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13.08.26 BEAST Releases Special MV for “How To Love” with Handwritten Letters for Fans

As BEAST prepares to wind down and wrap up their promotions, a special music video for “How To Love” was released for the fans.
BEAST held their goodbye stage on “Inkigayo” on August 25 as they sang “How To Love” in their sweet and charming voices. After the broadcast, BEAST’s official YouTube channel uploaded the special music video, which contains a special letter written by each BEAST member for all the fans.
The music video also shows various behind-the-scenes photos from BEAST’s activities such as the “B2UTY GATHER” project, BEAST’s solo concert “Beautiful Show 2013,” and other programs and events.
Leader Yoon Doo Joon wrote, “Five weeks went by so quickly. Even though everything seems to be changing, it feels like you all and we have stayed the same together so I was so proud.”
Jang Hyun Seung mentioned, “Although it was short, it was a time that we felt how precious you were and how thankful we are. I hope your memories of July and August of 2013 were as beautiful and happy as mine.”
Yang Yoseob also wrote, “We received so much love during a short amount of period. We will come back better and more mature than we are now. I love you.”
Son Dong Woon wrote, “Some may love us and some may not but we will try even harder to make everyone love at least our music,” while Yong Jun Hyung mentioned, “We started promoting this album with a lot of pressure but because of all of the B2UTIES, we were able to gain great memories. We will repay you with better music and performances in the future. I love you.”
Finally, Lee Ki Kwang wrote, “I could truly feel how long you B2UTIES waited for us through this album. BEAST cannot exist without the B2UTIES. I mean it!”
Check out the music video for “How To Love” below and in the meantime, BEAST will be throwing their solo concert “Beautiful Show 2013″ on September 28.

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[TRANS] How To Love MV: Handwritten letters from BEAST

Doojoon: Hello! B2UTYs. It’s BEAST’s Doojoon.
5 weeks passed by really fast. It was a time with a lot of talk and a lot of trouble!!
Each day was a lot of fun and I was so happy because of everyone!
It felt unfamiliar singing in the broadcasting studio after a year, and there were so many new hoobae singers so it was even more unfamiliar.
In the ever-changing surroundings it was like we were the only ones who didn’t change so this promotion period felt great.
We will release albums more frequently and we will be with everyone for longer.
It was a short 5 weeks that made me realize many things.
Everyone! Even though you feel like it was too short trust us a bit more and wait for us!
I dare request so!ㅜ Most importantly be healthy and careful and I’m always sorry, thankful, and I love you
Hyunseung: Hello B2UTYs…!! It’s Hyunseung~
It was short but it was a time where I could feel how precious, and thankful everyone was, I won’t be able to forget it~ You take up another page in my head like this~.
2013 July and August. I hope everyone’s 2013 July and August was beautiful and happy. Like me!!^^
I will work hard so that I won’t fall short of everyone’s support and voice and love~!!
Thank you always~ And let us create good memories for the remaining September to December!~
I Love U~!! Wow~!!
Junhyung: Hello, it’s Junhyung.
The promotions for HLHL are finished.
I started off with a lot of pressure but
Because of the huge love from our B2UTYs
It was a promotion period that will remain a good memory.
I will repay with even better music that’s nice to listen to, and better performances.
I love you. Peace~!
Yoseob: Hello! I’m rumoured bad handwriting Yang Yoseob.
Ah.. I feel sorrowful and regretful and sad
writing this at the end of our promotions.
I wanted to promote moreㅜ_ㅜ
Thank you for waiting such a long time.!!
I feel very good because I feel like we received so much love during this short promotion period!! (You can still read up until here right..? keke Sorry that my handwriting is bad)
I feel..quite apologetic asking you to wait once moreㅜ_ㅜ
However I don’t think we’ll have such a serious hiatus again!
To fulfill that promise we would need to come out again soon with a new song!!♥
We will come back even better, practice more and we will grow!!
Thank you for creating such good memories for us during that short time!! I love you.
- BEAST’s rumoured bad handwriting Yang Yoseob -
Kikwang: Hello!! I’m Kikwang!!
It’s nice to see you^_^!! I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve written someone a handwritten letter~_~hehe
So I think this letter is that much more meaningful! ㅎ_ㅎ
Anyways! We received such huge love as much as you guys waited for this album so I think I was happy all throughout the promotion period!!
I really felt how much our B2UTYs waited for us!!
The words that there is no BEAST if there are no B2UTYs! I said it jokingly but they are words that contain my true feelings^_^!
These promotions were so much fun because we had B2UTYs and I think I was able to promote happily until the end !!_!!
We will prepare and come back even better as fast as we can so you don’t have to wait so long for our albums, so don’t cheat on us during that time and only look at us!! Thank you and I love you ^_^♥
Dongwoon: To. B2UTYs♥
Hello~ It’s me^^ We promoted a new album after 1 year..
It was a time where we worked hard preparing and we anticipated and we worried a lot.
And we were that much more happy and compared to that time there is a lot of regret left.
We will quickly prepare and come out so that we can see your faces more often, so don’t be too upset and look at us nicely :D
Some people love us and some people don’t like us but we will work even harder so that they can love at least our music.
I think that the word ‘limit’ is created by yourself.
Everyone! Please watch over us who still have a long way to climb.
Walk with us.. thank you always♥
From. Youngest Son Dongwoon

