addition, the fans will be able to pre-order the official merchandises online. Further ordering details will be announced at a later date.

Moreover, the concert tickets will be on sale starting next week.
Last but not least, BEAST members are looking forward to meet their heartwarming fans during their first concert in Hong Kong.

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15.04.08 BEAST's 'Hands up' tops Itunes Japan chart

On April 7th, Cube entertainment announced that BEAST's latest Japanese track, "Hands Up" nabbed first place on iTunes Japan. 
"Hands Up" is the rhythmical dance track which was released on the 6th. It topped the chart after only 1 day, showing BEAST's strong popularity in Japan.
BEAST recently also formed its own independent Japanese label “BEAST Music” to focus on promotion in Japan. Through the new label, they are set to unveil a new song every month for 10 consecutive months. 
Meanwhile, BEAST will hold a Japan fan meeting tour in May with 4 big cities: Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.
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15.04.04 BEAST's 2nd teaser video for 'Hands Up'

BEAST will make a comeback with Japanese single!

BEAST reveal their 2nd teaser video on their official YouTube channel with the title 'Hands Up,' although the teaser is short, fans seems to be curious for its full release.

Watch below:

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

[INTERVIEW] 141029 ANAN October Issue Part 2

Playing games inside my room, which is like a PC/game room, is resting time
“The price of furniture in Japan or Korea are alike~” Doojoon-san who cooly, calmly check the prices of the furniture even till the corners of the shop. An independent life that is wished and hope for “I’m able to do everything that I want to do so it’s perfect!”, and according to the members, out of the six of them, he has the cleanest house. “I made a room exclusively for playing games and there are 5 TVs and PCs. It’s like a PC/Game room. I like playing games that much but the members have no interest in it (cries).” How many hours do you play? “Um~.. Let’s cut it down a little, please write ‘3 hours’ (laughs)”.

Dujun’s choice:
“I have the exact succulent at home. I chose this with the thought of (the fan) carefully raising this pot (of succulent) while thinking of me” 3000yen

 An affectionate side that values furniture because it contains memories with his family♡
Hyunseung-san who lay down on the huge bed at the start of the filming, sent a sexy look to the camera. The laid-back atmosphere created a good tension in the shop. However, when speaking about his home that he lives in with his family, with an affectionate gentle look he said “Because I’m not living on my own, I can’t change up the interior up to my liking. But I think it is fine just the way it is. About our sofa, furniture we’ve been using it since I was a baby – I’d like to keep using it in the future too. It is most enjoyable when I’m playing games or web-surfing in my room.”

Hyunseung’s choice:
“”It’ll be great to use this when it gets really busy to the point that you don’t even get time to wash your hair. (But) I wash my hair every day”. Even the members were surprised at Hyunseung’s unrestrained comment! 1200 yen

Decorated the house according to his wishes but already has plans to change up the arrangement!
BEAST’s sound-maker who writes and produces, Junhyung-san. However unexpectedly, he doesn’t listen to music when he’s at home. “Because I’m constantly listening to music due to my work, at home I’d like to rest my ears.” Having a reputation for fashion sense, he is also the most interested in interior amongst the members. “What I’d like to have are fashion brand props that will become the focal of the house. Right now I have a huge red sofa in the house so there’s an modern image therefore I’m interested in interior too. Since I get bored easily, I can’t not change it up often.. I want to place a stylish table and change up the atmosphere.”

Junhyung’s choice:
After agonizing about it, he chose a bright red watering can. “I want to pour water on my fans. That’s a joke. I think it’ll be cool even just putting it in the house” 2500 yen

Moving to a larger house and making a workout room?!
“I’m happy to be able to come to Jiyugaoka’s interior shop!” said Yoseob-san while laughing. He picked up boxing about a year ago and right now he has a small health club in his house. “I don’t play games, I also don’t meet up with my friends outside often. I was looking for something I could do that I could focus on and somewhere along the way, I picked up working out. Compared to the house I revealed on a Korean show, I’ve moved to a slightly bigger house and dedicated/made a room solely for working out. I have a bench press, barbell, and a sandbag too. Every evening, I spend about 30-40 minutes in that room.”

Yoseob’s choice:
“I chose something that is practical. Please use it when you go for a holiday or camping.” A multi-tool that has a spoon, fork, wine opener etc. 950 yen.

Excited in the interior shop! Right now, collecting information on furniture from the members.
Kikwang-san whose eyes turned wide as soon as entering the furniture shop exclaiming “Wow!” He opened drawers, sat on sofa, and even asked about shipping prices etc. No matter how you see it, it looks like he’s serious about buying. “I moved in summer but I got hurt immediately after so I’ve not even unpacked my boxes or brought in my furniture. Now I’m looking through magazines, asking members where they bought their furniture so I’m collecting info. The furniture here are nice. I want to buy every~thing. But the price to me is a little.. (laughs). I’ll go earn money and will come back at a later time.”

Kikwang’s choice:
“I hope the person receiving this present thinks of me and raises it preciously well with a mindset of raising me.” Succulent, 3000 yen

 He looks like a good looking man who plays the piano but in reality, a man who works hard because of Lego.
Dongwoon-san who isn’t sure when is the next time he could be living together with his family so he’s living with them right now. Although he is a reliable magnae, at home he spends his time like a small child!? “I like lying on the floor and spending time building Lego! I’m building a Euro castle from a 5000-6000 piece Lego. I’ve started it for a month now but I’m not even halfway done (laughs). At home, I play the electric piano too. I play a lot of classical music.” Whenever they head to Korea, he will look for figurines to decorate his room together with Junhyung-san. “I wanted Iron Man but I went this time and it’s all sold out.”

Dongwoon’s choice:
Dongwoon-san said “I want to send a photo frame with my photo inside. I also cut the picture myself with a scissors. The design is cool too so I’m satisfied.” 4000 yen.

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[INTERVIEW] ANAN October issue (part 1)

(The situation) Now exists because we went through the hardship of staying in a dorm together.

