Tuesday, July 28, 2015

15.07.28 BEAST release dashing BTS photos from album pictorial

BEAST give extra treat to fans by releasing the photos taken during their album jacket pictorial.

The fans would surely enjoy the eyecandy of dashing six gentlemen captured in their most candid moments. The good-looking members and their sex appeal are oozing making a fluttering and sexy atmosphere at the set

Are you enjoying their 'Ordinary' album so far? See photos below:

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15.07.27 BEAST to hold '2015 BEAUTIFUL SHOW' concert in Seoul

BEAST announce their '2015 BEAUTIFUL SHOW' solo concert which is happening in Seoul next month.

The boys have just released their 8th mini album "Ordinary" and MV for "YeY" and will embark on a full scale promotions. On top of that they are also about to treat their fans new performances at their upcoming concert.

'2015 BEAUTIFUL SHOW' is happening on August 29-30 at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. Expect a high-quality special and new stages from the boys!

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15.07.27 BEAST YeY MV

BEAST release full MV of their new song YeY, check out the MV below

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

15.07.26 B2ST unleashes 'YeY' MV teaser

On July 26th, BEAST dropped the group's MV teaser video for their upcoming song 'YeY.'

'YeY' was written, composed, and arranged by GOOD LIFE. BEAST will be coming back with their 8th mini-album 'Ordinary' with 'YeY' as its title track on July 27th at midnight KST.

Watch below:

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15.07.24 BEAST drop audio preview of 'Ordinary'

BEAST give audio snippets of their tracks from upcoming 8th mini album "Ordinary". What music are we expecting from the boys?

Find out by listening below:

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15.07.23 BEAST are carefree in new teaser images

BEAST turned their initial sexy and fierce image in this B version of their 'Ordinary' pictorial.

The members are looking carefree and easygoing in their street and funky fashion while beaming lively and cheerful expressions. Meanwhile, BEAST are returning with 8th mini album on July 27 with the title track "YeY".

See more photos below:

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15.07.22 B2ST flaunts their casual look in new album jacket image for 'Ordinary'

B2ST teases for their upcoming comeback with a brand new album jacket image.

Since it's currently the summer season, the members are seen in casual and comforting clothes such as sleeveless shirts and shorts while showing their bright expressions for the camera.

Meanwhile, B2ST's 8th mini album 'Ordinary' as well as the title track 'YeY' will be released on July 27th at midnight.

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15.07.21 BEAST are Dazed & Confused

BEAST display their manly charm for the new issue of Dazed and Confused magazine.

The boys are posing in dark colored outfits while portraying their gloomy charm in the pictorials, check out for more photos below.

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15.07.21 BEAST drop the track list for 'Ordinary'

BEAST reveal the track list for their 8th mini album 'Ordinary'.

The album has total of 8 songs including their title track "YeY", their pre-release track "Gotta Go To Work", and others such as "Suite Room", "In There", "Take
It", "Oh Honey" and bonus tracks for CD only version: Korean versions of "I Think I Love You" and lastly "One Day".

The album will be out on July 27. Are you excited?

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15.07.18 BEAST's audio teaser for 'Have To Go To Work'

On July 18th, BEAST released an audio teaser of their upcoming track 'Have To Go To Work.'

'Have To Go To Work' will be pre-released on July 20, and BEAST's comeback album 'Ordinary' will be available on July 27th.

Watch below:

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15.07.17 B2ST releases MV still cuts of Doojoon for pre-release track 'Have To Go To Work'

Doojoon is the first member to release his individual MV still cuts for upcoming pre-release track 'Have To Go To Work'.

The two photos with two different concept, as in one he is an office worker as he is sitting in front of a typewriter, while in the other one he acts as a sweet boyfriend towards his lover.

'Have To Go To Work' will describe the feelings of a man who has to leave his loved one behind in the morning to go to work. The song will be available on July 20th at midnight prior to their 8th mini album on the 27th.

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15.07.16 BEAST to release traditional pre-ballad on 20th

Fans are going to get the traditional pre-ballad release before BEAST comes back with their 8th mini album.

The title of their pre-release song is "Have to Work" and it's slated to be released on 20th. The comeback trailer is a compilation of their hit ballads which were released prior to their mini albums.

Are you excited?