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130814 DMZ평화콘서트-Fiction+Shadow 리허설 full multi ver.

130810 속초 음악중심 -아름다운밤이야 multi ver.

130808 Cultwo - Video Message to Parents (en)

BEAST - Shadow (그림자) First Broadcast Making (en)

BEAST - Shadow (그림자) BTS Music Video (en)

BEAST - Shadow Comeback Week Video (en)

Shadow (그림자) Album Jacket Photoshoot BTS (en)

130808 Mnet Wide Behind (en)

130808 Mnet Wide Behind (en) de b2stizen

130803 Guerrilla Date with BEAST (en)

130803 Guerrilla Date with BEAST (en) de b2stizen

130801 Mnet Countdown Win (en)

130801 Mnet Countdown Win (en) de b2stizen

130728 Section TV Beautiful Show 2013 (en)

130728 Section TV Beautiful Show 2013 (en) de b2stizen

130725 Happy Together Yoseob, Kikwang, Dongwoon snippet (en)

130725 Happy Together Yoseob, Kikwang, Dongwoon... de b2stizen

BEAST - 'How To Love' (Official Music Video)

[1080p HD] BEAST - How To Love @ SBS Inkigayo 130825

[ENG SUB] 130809 f(x) & BEAST - Music Bank Backstage interview

[INTERVIEW] 130820 BEAST “Not at the peak yet…will go up with the courage to fall”

Promoting their 2nd album title track ‘Shadow’…”Feeling responsibility with the idol influence”
When an idol group becomes 5 years old you start being called ‘sunbae’ and the busy day to day becomes a lifestyle. 5 year old group BEAST who debuted in 2009 is right at that position.
“I’m used to the singer life now. At the starting stage everything was unfamiliar and pressuring but now I think of it as my career. I’ve started to realize that if I don’t put in the effort then I will fall behind.” (Yoon Doojoon)
BEAST who we met recently in the waiting room at KBS 2TB ‘Music Bank’ was eating their lunch boxes while waiting for the live broadcast. It was a scene that you often see in the waiting rooms.
As the interview started they busily cleaned up their empty lunch boxes and said “When we remember our debut days we’re again thankful of this time now” and “Jokingly we think ‘We should run with all our might while we can’” and they burst out laughing.
BEAST released their second album ‘Hard to love, How to love’ last month. It is their first new album in a year, which is a long time for an idol group. Their title track ‘Shadow’ already got #1 on online charts, and they also won #1 on 3 music shows. Normally male idol groups are weak on the online charts but they are an exception.
Truthfully they did not have a unique team colour during their debut period. They weren’t particularly different from the existing male idol group formula. However as each year passed they started distinguishing themselves from the others.
Yong Junhyung is one of the well known rappers in the idol market and he composed all the songs in their recent second album and rose as a ‘composer-dol’. Yang Yoseob as the main vocal made a success with his solo album, and Jang Hyunseung was appraised for his dancing and singing abilities through his duet with Hyuna ‘Trouble Maker’. Yoon Doojoon in dramas, Lee Kikwang in variety shows, and Son Dongwoon in musicals they showed their talents.
As the members’ roles became clearer they became a golden combination.
As we asked what changed in the past 5 years Jang Hyunseung said “Each of our talents magnified and now we are very comfortable on stage.” Yoseob said “In the beginning I had no confidence in my appearance but now I think I look like a person” and he gently laughed.
During that period they entered the Japanese market, they did a world tour and stood on many global stages, gathering fans at ‘LTE speed’. They have 280 000 members on their official fan cafe, 510 000 people subscribed to the BEAST youtube channel, and they have international fansite in 34 different countries.
“We don’t think that we have reached our peak yet. We haven’t felt that we have reached any position but we can feel that our fans like us. We have a lot of young fans so we work hard to be good influences to them.” (Yang Yoseob)
Yang Yoseob recently wore a bracelet that support the Japanese army comfort grandmothers on broadcast and became a hot issue as a ‘Polite-dol’. This bracelet is sold by the non-profit organization ‘Citizen gathering that supports the comfort woman grandmothers’ brand Heeum.
“3 months ago a fan gave me the bracelet at our fan signing. I wore it since then but I feel embarrassed that it became an issue. However after that fans started wearing the bracelet. I felt it then ‘We can give our fans both good and bad influences’.”(Yang Yoseob)