─Right now Hyunseung and Dongwoon are staying with their families while the other 4 are living independently; comparing now to the times when you were dorming together, what are the pros (to living on your own)?
Hyunseung: I am able to rest at my own pace. I sleep well.
Junhyung: I am able to change the interior to my liking and I have freedom to create a space that’s mine alone. But now, thinking back of the time when us six were squashed shoulder to shoulder in one room, it was enjoyable.
Yoseob: During our trainee days, in one room there were three bunk beds so it was extremely small. Whenever we ordered jjajangmyun, we would eat it on the bed…
Junhyung: Everyone lied down in the same direction but only Kikwangie would be in the opposite direction. Every morning when I wake up, his legs would be in front of my eyes.
Kikwang: It’s because I wanted to kiss Junhyungie’s feet (laughs).
Junhyung: A nice smell comes out of my feet and you can sleep well cause of it right?
Kikwang: Yeah, a nice smell (laughs). To be honest, if everyone was lying down in the same direction, we wouldn’t have been able to sleep.
Yoseob: Dongwoonie’s sleep talking is severe.
Junhyung: Dongwoonie would start sleep talking when he’s asleep so everyone knows when he falls asleep. But he jerks/moves his body and that’s scary (laughs).
Yoseob: He kicks the wall in his sleep (laughs).
Junhyung: Dongwoonie, when you were rooming with Yoseobie, you were complaining about this and that right?
Dongwoon: Hold up! No! I really liked it!!
Yoseob: Looking at it, it feels like there was a wall I couldn’t see in that room, a feeling like there was another room within that room (laughs).
Dongwoon: However, when I use the computer at night, Yoseobie hyung…
Doojoon: (imitates Yoseob)”Go to bed quickly!”
Yoseob: The gaming screen is blinding. But I have no idea where he found it, but he had a huge box and blocked the light from escaping.
Hyunseung: Dongwoonie pounds across the hallway at night too but he’s the best magnae.
Doojoon: Although we had difficult times while dorming, isn’t it because of those times that we are able to be how we are now? Us altogether nosily talking about it could be something trivial but I’m happy.
Hyunseung: Yup, it’s definitely that way.
Junhyung: Although it wouldn’t work out if we went back to that again (laughs).

Facts of living alone. Marrying late!?

─Please tell us about your room (or house).
Hyunseung: The room that I have in the home I live in with my family is a comfortable one. It’s ordinary. In my room, I surf the web and I play games.
Dongwoon: I stay with my family too and my room is grey toned. In it, my pastel toned photo frames and Bearbricks are the point (of the room).  At the veranda, I put things like cactus, giving it a botanical garden feel.
Doojoon: You call that a botanical garden!? You only have 2~3 pots.
Dongwoon: The fans gave me presents so putting them together it looks like a garden.
Junhyung: The red sofa is the point in my house. At first it was a beige sofa but spilled things on it would leave marks so I went with a darker color. Going with a darker color, if I chose black it would feel heavy. It is a house I live in alone so I treated myself to a red sofa.
Yoseob: That sofa is comfortable.
Junhyung: But actually, my mom scolded me asking why I chose a red one. To my mom, a sofa that isn’t beige won’t do, she’s the type of person who thinks that if the sofa isn’t beige, it isn’t considered a sofa (laughs).
Doojoon: I have 5 computers at home for gaming and there’s a sandbag too for exercising.
Junhyung: There’s a tape on it since the sandbag is torn (laughs).
Yoseob: My pet Yanggaengie is the focus of my house so I’m not really sure who is the owner of the house…

─Junhyung raises a puppy too right. In Japan, if someone who lives alone raises a pet, he/she will marry late.
Junhyung: I don’t know if it’s that way in Korea too but when you raise a pet, you definitely get less lonely. You could probably feel that there is no need to get married. You clear its litter, you give it food, wash/shower it. Looking at how much attention is given to it, there’s probably lesser time to have a relationship with a woman.
Yoseob: There’s nothing that can be done when you miss out on the suitable age to get married. Since marriage isn’t something that turns out just as what you expect it to be.
Junhyung: That is right.

─The messiest room?
Yoseob: Mine! I’ve been busy so things are slowly piling up. I should spring cleaning sometime.
Doojoon: Kikwangie’s has nothing, it’s like a model house/showroom.
Yoseob: You room is fairly clean too but it’s because you’re just like Kikwangie – with very little things (laughs).
Doojoon: I clean up diligently!
Yoseob: Really? (laughs) The person who decorates his room best is probably Junhyung. If Kikwangie clears and arranges his stuff, it’ll look good too.
Kikwang: Right after I moved, I got hurt so my things have been like that. I’ll start putting my room together now!

What song will you let BEAUTY listen to in your room!

─If you invited BEAUTY to your room, which BEAST song would you let her/him listen to?
Junhyung: History, that Kikwang wrote thinking about the atmosphere of lovers spending time together in a room. I can’t really understand the lyrics, I would like to try it so I can understand the feeling.
Kikwang: Then for me too, ‘Histery’!
Hyunseung: You got the title wrong (laughs). It’s your own song.
Kikwang: It is ‘History’ mixed with ‘Mystery’…
Doojoon: For me, a song that hasn’t been released. A song that Junhyungie has completed, a demo song that only the members know of. Isn’t that refreshing?
Junhyung: That is a leak (laughs).
Doojoon: It’s fine listening from my phone isn’t it.
Yoseob: For me, Junhyung’s solo song ‘Slow’. I think it’s a song you listen to in a composed atmosphere.
Dongwoon: I don’t like people in my roo… I don’t like anyone entering my room so I lock it.
Hyunseung: Aren’t you all forgetting a song that you’d like BEAUTY to listen to?
All: Huh!?
Hyunseung: ‘What About You?’. You should introduce our song to the Japanese BEAUTY.
All: Oh~!! We definitely want you to listen to it.

─In the future. what kind of house/room would you like to live in?
Hyunseung: I want to live in a house by the sea, like the one that came out in the ‘Full House’ drama.
Doojoon: Right now I’m living in my dream house so I’m satisfied with this!
Yoseob: I would like a house with a garden at the front and at the back where Yanggaengie can play around. Right now, more than myself, it would be nice if Yanggaengie had a house. Ah, will I be marrying late because I’m having these thoughts (laughs).
Dongwoon: I hear that in Florida you can get a house with a swimming pool for USD1200 a month. If that’s true, I want to move around many places like that.
Kikwang: The place I want to live in would have a swimming pool, I could play soccer, basketball and tennis in it, I could see the sea or the river, it would be bright and well-ventilated and I could get into the tub while watching a huge TV…
Dongwoon: You could achieve that dream with USD1200 in Florida (laughs).
Junhyung: I would like to live in the house Kikwangie described but the house needs to have value. Buy it cheap but sell it at an expensive price! Like that.
Doojoon: Is it an investment (laughs).
Kikwang: If I live with the person I love, I don’t want to live in the city; I want to live a laid-back life in the quiet suburbs.
Junhyung: I’m definitely like that too when I think of being married. Till that happens, right now is enjoyable!