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15.07.15 BEAST start unveiling members' concept photos

BEAST are dropping each members' concept photos for 'Oridnary' comeback and we're getting one photo an hour.

So far, we have Yoseob's, GiKwang's, DongWoon's,HyunSeung's, and JunHyung's. The gentlemen are all looking sexy and dashing. Meanwhile, BEAST are returning on July 27.

We will update this post once photos of other members' are released.

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15.07.14 BEAST release teaser for 8th mini album 'Ordinary'

BEAST officially confirm their comeback as they unveil a group photo for 8th mini album "Ordinary" slated for release on July 27.

The boys are sitting in a sofa looking charismatic and sexy in stylish outfits. It seems like these good-looking men have just had few drinks and enjoyed a get together.

Are you looking forward for this comeback?

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Friday, July 10, 2015

15.07.09 B2ST announced their comeback with a mysterious teaser video

B2ST will be coming back real soon!

On July 9th, a teaser video was uploaded on B2ST official Youtube channel. There's nothing much in the video aside from a series of dates, which were revealed to be the group' past comeback dates, and the text 'COMING SOON' at the end.

As in a previous report, B2ST is currently working on their new album while aiming for July, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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15.06.11 B2ST preparing for a comeback this summer; denies July schedule

B2ST revealed to be in the midst of preparations for comeback this summer, but not this July like how an exclusive article stated earlier.

A rep of Cube Entertainment said on June 11th,"It's true that B2ST is preparing for their new album while aiming for this summer, but the exact date hasn't been confirmed yet".

The agency also added,"Junhyung is producing new songs while the other members are also actively contributeing various ideas for the album".

B2ST's latest release was 7th mini album 'Time' in October last year.

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15.06.06 BEAST's full MV of Japanese track 'Can’t Wait to Love You'

On June 6th, BEAST released the music video of their latest Japanese song 'Can’t Wait to Love You.'

The MV features a girl who's enjoying her stay near the beach. The Japanese lyrics is included on the MV so those who find the song nice can sing along while watching it.

Watch below:

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15.05.31 [Exclusive] Beast Concert in Hong Kong

BEAST successfully held their first-ever solo concert in Hong Kong, “Beautiful Show 2015”, last Saturday, 30th of May, at the AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, co-organized by Sun Entertainment and Jacso Entertainment.

With 7000 seats filled with ‘Beauties”, their fans, members of BEAST showed off their long-anticipated performances, which included their hit songs such as “12:30”, “On Rainy Days”, and “Fiction” (rest of the set-list is provided below).
The arena was heated with excitement as each member performed solo stage, interacting closely with their fans on the 360-degree designed stage.
 Thousands of fans hosted a surprise event for Dongwoon’s birthday by holding up ‘happy birthday’ signs together. Other members of BEAST also secretly prepared a three-layered cake to celebrate his soon-approaching birthday in Hong Kong.

BEAST expressed their gratitude for their Hong Kong fans, and regretted that they have not visited sooner. They also made efforts to speak short Cantonese phrases throughout the concert, each time cheered loudly by their local fans. 
During the show, members gave out roses and small bouncy balls as souvenirs to the audiences. Members also took phones from their fans in standing zone to take ‘selfies’ of themselves, giving the fans an unforgettable experience.
At the end of the concert, BEAST promised to return to the city more often to meet with their fans. They also thanked the ‘beauties’ for their continuous support for the last 7 years of co-written history.  
Next stop for their tour is on 6th of June in Taiwan, after 3-years of long wait. All the Taiwanese fans might want to pay attention to the below set-list of “Beautiful Show 2015” to fully enjoy their experience:
1) Good Luck 2) Shadow 3) Special 4) We Up 5) Dance with U 6) On Rainy Day 7) Midnight (acoustic) 8) 12:30 9) Hyunseung’s solo – The Girl Who Wants to Play 10) Gikwang’s solo – Deuces, All back  + Dance 11) Junhyung’s solo – Flower (concert ver.) + Slow 12) Dongwoon, Yoseob & Dujun’s group perf. – Caffeine + When the Door Closes 13) Wasn’t Me 14) History15) Sad Movie 16) Fiction 17) Shock 18) Freeze 19) How to Love 20) Beautiful Night 21) Encore
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