Son Dongwoon who is called proper young man usually said “Since they say fans follow their singers, I try my best not to use words that sabotage Korean” and “Also when it becomes a national holiday such as Independence Movement Day, Constitution Day, National Liberation Day, Korean Day, etc. I leave a post so that the fans can remember” he explained.
They can feel how much influence idols have in society so they say they feel responsibility. Of course they also emphasize that you have to firmly handle those fans with the wrong kind of heart who follow their personal lives.
Even if they rise in popularity they still need to survive through the fierce competition. They are currently against groups such as Infinite, B1A4, B.A.P. and other groups that appeared after.
Yang Yoseob said “Even if they are rookies when we look at hoobaes it becomes whip” and “It’s not simple comparisons but we find things to learn by looking at their performances and listening to their music” he explained.
And they also prepare for their futures through their sunbaes. It’s because they know that they need to work extremely hard to maintain their peak for a long time.
Yang Yoseob said “A year ago I wrote a post saying ‘We will rise noisily and come down quietly’ and, Son Dongwoon said “As a hobby I do indoor climbing and you climb up relying on one rope and then you fall. If you do not have the courage to fall you can’t go up 13-14m. I realized that ‘You have the right to take a step forward if you have courage.’” and he shared his thoughts.
As their heart grew they say they are now able to handle hate comments flexibly. Jang Hyunseung said “In the hate comments there are some outright comments with proof” and “The bitter words come to heart as well” he emphasized.
We asked what we can anticipate from BEAST from now on.
“All 6 members have a strong desire to become better. Each of us have different talents so during our inactive period we go practice and prepare. So each time we come together as a group the synergy gets bigger.” (Lee Kikwang)
Yoon Doojoon said “Only Kikwangie’s soccer skills are increasing to the point he should take the pro entrance test.” he joked and then he said “I know that it is dificult to maintain the team as time goes by. I’m learning a lot from watching Shinhwa sunbaes” he added.

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[INTERVIEW] The Star Magazine Sept Issue

The day we went to meet BEAST who has been sweeping the music programs with their 2nd studio album title track ‘Shadow’ was also the day they had a music show. BEAST on stage is like a rubber ball. It has already been 5 years since they debuted. BEAST who used to be called ‘Recycled group’, like their name, brought out their claws and at the end of their challenge they stood up in the idol jungle. Truthfully the jungle is dangerous if you take your eyes off for just one second. That’s because idol groups release new songs in shortly 3 months, or longer 6 months. But BEAST in boldness released on in a year. That reason? The 5 hours we had with the 6 men was the hint. When all of them gathered the laughter erupted. Dancing Kikwang and Yoseob, Singing Doojoon, clapping Dongwoon. They don’t need to nervously take out their claws but the 6 men took out the tension in their shoulder and are now enjoying the jungle.

