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110730 Coverage of BEAST's Press Conference in Shanghai

[Fancam] 110730 BEAST (비스트) - Fiction @ Press Conference in Shanghai

[FANCAM] 110730 BEAST at Pudong Airport

(YoSeob fanfiction) Capture Your Heart


YOU, Yang Yoseob, Yong Junhyung, Natsumi Kisa (OC), Son Dongwoon, others (Beast, fictional, you know)


Your normal high school life gets turned upside down when the super-cute and popular new kid falls in love with you! 

You were just a normal high school student.
You weren't super-cute, super-smart, or super-popular.
You were a plain, normal girl, with average grades, and a few close friends but kind of a loner.
Everything was normal.
Until one fateful day...........HE arrived.

His name is YANG YOSEOB.
He is the CUTEST GUY you've ever seen.
He is SWEET, SMART, and even RICH.
He is the PERFECT GUY.
Craziest of all?

Who said anything about YOU liking him BACK?

YOU don't have any interest in him! Pfft, nice try.
He's cute and sweet and all, but he's NOT YOUR TYPE, not by a LONG SHOT.
Plus, you kinda already have a crush on a guy who IS your type......
Does that stop him?
No it doesn't.

"I will absolutely never fall for you!"
"And I will absolutely capture your heart." 


Han ~~~~~~~ (YOU): plain, normal, average girl. Has two close friends. Although everyone thinks you're shy, you're not, you just don't like speaking out. Actually can be quite sarcastic and outspoken. Aspires to be a photographer. Called a "Wallflower" because you blend into your backgrounds, making yourself practically invisible. Annoyed that Yoseob is constantly after you, especially since he's not your type and you have a crush already, but do you start to feel something for him too............?
Yang Yoseob: new kid in Cube High. Rich, smart, and sweet, like a teddy bear, with one hell of a cute smile. Has aegyeo that can kill. Extremely popular even by the first day, creating a fan club by the end of the week. Falls in love with you at first sight. Despite being constantly rejected, he doesn't give up.
Natsumi Kisa: your best friend. Wild, outgoing, and cheerful. She's a Japanese transfer student. People are wary around her because of her crazy personality and also mentioning the fact that she has BLUE hair........... very protective over you and knows all your secrets.
Son Dongwoon: your other best friend. Tall and cheerful. Constantly complains about being "the only guy with two weird girls as friends", but doesn't actually mind what people think. Worries over the two of you like an older brother or a father. Even though he's the youngest out of you three, you and Kisa tease him by calling him "oppa" because he looks so old and mature. Yoseob's good friend and sometimes tries to get you two together.
Yong Junhyung: A quiet, calm, dangerous bad boy. Can sometimes be arrogant and over-confident. Skips class and disrespects teachers. Wicked and evil, someone you wouldn't want to messs with. Despite that, his good looks makes him somewhat popular with the girls...........what part does he play in this story?

Prepare yourself, because this story might just
Capture Your Heart............

Friday, July 29, 2011

[FANCAM] Yoseob w/ Lucky Fan (Part 2) [BEAST 1st Asia Fan Meeting Tour (Malaysia) 110701]

[FANCAM] Yoseob w/ Lucky Fan + DOOSEOB [BEAST 1st Asia Fan Meeting Tour (Malaysia) 110701]

[FANCAM] 110724 KLIA - BEAST arrival for MTV World Stage (Yoseop (요섭) focused)

(Pictures) 110723 YoSeob @ First fanmeeting Asia Tour Taiwan

cr:  Beast Spain

Bang Yong Guk to release first solo track, “I Remember” with B2ST’s Yang Yoseob

Bang Yong Guk, who is best known for featuring in SECRET member Song Ji Eun’s hit solo track, “Going Crazy,” will be releasing his first solo track on August 12th.
The track is titled “I Remember” and will be a collaboration between Bang Yong Guk and B2ST’s lead vocalist, Yang Yoseob.
Earlier today, Bang Yong Guk teased the collaboration through his twitter account (@realjepp), by linking the photo above with the words, “comingsoon.”
Stay tuned to allkpop for more news on this exciting collaboration!
In related news, Bang Yong Guk is busily preparing to debut through TS Entertainment’s male group version of SECRET.
cr: allkpop

U.I.C plagiarizes B2ST’s ‘Bad Girl’?

B2ST’s fans around the world are outraged by a recent controversy brought up by a Japanese band.
The usual detective work by netizens led to the discovery of a Japanese band named  U.I.C (UGLY in CLARITY) and suspicions arose that the band plagiarized B2ST’s debut track, ‘Bad Girl‘, after listening to one of their songs titled ‘NAKED SUN‘.
Being the first track of U.I.C’s first album ‘ADDICTRO‘, which was released eight months after B2ST, ‘NAKED SUN’ seems to have the same beat and also a rap part that almost synchronizes with ‘Bad Girl’. The overall feel of the song has a strong resemblance as well.
You can judge by checking out the comparison below.

B2ST – ‘Bad Girl’

Outraged fans have been notifying CUBE Entertainment of this alleged plagiarism, which lead to the company stating, “We heard of the suspected plagiarism from fans. We didn’t have the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the song yet, however, we will be making a thorough review to see if there’s possible plagiarism.”

What is your opinion, is it a copy?

cr: allkpop

110728 BEAST

Thursday, July 28, 2011

110727 - BEAST @ First Class Entertainment

110728 - BEAST @ EIGHT (Sakigake)

B2ST tops Japan’s ‘Recochoku’ chart three times in a row with “Fiction”

The Japanese ‘orchestra version’ of B2ST’s hit track, “Fiction“, has topped Japanese ringtone chartRecochoku three times in a row!
On July 27th, B2ST released the orchestra version of “Fiction” through Recochoku, and grabbed #1 on the day of its release. This marks the third time B2ST topped the chart since “Bad Girl” and “Shock“.
The song has quite the history of earning triple crowns on Korean music programs, and it seems that its popularity is being reflected in Japan. A representative of Japan’s music industry commented, “Day by day, B2ST is earning more and more music fans who are becoming lovers of their work. Their fandom is becoming stronger than ever.”
This accomplishment has drawn more attention to the boys’ upcoming first official Japanese album, as the song will be included in its tracklist.

cr: allkpop