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[INTERVIEW] 141028 Women’s Weekly October issue

The special album ‘TIME’ that was released on the 20th in Korea surpassed 100,000 in pre-orders alone. First place on various music sites, BEAST who is properly showing the dignity of a Korea top idol. Not only in Korea, but also releasing a new single ‘How About You’ in Japan where they have many fans.

This time too, Junhyung-goon who is in charge of rap is in charge of writing the lyrics and melody. “I think of you this way, what do you think?” sending a love message with this kind of content.
Yoseob: It is a song where we turn our fans into our girlfriends. I really like how the song is exciting.
Junhyung: The part I like the most is the chorus. It expresses everything about this song. I hope you can remember it.

“Doogun-doogun (heart thumping sound)” that is in the chorus. Anything lately that made you feel that way?
Junhyung: When fans are looking at us. I’m happy. I’m sure the members all feel the same way.
Dongwoon: That and when I headed to Hawaii for a holiday. It happened that there were no schedules so together with members Doojoonie hyung, Junhyungie hyung and another producer hyung, the 4 of us suddenly decided that as a destination.
Doojoon: We couldn’t go all together so I wanted to buy presents. But they only sold things that were available in Korea too….
Yoseob: From the start, I didn’t expect/anticipate anything (laughs).
Junhyung: I bought only one thing but it’s something Yoseobie already has.
Yoseob: What is it?
Junhyung: That’s a secret (laughs).
Dongwoon: I gave the 3 members who couldn’t go presents!

After the jokes, we talked about the other song ‘One Day’. This time too, it is a ballad made by Yong Junhyung who is conscious of Japanese songs.
Junhyung: I have a friend who had a sad break up so I made the song with a heart of comforting him/her.
Hyunseung: I also have a friend who broke up with his girlfriend recently. I wanted him to be strong so I played around a little and scolded him (laughs).
Kikwang: If I were to experience disappointment in love, I would either meet up with my friends or sunbaes, listen to advice, eat delicious things and I’ll forget the pain. I think it would also be a definite that the members will comfort me.
Junhyung: Of course!

Including the songs from the best album that was released in September, and this new single, they will be holding an Arena tour with 5 performances across 4 cities starting from 20th November.
Yoseob: We’ll be performing songs that were released in Korea too so you’ll be able to see new stages.
Kikwang: It seems like the fans reactions will differ from region to region so I’m anticipating how different it’ll be.

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[INT] 150210 Women’s Weekly (Japanese magazine)

What the members are thinking now, and their message.

 Doojoon – Even though active as an actor, a trustworthy leader
The first drama that I was the lead for – Let’s Eat, is a drama that a lead that prefers eating over dating, it is a food romance drama where I act as someone mysterious weaved in with a gourmet.  While filming, we went to a lot of famous shops and restaurants, and there was (a shop that sold) roast eel that was delicious. There are still a lot I need to reflect on for my acting; as an actor I’m not at the stage where I can act comfortably (pleasurably without any pressure). In the future, when an opportunity rises for me to act, I would like to try it with a thankful heart and appreciation.

Hyunseung – Cool and mysterious but there isn’t a time when he’s doing nothing!
My hobby has always been listening to music, lately I’ve been listening to music from the less well-known artists; I’ve been searching up for those songs and I”ve fallen for it. This time while we’re in Japan, I’ve gone shopping in Aoyama, Shibuya, Harujuku. I have no plans to shop in Osaka but as I stepped out, I did (laughs). Plans for a winter date? None (laughs). Because I’d like it if my partners leads me instead.

Junhyung – BEAST’s important person, music producer
Good Life that produces BEAST’s songs is produced together with my friend whom I’ve known since high school, Kim Taejoo. We work hard in producing the songs.  When we work on the next album, rather than the songs we’ve made in the past that reflects the trend sound and style, I want to do something that is diverse. This year, in producing songs, my goal is to receive the award that is only given to producers. Also, the acting I’ve tried in the past was a good experience. If an opportunity rises, I would like to try a comedic and funny role.

Yoseob – High tone voice that is rightly Korea’s most polished voice
I appeared in a musical last year. I’m still an idol singer and I think as a musical actor, I am still very inexperienced so I’m always of the stance that I need to continuously learn. I’m still boxing, something I feel is helping me stay healthy bit by bit and without fail, I exercise every day. When I see a woman wear knit during the winter, I think she’s cute. A song that I want to listen to during a date is Natalie Cole’s LOVE. When I listen to this song, I feel like it’s winter so I like it.

Kikwang – With a cute smile, capturing the hearts of women
I am someone who writes lyrics based on the feel I get when I listen to someone else’s stories, or thinking back on my own life, or watching movies and things like that. The melody is based on when I listen to it and I think it’s ‘okay’ but this year I want to increase that skill. Lately because of filming, I get the opportunity to visit various places in Seoul. The place I want to especially recommend is Gyeongnidan-gil, somewhere close to Itaewon. It’s the No.1 hot place for young people!

Dongwoon – The youngest prankster prince
I watch dramas often for the sake of picking up Japanese language. Out of those I’ve watched recently, Galileo is nice. In 2014, I tried MCing, in 2015, I want to try out more things. But of course since I’m a singer, my music activities are the most important!  I usually listen to R&B. Also, the last time we had some free time in Japan, Yoseobie hyung, Doojoonie hyung and I, us three, went to Odaiba’s amusement part and played. Inline skating is really fun..