Strong without a sound, Yoon Doojoon

Will we be able to see the internet famous ‘legend picture’ pose today? 
Ah, that. I took those pictures while I was filming a sitcom and, I would change my outfit several times a day so when I took the endorsement pictures my pose ended up being the same.
Not because you were shy?
If I was shy I wouldn’t be able to pose like that. It’s not that I’m not shy at all, but when you get to know me better I talk more.
Today’s concept was BEAST exuding comfortable emotions. BEAST who debuted 5 years ago really seems to look comfortable and steady on stage.
That’s good. Of course I still feel nervous. As a singer, being on stage is number 1 so we pay the most attention to it.
How does it feel to stand on stage as the complete BEAST?
It felt nice for all 6 of us to be monitoring. It felt new and strange too. It made me think of the past too. If I compare to our debut period we changed a lot but my mental attitude became the same as our earlier times so it felt nice. I want to promote like this for a very long time.
You did individual activities but it was different from idols nowadays who release songs every 3~6 months.
We wanted to come out earlier too but the time conditions didn’t work out. To be honest a one year hiatus is a really long time in the idol comeback period. We didn’t do it on purpose.
The name of the title track is ‘Shadow’. Are you the type to always be together like a shadow when in a relationship, or do you respect each other’s personal time?
I think I’m different depending on circumstance. Aren’t all men like that? Besides stalkers.
Hmm, you seem closer to the latter option. (laughs )Then if you were to choose between love and friendship? 
I think I’m a person closer to friendship. Of course there are couples that love for a long time and it’s good to love one person for a long time. However I think that there is an expiration period for the emotion of love. Emotions can always change. Love can also change into affection. How many people on earth can actually love like fire? So I’ll choose friendship that has a higher rate of not changing.
Then how long is the expiration period for love?
I’m not sure. It depends on the person right? I think it’ll be different depending on the partner. It could be forever. Of course if it was forever there would be nothing better than that.
You have now entered your mid-20s, is there anything you want to do before your 20s pass?
Before my 20s pass, I want to work harder doing what I’m doing now. Ah, I didn’t know time passed by so quickly. I’m still young but when I go to the broadcasting station it doesn’t seem so. There are so many young friends. I’m the same but time keeps passing by.
I saw the text you sent to your members recently and I was impressed. ‘When riding a palanquin don’t think about the height of the palanquin but think about the shoulders of the people carrying the palanquin first’ was it? Your heart is definitely leader-like.
My mother wrote it for me in her letter to me and it was nice so I sent it to the members. After that my members always tease me. Saying “Are you treating the staff like palanquin carriers” (laughs) Our members are 100 point friends. They are all doing well.
Aren’t you being too generous? In what aspects?
Firstly when you release an album there are many things that you feel regretful about. You can be discontent with it but our members do everything well on their own. Whether it is performances, fan service, and such they do things well on their own within their abilities. I’m just being carried by them.
Last question. If you could click ‘like’ for one member on your SNS and support them who would you choose, and why?
Maknae Dongwoonie. He’s so kind. If Dongwoonie wasn’t there we would have fought a lot amongst ourselves. Guys always bicker. But Dongwoonie brightens the atmosphere as the maknae. He’s an optimistic friend. Even now he is doing something called the 6 week miracle and it’s funny. Ask him about it.

