YoSeob's 24th anniversary - Project [Finished]

Hello everyone.

We are organizing a project for Yang YoSeob’s birthday.

The project consists of a picture which contains your favorite landmark, venue or building from your city, (and if you want you can appear in the picture as well) and a message to congratulate YoSeob for his birthday.

This will take YoSeob on a virtual trip around the world to see the landmarks, venues and buildings from the cities that his fans live in.

On the picture write your name and the country you are from.

After that send the picture to this e-mail address: yoseob.europe1@gmail.com

Send your pictures before Thursday, January 2, 2014, 12:00 PM. (EET, GMT +2 hours).

You can write the message in English or Korean.

Anyone can participate. 

Good luck and have fun.





  1. this is an amazing idea, i dont have any good landscapes or anything where i live :( is there something else i could do?

    1. Hello.
      Thank you very much. Hmm isn't there a beach, or some mountains, or even a park? ^_^