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[INTERVIEW] 141028 Choa Magazine

─The new song ‘How About You’ will be released on 14th November. For song writer and composer, Junhyung-san, what did you include in the song? 
Junhyung: I think there are more people who are clumsy about love than there are people who are experts at love. I made it with thoughts of identifying with people who are not familiar with love, in hopes they will pluck courage and have a great love. It is a story of the start of two people who have fallen in love.
Doojoon: This was a song Junhyung-goon made quite some time back; from that time, I’ve liked the song’s melody.
Kikwang: I too, liked it as soon as I heard it. When we sing it on stage with the choreography, it’ll be even more enjoyable.
Hyunseung: I like it too. It is a song that is compatible with BEAST’s promotion in Japan right now.

─ Who does the ‘You’ in the title refer to?
Dongwoon: The fans.
Junhyung: Definitely. When I made the song, I continuously thought of the fans.

─ To the fans, what would you want to ask them with regards to ‘How About You’?
Dongwoon: I really like this song, how about you?
Yoseob: ‘We like to eat Ichiran, how about you’ like that (laughs). Ah this question is difficult~!

─’Either day or night, whenever, it’s only you’ there are lyrics like that, lately what do you think about be it when you’re awake or asleep?
Junhyung: This time too the answer is the fans!
Dongwoon: Junhyung hyung, don’t you think of your puppy?
Junhyung: There is no place for the puppy in the relationship between me and my fans. Even so, I keep thinking of my summer vacation to Hawaii. I want to go to Waikiki again!
Dongwoon: Agreed!
Hyunseung: There isn’t anything special that I’ve fallen for. When we end our promotions in Korea, I don’t think about work and I spend my time freely.

─What about the coupling song ‘One Day’. What kind of song is it?
Junhyung: Unfortunately recently, there was someone around me to broke up… Based on that someone’s experience I made the song. I hope it gives strength to people who have been hurt by love.

─Did you tell that person that he/she was the inspiration/model for this song?
Junhyung: I properly received permission before creating the song.

─ The rest of the members are laughing, is this someone the members know?
Kikwang: He/She is our friend.

─ Seems like all of BEAST together are cheering that friend on.
Junhyung: It’s not like that (laughs).
Doojoon: Yup, it’s not to the point of cheering that friend on (laughs).
Junhyung: Through this song, we are turning his commonplace heart break story that happens anywhere, into a cool love (laughs).

─What kind of person is Producer Junhyung-san?
Junhyung: (In Japanese)Kawaii!(cute)
Doojoon: Junhyung-goon is thankful that the members sing his songs. Although he is serious, sometimes in the studio he teases me; if you’re saying cute, well I don’t really know (laughs).
Junhyung: I make the song thinking “This part will fit this member”, when recording it is the moment when my thoughts become reality. That moment, is the moment I feel that is the most worthwhile. Recording is hard on the members so there are times when the members send me a glance saying it’s hard but as a producer, I have to be objective.

─Is there anything you’d like to request of producer Junhyung-san?
Yoseob: The high range is too high! When I was recording ‘How About You’, I complained a little.
Doojoon: He cursed.
Yoseob: You weren’t even there, what are you saying (laughs). There’s never been an instance where you were at the recording studio at 1AM.
Doojoon: Weren’t you last (to record) because you had musical practice?
Yoseob: Nope. No matter what song, I’m always the last to record.
Doojoon: Right. Sorry, I’m sorry (laughs).

─Why is Yoseob-san always the last one to record?
Yoseob: I’m also in-charge of singing the chorus. Since you can’t record the chorus before everyone records their part, that results in me always being the last. BEAST is singing a song that a BEAST member made, therefore I want to also make sure that the chorus, everything, is done by BEAST.

─You’ll be starting your Arena tour in November.
Doojoon: This year we had a tour in hall (venue) so as much as the venue has grown, I hope many people could have that much fun as well.
Hyunseung: It’s been a while since we had something on this large scale so my heart is fluttering.

─In the concert in Korea, Dongwoon-san cried.
Dongwoon: Seeing the slogan ‘We will wait for you BEAST’, I was touched and ended up crying.
Doojoon: It was a surprise that the fans prepared without us knowing.
Junhyung: I was touched by the unexpected surprise. I was happy we were able to hold a concert in front of so many people so I cried too.
Kikwang: BEAST is a union of members who are emotional. Japanese fans too prepare surprises for us often. Not long ago, at our concert they prepared the slogan ‘Let’s go to Tokyo Dome’.
Yoseob: It was a moment we were able to share our feelings of wanting to go to Tokyo Dome with our fans!
Doojoon: During out fanmeeting, while we sang How To Love, our grey penlight turned to pink suddenly.
Hyunseung: I was really surprised by that too!
Kikwang: This time round, what will there be. I’m anticipating (a surprise). Ah, I’m just joking~ (laughs).

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[INTERVIEW] 141023 CanCam Magazine


Q1. On your first date, where would you like to go to eat?
A. Of course at a nice restaurant!
Q2. If you were heartbroken, how will you divert your attention off that feeling?
A. When you’ve come to like someone, isn’t that your fate with that person? When you go through a heart break, it means that your fate with that person is broken so I think it wouldn’t be easy to get over it.
Q3. What winter fashion do you think is pretty on a lady?
A. I will explain this in details (laughs). Leggings, a slightly long turtleneck and loafers for shoes. I like a ladylike, cute style♥

Q1. When dating are you a romanticist? Or a realist?
A. Romanticist! Whether it be her birthday or an anniversary, I want to sing her a song while playing on the piano♥ Although I’ve never tried it before..(laughs).
Q2. If you’re dating, are you the devoted type?
A. I’m the type to concentrate on my work so I don’t think I’m the type to be (fully) devoted.. I’m sorry (laughs).
Q3. What BEAST song would you sing to the lady you like?
A.’How to Love’. It is a song that includes everything I want to say with respect to dating. The lyrics are really good.

Q1. If you’re dating, are you the devoted type?
A. If I’m always contacting her from the start, she would get used to it so when I don’t contact her as much, wouldn’t she think that I have had a change of heart? I definitely did not lose my interest so… From the start, I’m not too devoted (laughs).
Q2. What winter fashion do you think is pretty on a lady?
A. If she’s my girlfriend, then pants; other than that, a skirt! This is a man’s true heart (laughs).
Q3. If you were heartbroken, how will you divert your attention off that feeling?
A. If a good thing like that exists, please let me know (laughs). There’s nothing else you can do except to give yourself time, isn’t it.