Infinite optimism, Son Dongwoon

How does it feel to be promoting as a complete team after a long time?
I can’t stop smiling. Even though we’re tired everyone is so full of spirit like our debut days so it’s a lot of fun. On the one hand I feel apologetic seeing the fans enjoying our performances after one year.
I found the reason why you’re so optimistic. We received a tip, I heard you’re doing the 6 week miracle project?
I’m spreading my positivity to one member each week. We’re promoting while getting only 1~2 hours of sleep so you can imagine how tired we are. If even just one person spreads the positivity I thought that eventually the members and the staff will become happy. If you think positively your face colour changes first. With the power of optimism I hope everyone becomes happy after 6 weeks.
At the showcase the members chose Dongwoon-goon as the most improved member. In your opinion in what aspects did you earn big points?
I think the biggest opportunity I got to grow was doing a musical. While doing the musical I found my own path in singing. There is no better practice than the real thing. Before my condition used to be very inconsistent when I sang but nowadays I’m shrinking the gap between when I sing very well and when I sing very poorly. I’m not bragging but I’m just saying I’ve mastered my own way.(laughs)
You did on stage but did you find security and leisure in you living?
There is no leisure but I’m trying to find it. Anyway even if I’m impatient, it doesn’t mean that all the problems in the world will be resolved faster. Whether I’m impatient or leisurely so, world goes around all the same. When I see it like this I think I’ll end up feeling resentment on the world. I try to live well within the 24 hours given in a day.
Then when you do have leisure time what do you do?
When I have leisure time I practice piano. Whether it’s pop or gayo I just choose a score I like and practice when I have time.
You have a lot of talent. The namshin noodles you showed on ‘Happy Together’ was creative. Do you like shocking adventures regularly?
Not shocking per se, but I don’t like playing it safe either. To be honest if there is someone working in the entertainment industry and likes to play things safe, I don’t think they’ll be able to last. I don’t think of myself this way but when I’m with my normal friends they say I’m unusual.
I guess you heard that a lot when you returned to school. It must be hard to attend school this semester since you’re promoting.
It is a concern. I have a lot of overseas activities. It will work out somehow. With the power of optimism.
Ah, the humiliation story about how fans only lined up to get a signature from your schoolmate Lee Jongsuk was funny.
Huh, but that’s a sad story.
Haha. Before on a show program you said that you had the most celebrity(?) like face and I thought you had a lot of talent but seeing you in person you really are witty. But do you really think you are a ‘namshin’?
Yes. How does it feel seeing all 6 of us in person? I’m right aren’t I? Haha.
I wish there were more opportunities to show off this talent of yours.
I wish there were more opportunities as well. If there aren’t then I’ll have to save all of them and show them off all at once. I’m not impatient. Because I’m 2 years younger than my hyungs I have that much more time. When I’m in my 30s, 40s my individual activities will be more important but right now if I were to choose between individual activities and group activities I want to choose whatever can strengthen all of us. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m not selfish. (laughs)
Now, concluding question. If you were to click ‘like’ for one member?
Doojoon hyung. He lowers himself the most and respects the other. When he gives me advice he does so in a way that I can understand and accept it, and he takes on all the difficult tasks. When everyone is exhausted he doesn’t show that he is exhausted and does his work until the end. In this aspect I think he does his job as the leader 100, 1000 times better.

Music Monstar, Yong Junhyung

Today the last episode of ‘Monstar’ is airing but you can’t watch it so what will you do?
I’ll just watch it on my own time later. Haha
It’s your first drama but it is daebak. I also watched the hot issue kiss scene well.
Ah, the kiss scene…I end up doing one in my first drama. (laughs) I discussed with the director a lot prior to the scene so we finished it well without any episodes. Of course there were NGs. As our faces got closer cold sweat starting coming down my face.
In the viewer’s perspective the fresh love line with Min Say was fun. How are you like in a real relationship?
I think I’m the type to stay with the person as much as I can but I don’t put everything aside for it. So I think I become more diligent when I’m in a relationship. When I have something to do I do it beforehand.
I guess you’re good at balancing work and love.
I try to balance it well but because I’m human I do lean to one side at times. Truthfully if you can balance them perfectly then wouldn’t that be a lie/fake?
Then again there is no human touch then. It’s better when you fall in love deeply.
That’s true, that’s true. Haha.
These past few months, filming, working on the album, promoting, you must have had no time to enjoy yourself?
Yes. The past 3 months I had the tightest schedule since our debut period. After filming I’d go to my studio to work on the album and then I’d go home and clean up to go film again. Repeating the lifestyle of sleeping in the car shortly was really hard on my body. The last month was particularly crucial. I was worried I might not do well in both things but after doing it I’m glad I did.
Amidst being busy you worked on all the tracks in this album. Was there a time where you felt the pain of creation?
Why wouldn’t there be. There was a time where I couldn’t write even one song for a month. At those times I play. I don’t know if my method of searching is the right method but I go out with people I’m close with and have a drink and at one moment I let go of myself and just play. And then the next day I go home and rest well and the next day when I’ve recovered and I go to the studio ideas start coming into my head. It’s fascinating. People can’t only always try to fill things up.
What kind of preparations are you doing for the Busan concert in September?
It means so much to use first of all to be holding a concert in Busan. It’s not easy for our fans living in the rural areas to come up to Seoul all the time. We are going to go there ourselves this time and put on an awesome show and have a lot of conversation with our fans in Busan. And Busan people are very passionate. I look forward to it.
If you could click ‘like’ for one of the members who would you choose and why?
Doojoonie. He always says ‘I don’t do much as the leader’ but, I can see that that’s not the case from the side. Even if something troubling happens, because Doojoon’s personality is cheerful he doesn’t show it and forgets it quickly. When I see him like this I want to give him strength but I don’t know how to.
Ay, you just need to do what you’re doing now. The trend in BEAST right now is Junhyung-goon.
If you think of it like that then I am grateful. Truthfully the word trend does not reach me personally. Even if I am the trend I have no way of feeling it just yet. After I finished the drama I have not rested even for a week. I think I’ll be able to enjoy a trip for a week when October comes.
That is proof that you are the trend.
I’ll only be able to go somewhere if the album does well otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go out of guilt. (laughs) After I finished producing this album I’ve been having nightmares every night. ‘It failed because you did it’ I’m scared I’ll hear something like this. More so than words like ‘You’re not very good’ I’m most scared of words like ‘It failed because of you’. If I hear something like this I’ll lose my driving force to write songs. Thankfully people are receiving it well so with this force I’m saving up songs for the next album.