Q1. The moment when you’re deluded into thinking “Ah this person seems to like me”? 
A. When naturally, the person places her hand on my shoulder, when she plays around and jokes around! CanCam readers~! When you do this, men become deluded so please be careful! (laughs)
Q2. When dating are you a romanticist? Or a realist?
A. A realist! I’m a man who only (knows how to) work (laughs).
Q3. What BEAST song would you sing to the lady you like?
A.’Dream Girl’. I can sing that the best so I have confidence in it!

Q1. If you’re dating, are you the devoted type?
A. At first I’m like that but after she gets used to it, I’m not… I’m the type that would get women the most exasperated/angry right? (laughs)
Q2. When dating are you a romanticist? Or a realist?
A. I’m close to a realist but if I’m completely a realist, wouldn’t my girlfriend get bored? Therefore, I’m half-half (laughs)
Q3. What BEAST song would you sing to the lady you like?
A. ‘It’s A Beautiful Night’. It’s a song where you can express the feelings of liking each other.

Q1. When dating are you a romanticist? Or a realist?
A. Saying this through my own mouth is a little.. I’m a romanticist (laughs). I like giving my girlfriend things or surprises. If you really knew that side of me, I would definitely be more popular among the ladies~ (laughs).
Q2. If you were heartbroken, how will you divert your attention off that feeling?
A. I’m the type to have severe aftereffects of being heart broken (laughs). Even if I give myself time, it doesn’t work so I’m always just tormented by that. So I put those tormented feelings into songs!
Q3. If you’re dating, are you the devoted type?
A. Devoted! Every day when I think of my girlfriend, I would call her (laughs).

What artist BEAST is saying about the work they’ve done up till now….

CanCam (CC): It’s been 5 years since debut. If you look back, what was the turning point for BEAST?
Kikwang: Um~. Seems like our debut. The fluttering feeling when the 6 people stood on stage as BEAST.
Doojoon: For me, our promotion period in 2010 for Mystery. After debut, for the first time we faced a huge wall and it was then that I felt how high the wall was (note: In terms of how much they needed to overcome for their career)…
Yoseob: For me too, that year is the one that I remember the most~. We released 4 albums in Korea, we were the group that appeared the most during music shows during that one year right? It also feels like on stage we were twinkling rising stars… That’s why even now I think back on those times. The shiny/twinkling sides… (laughs).
Hyunseung: For me… Um~ I think it would be this year. GOOD LUCK promotions had a huge significance. Back then, there were parts that were lacking and it would be great if we were able to work on those parts – but no matter how hard we worked on it, those parts would be there. But this time round, we were able to make a stage we were satisfied with, and we were able to show a new side of BEAST.
Dongwoon: It’s the very same for me too! Because we were able to make a stage in which we were able to express everything we wanted to, we took more time than usual and the six of us prepared for it. To be honest, we were confident of it (laughs). We were also able to fully concentrate on it… The Japanese fans too really liked it so it seems like we were able to get much more love due to that so I’m happy.
Junhyung: That’s right~. GOOD LUCK promotions were definitely special. We went back to have the same heat we had when BEAST first started, so we felt that passion. Should I say the six of us were looking forward more and more…

CC: Were you nervous before the release?
Junhyung: As a producer, you’ll definitely feel some pressure to some extent before the song is released. How would the response be, how would people accept the song. I definitely was nervous a little.
Dongwoon: I wasn’t nervous but I was worried? Rather than being worried about the work of the new song, it was more on the fact if we’ve all grown in our own aspect from the previous album… I was concerned about that.
Yoseob: I want to sing because of all the fans who would listen! I want to be a singer that everyone would think of naturally, one that would receive love from everyone.
Junhyung: Of course not just for Korea but for Japanese fans too, I think we need to work even harder. I think us being able to come to Japan and have an interview like this is because of the fans. Without a doubt, having people support us is our drive.
Kikwang: Also to be honest, we want to be acknowledged as artists in Japan too. But we’re not able to come often so I’m worried that fans would forget us.
Yoseob: I think the reason we’re able to sing live at a huge venue is because fans believe in us and support us.
Dongwoon: From the time we debuted in Japan till now, I haven’t been able to speak Japanese properly so I’m truly sorry. That’s why I’ve been diligently learning and lately on SNS, I’ve been able to read Japanese too! Although Hanja is difficult and I still haven’t been able to read that (embarrassed).
Yoseob: Dongwoonie’s skills in Japanese really increased! Today too, he’s the only one replying in Japanese… I’m a little envious!
Hyunseung: I don’t even know the simple words but I would like to sincerely (be able to) express ‘arigatou’ (thank you).

CC: Now ‘I’m in BEAST’ and ‘I want to continue being in BEAST’. What is the biggest reason in your strongly wanting to do that?
Yoseob: Because I want to sing for a long time. With these six people. Lately I realised this again; Although I’m able to do solo promotions, it is only because I am in BEAST; it’s possible because of that!
Doojoon: That’s right! That’s right! Although everyone has solo promotions, being able  to do things we like with our colleagues who have the same heart as us, it is really a happy thing, it is really a special job/work♪

CC: What kind of BEAST would you like to be in the future?
Kikwang: I think 5 years from now too, without changing, we’ll still have meetings on what kind of song we should release (laughs)!
Yoseob: Preparing for a new album… Like that, in the future too, we six would like to continue doing music
Dongwoon: Even if I’m born again, I’d like to be BEAST with us these six people♥ Honestly, I’m happy right now!
Yoseob: You speak well! I’m of the same mind (laughs)!
Doojoon: For our fans, we should work hard!
Hyunseung: Yup! Everyone, I love you~♥

The things we’ve been doing up till now, in the future too without changing, we will do them till the end. I think that’s something BEAST needs moving forward.

As a group, what would be better, what would make us grow. I think it’s important to always have that mindset. That is the key to growth.

It’s important to have passion in everything you do and what drives you to do it. To have growth in different aspects, if the passion doesn’t form, it cannot happen.

Whenever you make a choice, you need to be careful, and at the same time take responsibility for it till the end. Right now is the age to do that.

It’s important for each of our ability to increase, but it’s also important for that to be able to save BEAST’s promotions/activities. As we grow, I want to keep being a part of BEAST.