Red Sun, Lee Kikwang

This is the second time I’m seeing Kikwang-goon. I went to the film set of ‘Hot Brothers’ for an interview.
Ah, that was during my debut days. I was a baby that didn’t know anything. It was when I was bright. Now time has passed, and I grew in height a bit? (laughs) Time has passed like this. Did I change a bit?
The PD praised Kikwang-goon then. You work hard, and you were never discouraged and did well. Do you prefer hearing that you work hard or do you prefer hearing that you are good?
It would be nice to hear both but I think it’ll be hard to get both. I think working hard will help me more later on. A person who is good can become arrogant and not put in any effort, but people who work hard will always work hard so I think the latter is a better person.
You win number 1 on music shows a lot lately right? Congratulations. I think you’re at the rank where it’s upsetting if you don’t win number 1.
Forever number 1, where does that exist in this world? If there are winners there are also losers. As the years pass people around me say ‘Just because you’re doing well don’t think that you’ll continue to do well, this could be BEAST’s peak’ they advise me. I’m going to engage in this humbly.
Then where will BEAST’s peak be?
I still think that BEAST has many more steps to climb. We can go higher.
It’s good to see your desire for success. That personality and your style right now goes well together. Especially your red hair colour, red being the symbol for fervor and passion.
I prefer moving around instead of being still and being trapped in a corner. I think I have an outgoing and bright personality.
How are you when you are in a relationship? Are you the type to always move with your girlfriend, or are you the type to respect each other’s time?
I think I’m half and half. My girlfriend will have her own thoughts and I have my own thoughts. I don’t think that we’ll always be looking in the same place. Being in a real relationship is seeing each other while tuning to one another isn’t it. If you lean to one side too much then you could get tired of the person and break up. Everything is good in moderation.
I heard that your final goal is to be someone like Ronaldo?
I really like soccer. I like sports a lot so if I wasn’t a singer I probably would have become a sports player. Ronaldo and Messi are all-round players. You could say that you’re sick of this answer but, I want to become someone who is good at everything. Idols lately go into acting, do musicals, go on variety shows, and stand on various stages. I want to be a person who is good at everything.
Then what aspects should you strengthen?
I have to strengthen everything. Singing and dancing, my face, acting, variety, etc. I started learning how to compose songs. I think I may be able to let the fans hear something soon.
It has been 5 years since you debuted. Like the photo shoot concept it is a period where you feel comfortable and leisurely and at the same time this leisure time can be applied as poison. Commonly it is known as the idol group’s 5 year jinx. Kikwang-goon what side are you on?
It is that period of time. In my opinion as long as it’s not too much, the leisure is much needed. People need both breaks and work. If you had time to rest and found security in your heart and then you go on stage I think the efficiency increases.
There is no break time now so what do you do?
Right now is a time where I have to keep running. When I don’t have activities I went to get vocal lessons, I studied composing, and I exercised. To me that is my break.
If you could click ‘like’ for one member.
Doojoonie. I don’t know what’s on his heart. He’s not the type to have leadership, but he really seems like a leader. He knows how to reason with people. He really is a good kid.
Is there anything else you want to say?
I like it right now. Everything in moderation.