I think if we do not change what we think of music as we have done up till now, if we don’t forget to always be thankful to our fans, if we always have our passion with us, I think we’re able to continuously grow.

Like the place we’re filming at today, I think it’ll be nice to have a date at the riverside.

The first date to be at a pretty nice restaurant♥

If our eyes met three time, I could think that we like each other

Lately I’m attracted to women who suits skirts

I think a lady looks good wearing simple outfits

It would be great if I could tell the lady I like not to wear scanty outfits (shy)

cr: @yongjunna, @KongKongXD and @a8sun

[INTERVIEW] 141020 BARFOUT! Magazine

BEAST’s new single ‘How About You’ that Yong Junhyung wrote, composed and produced with lyrics like “Day or night, it’s only you”, “I think I’m going crazy, this is becoming a habit, how about you?” is a song that is a little embarrassing to the women;  it is a jovial song that is overflowing with feelings towards the other party. Together with Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Jang Hyunseung, Lee Kikwang, Yong Junhyung and Son Dongwoon whom appeared on Barfout for the first time,  we spoke about the new song and the ‘2014 BEAUTIFUL SHOW IN JAPAN’ that will open next year*; With plans to promote more actively in Japan in the future, although their voices were not heated, it is an interview where you can feel their enthusiasm. Wondering how they’ll overcome the language barrier, the expectations for the tour increased.

*Yana: I think they meant to say “next month” instead of “next year”

We each develop on our own, and we faithfully manage ourselves(Yoseob)

Barfout (BF from now on): ‘How About You?’ is a song that is shockingly honest and direct to the other party; are you not shy/embarrassed when singing the song?
Yoseob: No we’re not. Although there are parts like that in the lyrics, the song itself is lively and exciting. While recording, it was fun and there was nothing too difficult about it.
BF: What is the point of the song’s production (process)?
Junhyung: I made a song that many people, whoever, could relate to. But it’s not a song with the feeling like you’ve heard it somewhere before but the fluttering, precious, beautiful expressions when you first fall in love. Although expressing love’s fluttering feeling isn’t something too difficult,  I thought of it and wrote “What about me?” as part of the lyrics (laughs).
BF: During recording, do you tell the members “sing it like this”?
Junhyung: Is there? But for almost everything, when I request for the members to do it a certain way, they all give it to me in that way. This time round, I really like how Dongwoon-goon sang his parts. I thought he could do a little better than he already was, so I would tell him “Let’s try it one more time” and I made him do it a few times (laughs).
BF:  When talking about music or singing, is there something that everyone is conscious about?
Yoseob: For our singing activities, we work hard; in increasing our own worth/values, we are also self-improving on our own, and we are also constantly managing ourselves but in the case of Junhyung-goon, he listens to songs that rises on each chart and learn from it. And with me for example, when I’m singing a light/jovial song, in the recording booth I will jump slightly on the spot. In that way, I can get the feel, body and tension right and then I’ll sing.
BF: This time round, you released a BEST album; Looking back on your promotions in Japan, how was it, what was your first wall (obstacle)?
Dongwoon: In October last year, I came to Japan to promote. Back then too, I couldn’t communicate properly in Japanese and reflecting on that, from then on I’ve been studying everyday.
Kikwang: Yes, although Japan, or Korea or Asian countries are similar in many ways, I could feel the large difference in the languages. Thinking of the talking parts during a concert or a performance, I am constantly worried that we are not able to accurately convey what we want to say due to the language difference.
Yoseob: That’s right, but when we use the word “wall”, it has a negative connotation, I think using the word ‘fence’ has a better nuance (laughs).
BF: Hyunseung-san is.. pretty cool (quiet).
Hyunseung: Yes, I’m the cool (quiet) type. I’m sorry I’m not saying anything.
BF: It’s okay (laughs). Next year you’re opening another huge tour.
Doojoon: After the release of our new single in Japan, we will be opening the Arena tour; Fans will be able to listen to a few songs that will be sung for the first time. Yesterday, we had our first meeting about the tour.
BF: What kind of ideas came out?
Kikwang: Yesterday was a meeting about the opening. We also spoke about the stage structure. In addition, we talked about what kind of communication would be best with the fans.
Junhyung: That’s right. We spoke about the overall concept so there were various opinions.
BF: Not just in Japan but in the future there will be even bigger activities; in the meanwhile however, at this stage as BEAST, are there any goals for the finish line or ‘We would like to leave BEAST with this aspect’ things like that?
Dongwoon: This is my personal goal, I want to promote for a long time constantly presenting new music and new stages. Although I’m not sure what kind of music that ‘new music’ will be but the image will be a little different from the type of image we’ve been showing up till now; I think that’s the most important thing to a singer. I think constantly learning up on that aspect is also a part of music.
BF: Up till now, it’s been an image of cool, sharp visuals.. Will there be a change in artwork?
Junhyung: Definitely. Whenever we have a new album or song coming out, we will have the thoughts in showing people a new side and when we show people a fresh side, people will have interest. I think that people who didn’t know us before could also end up having interest in us. Therefore, in wanting to show people a new side of us – although we’ve been doing it till now, moving forward we would like to really study on that aspect. But this is not something we’re doing calculatedly and on purpose… We would like to present the message that “we are growing up too” and for that we should work even harder.

‘Not too long ago, I went to Hawaii for the first time with Doojoon-goon and Junhyung-goon, we watched the sunset while walking leisurely on the beach, it was really the best'(Dongwoon)
‘Yup, for the first time since I was born, it was such a graceful time'(Junhyung)
‘My heart is still in Hawaii(laughs)'(Doojoon)

cr:, @KongKongXD and @a8sun

[INTERVIEW] 131122 CanCam Magazine

BEAST’s day off.
BEAST who came back after year in Korea for their second album Hard to love, How to lovein July.
For the release of that album’s Japanese version, the 6 members made their first appearance together for this magazine!
Something you can’t see anywhere else, BEAST as they are

“Now that we’re in our 20s, we’re able to sing our own love songs”
Yoseob:  Up till right now, where has this song been!? is what I want to ask Junhyung-goon, that’s the extend of what a masterpiece this album is.
Junhyung: 『Shadow』is a song that made me think of the parts right from the production stage. During its production, I stayed up without sleep for 4 nights, I felt like dying….
Doojoon: I like『How to Love』! Being able to sing an extremely positive love song makes me happy~♥
Kikwang: We shot the MV with a dobermann. Actually before the filming, it was a little scary but at the end it was really tame~!
Hyunseung: This album is all produced and composed by Junhyung-goon! It’s our album.
Dongwoon: The album’s theme is ‘love’. When I first heard『Shadow』, I was like ‘ This is BEAST!’ I got goosebumps!!