Between chic and cold, Jang Hyunseung

I heard you read magazines often?
Yes. But I can’t read them nowadays because we’re promoting. I read them to look at the styles instead of reading the articles.
What do you think of the style you’re wearing today?
Isn’t it a style that girls like? Clean-cut university student feel? There are a lot of people who like this style. I’m into leather these days. If you look at the collections, leather jackets, leather pants, leather hats and such, there are a lot of items coming out that have leather.
Recently you put the confetti tapes on your face to make them look like tears for your 1st place ceremony, it was unexpected.
You thought I was just chic. I’m not the type to be out there but on that day I was. The members do everything anyways so I just stay quiet.
If you stay quiet without a word don’t you get misunderstood a lot? Going between chic and cold shall I say?
Ah~ yes. People ask if I’m in a bad mood a lot. But after I debuted I didn’t hear that a lot. Maybe they’re not asking me because there is no point in asking. (laughs)
You’re very honest. How does it feel to be promoting as the whole team? It must feel different from promoting as ‘Trouble Maker’.
It is different. Individual activities and group activities are both fun in their own ways. I think the individual activities between the members are important also. When the six of us in BEAST have to come together we clearly show the group charms, and after that we show our individual charms and that is how we can be more well-known to the public. I wish each member can shine brightly in their own direction. And when we group together an even more incredible image will be created.
It could have been more secured with your individual activities or maybe it’s just Hyunseung-goon’s charm, but I think Hyunseung-goon’s defining charm is ‘sexy’. What do you think?
I think it’s good. I think that you need to have something that defines you while you’re on stage, whether it is sexiness or charisma. To be honest you can’t find sexiness in my past image. But if you keep trying sexy you improve. (laughs)
I think the blonde hair is especially doing it’s part. The reaction is good.
I liked the red tone as well. I prefer eye-catching colours rather than mild ones.
Psychologically people who like fancy things have a desire(?) to express themselves on the inside.
I simply think because I’m a star that stands in front of the public. A star can’t be plain
Ah, I see. I’ll stop pretending to be a psychologist and shall we talk about what fans are most curious about such as relationships?
Haha. You can dig even deeper about me.
Like the title track are you the type to become a shadow for the person?
There are different meanings when you say you’ll become someone’s shadow. Well I’ve never been treated as what people commonly call a shadow. I liked the person as much as that person liked me.
Then I guess there wasn’t much to fight about.
I think like that. First of all if you want to go for a long time you need to be blessed by those around you. If you don’t take care of people around you because of love then I don’t think that love will go smoothly. Wouldn’t that be better for the person you love?
The Busan concert in September is coming up, how do you feel?
I’m going to do just as much as I did for the Seoul concert. Because I always do my best. We are doing things here and there to prepare.
If you can click ‘like’ for one member who would you choose and why?
Yoseobie. I think Yoseobie worked hard to surpass his limit. Truthfully he was just cute until now. Haha. If he was always the same it wouldn’t be so good but as a peer it’s nice to see him trying to advance. I want to acknowledge him.