“Come to our date warm wearing a coat♥ If not, you’ll catch a cold”
3 conditions you’d like your girlfriend to have
Cherish my parents, commits herself to me, someone who loves herself as well
If you have a date on a day off?
Because the weather is cold, I’d like to eat delicious food together and go watch a movie.
What do you do during your off day from your Japan activities?
I go to Harajuku to shop with Junhyung-goon and Dongwoon-goon!  I bought a jacket and a coat.
What do you order at a café on your day off?
Coffee is bad for my throat so I don’t drink it! (Doojoon: Yoseob-goon drinks milk) No(laughs)! Milk is bad for my throat too so I always drink water.
Do you read?
I read novels.

“A perfect Christmas… Spending time with CanCam’s readers♥ Haha(laughs)”
During a Christmas date, what would you like your girlfriend to wear?
Padding! A one-piece or a skirt is too cold for the winter (laughs)
If you were to spend your day-off with your members?
I’ll play soccer with Kikwang-goon or go fishing with Junhyung-goon♪
What do you order at a café on your day off?
Black coffee.  I buy it to enjoy the aroma, not to drink it!
What do you buy at a Japanese convenience store?
Ice cream♥  Pino and Garigarikun and Yukimi Daifuku, I’m hooked onto all of them.

“For a date, to go fishing together♪ (Doojoon: Me too!)… Will make Doojoon drive(laughs)”
If you were to spend your day-off with your members?
Lately, I go fishing with Doojoonie. Doojoon…(laughs!!) Fished up boots(laughs). I thought he got the idea of fishing.
What do you buy during your off day from your Japan activities?
I went to buy the Iron Man figurine but I was contemplating it and stopped. But while eating yakitori, it came back in my mind…. It’s a problem. If there’s an overlap of an outfit that the members like, we will buy the exact same thing. No one wants to lose to each other!
What do you order at a café on your day off?
I don’t drink sweet things so Americano.

“If I have a winter date, I’ll go see the snow and eat hot ramyun”
During your off-day, what do you wear at home?
What do you do during your off day from your Japan activities?
I went to the hot spring with Doojoon-goon ♥ In the open-bath, ‘nice and fresh♪” while looking up to the sky, it’s my dream!
What do you order at a cafe?
Hazelnut coffee. If that isn’t available, Americano! If it’s too thick, my heart will pound so I’ll order for it to be smaller and diluted.
Cakes that you like?
Cheese cake,  sweet potato cake, fresh cream cake. I like chocolate cake too.

“Unexpectedly, my heart pounds when I see a lady dressed simply like those in denim t-shirts”
If you get a day off, what will you do?
I want to either hike up a mountain or go scuba diving♪ I like nature.
What do you buy during your off day from your Japan activities?
Shirt and coat!
A recommended place in Korea for a date?
Please come to BEAST’s concert.
A place that you want to go to now on a bike?
The supermarket in front of the house! I have no strength…(laughs)
What do you order at a cafe?
Americano♥ I don’t put sugar or milk. If I’ve drunk half, I’ll put in water, it’s self-refill (laughs)

“If I get a day off, I will fu-lly sleep (laughs). Don’t I spend every day with the members already”
If you have a date on a day off?
Umm~. The amusement park?
What would you like your girlfriend to wear when she’s on a date with you?
Something like denim, something casual, I like that kind of feel.
If you could give your girlfriend flowers as a gift?
On a normal day, I will give her a bouquet of roses unexpectedly.
What do you do during your off day from your Japan activities?
I shop a lot at Roppongi and Omotesandō♪ Red shoes and jeans etc, it’s been a while since I shopped so it was really fun!!
What do you order at a cafe?
Vanilla latte or iced Americano.

How to love BEAST
─ 10 keywords to get to know BEAST ─
During the long time BEAST did their promotions in Japan, the latest incident and
member’s personality, taste
talks that burst into laughter, in the end everything will be revealed!?

#1 『Black vs Brown』
A woman’s hair color that they prefer

Doojoon: Brown
Hyunseung: Brown (I like brown with a little bit of red)
Junhyung: Black
Yoseob: Black
Kikwang: Black
Dongwoon: Black

#2 『What to eat』
If they come to Japan, they must eat Ichiran’s ramen! Especially Dongwoon who really likes it♥

Dongwoon: If I stay in Japan for 20days, I’ll visit Ichiran for those 10 days. It’s because you can’t get this taste in Koreaㅠ. I’ve checked out all the places overseas. Add noodles? Of course! The way they give it too is per.fect. ★ Ah I want to eat it now. ♪

#3 『Ghosts are scary』
The story of the members who went to Tokyo Disneyland…
The two people, who refused!?

Junhyung: The startling scream is scary! Don’t do that~
Doojoon: Tokyo Disneyland isn’t scary, I heard Fuji-Q’s is scarier, I’m never going there!
Kikwang: They’re really cowards!

#4 『In charge of taking off/stripping』
Junhyung-goon working out! “I got such a shock, I thought an apocalypse was happening” (Kikwang)

A new person in charge of taking off (the clothes) is here. That is…
Junhyung: Shall I take it off at the next concert!?
If Yoseob takes it off, it’s no joke
Yoseob: I want to be at the gym 24 hours a day♥

#5 『Be happy』
Tell us about Korea’s trendy words~
What is haeng-show?