Upgrade, Yang Yoseob

Lately a lot of people appraise BEAST for not only your talents but your great appearances as well. I think Yoseob-goon plays a big part in this.
To be honest I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I started boxing as a hobby and great results followed with it. Thank you for looking at me nicely. Now I don’t want to go back to how I was before (laughs)
Recently you showed ‘a man’s tears’ at ‘Beautiful Show’. Do you show your tears often?
I’m embarrassed. I usually cry when I want to cry. But I really don’t cry when I’m on stage. Because we need to sing the encore song. When you cry you can’t sing. I was really trying hard to hold in my tears but then Hyunseungie said ‘Why are you about to cry’ to the fans and started saying things that weren’t in the script. At that my tears exploded. In the end I couldn’t sing the next song properly. I was really embarrassed but a lot of articles came up about it.
Who is the emotion king in BEAST?
Dongwoonie. Often when I see Dongwoon I feel this a lot. He’s very honest about what he feels, and he tries not to show it to the hyungs, but in the hyung perspective I see it. It’s not that his emotions are inconsistent, but he’s a friend who thinks a lot.
You’ve said that your dream is to become a world star, is that still valid now?
Ah, that. I said that without any thought back then but I think I’m achieving it little by little so I feel happy. Interestingly whatever I say comes true. People always ask ‘What’s your next goal? What’s your next dream?’ At those times I answered ‘I want to win number 1 on public broadcast’ ‘I want to hold a concert’ ‘I want to do a world tour’ and they all came true. So I find it fascinating and I feel thankful, but I also think I should be careful of what I say.
I guess you have to say something today as well.
My ultimate goal is to be a world star. I’m not a world star yet. There are still so many countries I need to go to and so many fans I have yet to meet. Perhaps it will come true as my years of experience increase.
We can’t leave out the talk about relationships now can we? When you’re in a relationship do you spend more time together, or do you spend more time separately?
It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship so I don’t remember clearly but I think I was closer to a shadow-like figure. If you honour your individual privacy too much then you can feel that you guys are being neglectful of each other. I like the feeling of being beside them all the time.
Then if you were to choose between love and friendship?
If I am in love I don’t know how that will change but since I don’t remember too clearly I choose friendship. Haha. My personality changed a lot since I met my BEAST friends. My emotions were very inconsistent. But when I was having a hard time the people who held me like it was something definite to do was the BEAST members. On the other hand you have to have a sense to notice things when you’re in love? You want to look good in front of the other person and hide your weaknesses. But with the members you don’t need to do that. I think friends are more comfortable and last longer.
The last formal question, if you were to click ‘like’ for one member?
Junhyungie. It must have been very hard for him producing all the songs this time. He was probably worried that the other 5 members didn’t like the songs he produced as well. But he’s doing a really cool job so I wish he would have strength. I don’t want him to continue doing music while being stressed.
Junhyung-goon talked about that but there is a member who acknowledges it. I guess this is what you call teamwork.
He did? Junhyungie has a habit. He sneakily puts on a song he wrote in the car. If a reaction comes he’ll continue. Junhyungie is subtly sensitive so he can’t take biting remarks and he can’t give criticism a lot while directing. He probably felt like he was floating in the open sea alone while preparing. Later if I get the chance I want to help Junhyungie more. This time I went to the studio and recorded a lot of guides but do you think that helped him. (laughs)

cr: Interview Scans: @_kissyourlips_ and B2STIZEN.wordpress.com

[1080p HD] BEAST's Yoseob MC @ Music Core 130824

[1080p HD] BEAST - How To Love @ Music Core 130824

13.08.23 Yoo Hee Yeol: “Idols Need Space to Tell Their Story”

The host of the late Friday night music-talk show “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” musician and producer Yoo Hee Yeol, spoke at a press conference to mark the 200th episode of the show.
At the press conference, Yoo Hee Yeol was asked about the appearance of idols on the show which strives to provide a stage for a wider range of artists than the singers that appear on more primetime music shows like “Music Bank” or “Inkigayo.” Yoo Hee Yeol replied, “There is only ‘Sketchbook’ left for music shows that allow artists to tell their story. It would be great if the hottest singers come out on the show and tell their story. I am sure they also have something to say, and since they are receiving love from the public, it’s reasonable that we listen.”
Idols and/or top ranking singers on music charts also appeared on the previous versions of this music show, hosted first by Lee Sora in “Lee Sora’s Proposal” and Yoon Do Hyun in “Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter.” Yoo Hee Yeol said, “We want to show [the artists] with meaning rather than mechanically like other music programs.”

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[TRANS] 130821 PLAYB2ST From Yoseob

[Yang Yoseob] Phase 2 Promotions End
Sigh.. Now that the the long awaited Phase 2 of promotions is just coming to an end, it’s too bad and a pity isn’t it?
We feel the same too..
However.. In the rapidly changing music industry,
We will go through readjustments, and in order to show something even better
we will conclude promotions slightly earlier.
I’ve already said this just now but,
While knowing well enough that the music industry is constantly changing, we probably won’t have a long (waiting period between) comebacks like the last and the one before the last
We still have 1 more week left, and good news will be waiting for you so please understand and wait for us.
We’re preparing for a huge counter punch
We won’t be totally in a hibernation mode
We hope to have a fun and successful ending!!
Please support us to the end!!
B2uty, sincerely, thank you and love you.
The fact that we have you makes me feel very fortunate.
Thank you.

cr: b2stera