Hyunseung: It is the short form of haengbokhashipshow (Please be happy). It is the Japanese equivalent of ‘be happy’, ‘have strength’. But I don’t use that (laughs)

#6 『Alcohol』
Yoseob-goon’s solo song is Caffeine
If the second album…

Yoseob: There’s no plans but Junhyung might know!?
Dongwoon: The title is ‘Alcohol’ right? (laughs)

#7 『Just one bite』
365 days, during meals, Dongwoon’s ‘One mouthful battle’
The thing Dongwoonie is looking for…

Dongwoon: I’m the one who thinks of the menu! Because I’m a glutton♥
Junhyung: But he will always grab my arm and say ‘just one mouthful’ . Since he grabs my arm before I put it in my mouth, there’s nothing else I can do apart from give it to him

#8 『Secret』

Doojoon > Yoseob: He will monitor everything he comes out in (laughs) Completely a star-illness. Also he likes the pizza toast I make♥
Yoseob > Junhyung: He’s extremely severe with his affections (laughs) When talking to him for the first time, the person might think ‘he doesn’t like me’ but to us (the members), his affections are overflowing.
Junhyung > Dongwoon: He has the illness of thinking all the women likes him (laughs). ‘Do you see this now? That woman keeps looking over’ he would say things like that
Dongwoon > Kikwang: He thinks he’s funnier than anyone else. But he’s not funny (everyone burst into laughter) Also, at concerts he dances so hard, his pants rips.
Kikwang > Hyunseung: He eats a lot but he doesn’t put on weight at all. Also, on his smart phone apps, when he’s free, he learns Japanese and he plays games
Hyunseung > Doojoon: His image is manly but amongst the members, he cries the most! At concerts, he cries too! (Kikwang: Obviously he prepares eye drops in the dressing room!)

#9 『A habit of forgetting things』

Junhyung: Doojoon forgot to bring his passport the other day!
Doojoon: Junhyung, you forgot to bring your wallet yesterday, didn’t you?
Junhyung: Look look, even now you forgot to bring the ring for  filming didn’t you?
Doojoon: ………………. I forgot due to the love of the fans in Japan ♥
Staff: The two of you are the same.

#10 『Read Yoseob’s article』
Yoseob who wakes up the other members! Going to find the member that is the sleepyhead~!

Yoseob: I’m amongst the members who wake up the earliest. Ah, is it you?
Hyunseung: Huk, how did you know? Everyone, the fact that I have the most severe problem of waking up, is a secret!
Yoseob: Everyone wakes up well!

cr:, @KongKongXD and @a8sun

[Q&A] Yoseob’s Zorro program book

ZORRO Yang Yoseob
A hero is..
The image of a hero to me is someone who does voluntary work in longing for justice and peace. The reason why I use the term voluntary work is because all the heroes I’ve seen, Zorro included, they search for justice through actions without asking to be paid. Although it’s hard to see a hero in that light but doing that kind of work, feeling a sense of pride feels similar to the happiness that volunteers feel.

Between Zorro and Ramon, the character that suits me..
Truthfully if I had to choose between Zorro and Ramon, it would definitely be Zorro. However, I’m not as suave as Zorro. I think Zorro is the image of a hero and Zorro is indeed the genuine hero. There are a lot we can refer to when talking about heroes right? Badman, Superman, Ironman etc. I don’t really like attaching ‘man’ to it. Therefore, to me Zorro is a hero.

In Zorro, acting is the main of it but what is your fav scene and fav song? Why?
The first scene!! Baila me!! It is a really exciting and fun scene!! Even during practice it is fun!!

In Zorro, apart from your own role, is there another role you’ll like to try? Why?
Garcia. Alejandro! Until I reach an age where I am worthy, I will continue promoting (in this art) so I’d like to be an actor that people will look for.

What do you want to convey to the audience through this musical?
Good triumphs evil.

If you could meet Zorro, what will you say to him? What will you ask him? What will you want to do together with Zorro?
  • Although it’s presumptuous of me.. Can I use your mask once?
  • Facing evil alone, isn’t it too much for you?
  • I will climb ropes with Zorro.
During practice for Zorro, is there something enjoyable, something funny?
Everything during practice is enjoyable and I’m happy.

What’s difficult during practice?
Fencing! Flamenco dance!! Because it was my first time for both, it was really hard..ㅠ

A hero you really like or a hero that bears resemblance to you?
My… dad!! We look like.

 cr: BEAST are the BEST @BEASTaretheBEST and @yongjunna

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

150328 기브콘 - 아름다운밤이야 : 요섭

150328 기브콘 - 12시30분 : 요섭

150328 기브콘 - Good Luck : 요섭

150328 기브콘 - Shadow : 요섭

150328 기브콘 - 두준이~(팬따라하기) : 요섭

150328 기브콘 - 요섭이 애교

150103 4기팬미팅 - 요섭 edit : 생일축하해 요섭아~!!

150103 4기팬미팅 - 생일상 : 요섭

150103 4기팬미팅 - How To Love : 요섭

150103 4기팬미팅 - 발라발라~ : 요섭

150103 4기팬미팅 - Drive : 요섭

141127 국방부군악정기연주회 - 12시30분 : 요섭

141115 펩시콘서트 - Shadow : 요섭

141115 펩시콘서트 - Fiction : 비스트

141115 펩시콘서트 - Good Luck : 요섭

141115 펩시콘서트 - 12시30분 : 요섭

141103 영등포핫트랙스팬싸 : 요섭

15.04.01 BEAST, Hands Up!

BEAST will make a comeback with Japanese single!

BEAST reveal a short teaser video on their official Youtube channel with the title Hands Up, although the teaser is short, fans seems to be curious for its full release.

Check out the short teaser below

cr: dkpopnews 

15.03.26 BEAST 'Beautiful Show Tour' first stop will be in Hong Kong

Beautiful Show Tour concert on 30th May 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong. The event is organised by Sun Entertainment Culture and Jasco entertainment.

Since their debut in 2009, this will be the BEAST's first time having a concert in Hong Kong. After the concert in Hong Kong , they will be performing on 6th June 2015 in Tianmu Stadium, Taiwan. Therefore, fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan will have the opportunity to experience the charming performance of BEAST.
In addition, BEAST members often expressed their interest to visit Hong Kong. However, due to their tight schedule, they could not travel abroad often.
So, the members hope to enjoy their Hong Kong trip through activities such as riding on the Peak Tram, tasting Hong Kong's delicacies and filming at the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong.

Last but not least, BEAST members are looking forward to meet their heartwarming fans during their first concert in Hong Kong.

cr: dkpopnews