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13.07.18 BEAST Releases Comeback MV “Shadow”

Finally! BEAST has released the music video for their title track, “Shadow,” from their latest album “Hard to Love, How to Love.” 
“Shadow” is a dance track composed by member Yong Jun Hyung. The music video creates a dark, eerie, and serious mood of the song despite its fast beat, with images of skulls, snakes, spiders, and a strange man covered in body paint. The members of BEAST display a cold charisma, vastly different from their previous music video for “Beautiful Night.”
The song describes the heartbreaking emotion one feels when his or her lover grows distant, and his or her desire to stay with near like a shadow.

BEAST will showcase the first performance of “Shadow” at their concert series “2013 Beautiful Show” being held July 20 and 21 at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium. The full album comes out offline on July 22.  

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13.07.21 New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 July Week 3

B2ST Vol. 2 – Hard To Love, How To Love (released)

01 Intro
02 Shadow03 How to Love
04 Be Alright
05 I’m Sorry
06 Will You Be Okay
07 You’re Bad
08 Encore
B2ST returns after a year with their second album, “Hard to Love, How to Love.” The title track this time around is “Shadow,” a moving track about how a man feels after his lover disappears like a shadow. It has strong beats and a beautiful piano melody. The song was co-composed, penned, and arranged by Kim Tae Joo and B2ST member, Yong Jung Hyung. There are other tracks worth mentioning such as hip-hop number, “How to Love” and electronic track, “You’re Bad.”

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13.07.19 BEAST Continues to Top Charts with “Shadow”

According to OsenBEAST is continuing to reign on music charts with their hit track “Shadow.”
After releasing the title track “Shadow” on July 19, noon KST, ahead of the full album release, BEAST topped real-time music charts on online music stores. The hot group was still on top as of the morning of July 20 KST onMelonBugsNaver MusicDaum Music, and Olleh Music.
“Shadow” is work of member Yong Jun Hyung and his music partner Kim Tae Joo. You can check out the dark and visually gorgeous music video here.
BEAST will showcase the first performance of “Shadow” at their concert series “2013 Beautiful Show” being held July 20 and 21 at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium. The full album comes out offline on July 22.  

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13.07.19 BEAST Sweeps Music Charts with “Shadow”

Hot group BEAST swept music charts within hours of their newest track release at noon July 19 KST.
BEAST topped eight real-time music charts (as of 4pM KST) with “Shadow,” including such music store sites likeMelonMnetBugsSoribada, and Olleh Music. “Shadow” is the title track for BEAST’s upcoming second full-length album,“Hard to Love, How to Love.” 
Additionally, BEAST also topped the pre-order chart on the Japan Tower Records website for their album “Hard to Love, How to Love.”
If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the cold charisma of the BEAST members in the “Shadow” music video.
BEAST will showcase the first performance of “Shadow” at their concert series “2013 Beautiful Show” being held July 20 and 21 at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium. The full album comes out offline July 22.  

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

13.07.16 BEAST Releases Haunting “Shadow” MV Teaser

Yes! BEAST has released the music video teaser for their title song, “Shadow,” from their upcoming album “Hard to Love, How to Love.” 
“Shadow” is a dance track composed by member Yong Jun Hyung. The music video teaser sets the dark, eerie, and serious mood of the song despite its fast beat, with images of skulls, spiders, and a strange man covered in body paint.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

130715 [Hard to Love, How to Love] Second Official Album Info

The official 2nd album equipped with BEAST's speciality, emotional toughness!

After releasing the hit digital singles <Will You Be Alright> and <I'm Sorry> previewing their comeback in a year, BEAST is finally revealing their official second album [Hard to Love, How to Love].
BEAST held a guerrilla concert titled, <B2UTY GATHER> for the fans who have waited a long time for this new album release and,
The second title song <I'm Sorry> MV was filmed with the fans displaying their care for them.
And finally on July, after the release of the second album, BEAST's solo concert '2013 BEAUTIFUL SHOW' will have it's first opening show finally reaching the highlight of the comeback project.
The new album [Hard to Love, How to Love] can be easily described with the words 'All made by BEAST'.
From the music production to the visual concept, music video filming, art designs… every single area has been touched by the members of BEAST.
In particular, Yong Junhyung and Kim Taejoo who have been acknowledged as producers filling all of Korea with the scent of <Caffeine>, they had easily fulfilled composition and writing for the new album and rose to the top with their producer skills.
Title song <Shadow> is a song with a great, but lyrical mood and like the shadow that disappears when the light disappears
The lyrics portraying the yearning heart of the male disappearing as his lover fades is important to note.
<Shadow> has sweet piano tune on top of a strong beat and the lyrical melody blends right in making the song good enough to pass as BEAST's epic project. If BEAST's natural ways show off in the music, visually, BEAST has been emphasized with the manliness to show off a new look of them. A whole great new scale, a set with a height of 7m, and secretive back drops add the weight and power of this new upcoming album. In addition, the character's emotional changes after a break up has been portrayed to show even more sadness. The dance has been choreographed with power and momentum to continue the manliness found throughout the album.
Other than the title song <Shadow>, there are songs of many different genres like hip hop and electronic beats. <How to Love> and <Be Alright> have a smooth hip hop feel and <You are Bad> and <Encore> have a electronic rhythm.
Another album that will be BEAST's masterpiece [Hard to Love, How to Love]
July, BEAST's flight will begin!

Tracklist (all composition/lyrics/arrangement done by Yong Junhyung & Kim Taejoo):
1. Intro
2. Shadow (TITLE)
3. How to Love
4. Be Alright
5. I'm Sorry (RELEASED)
6. Will You Be Alright (RELEASED)

7. You Are Bad
8. Encore


130711 BEAST, Confirmed to Release 2nd Album on the 19th.. 'Comeback After A Year'

Group BEAST will be releasing their second full album on the 19th and comeback after a year.

On the 11th, BEAST's company Cube Entertainment stated that "BEAST will be releasing their second full album "Hard to love, How to love" through online music sites on the noon of the 19th. This time in the full album there was more participation from the members."

In the midst of being busy with solo promotions in and out of the country, they have still actively participated in the works of the album and its completeness is heightened.

The company also said "The works of the album were done with a producing process that had the motto "All made by BEAST" in mind. After the revelation of their ballad track previously, the tracklist has been filled with a few numbers that will show off BEAST's different charms."

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BEAST will be holding their solo concert "2013 BEAUTIFUL SHOW" on the 20th and 21th and the first stage of their title track is planned to be revealed then.

Previously, on the 10th, BEAST have ended filming the music video for the title track after 3 days and 2 nights. Through the full album this time round, BEAST will be engaging in competition with a track that has unique lyricism and a magnified manly and dark image that will allow the public to identify with it.

Before the comeback, BEAST had revealed their digital single "Will You Be Alright" and "I'm Sorry" and risen to the top of music charts one after another; and even in the situation where they did not promote on music programs at all, they have managed to seize the #1 on a music program and have basked in their high popularity.


13.07.15 BEAST Reveals Individual Images for “Shadow” Comeback

BEAST is gearing up for their comeback and released individual teaser photos through their agency’s official Twitter.
Cube Entertainment released the teaser photos for the upcoming album “Hard to Love, How to Love.” In the photos the members keep it simple in black or white with serious expressions. They continue the mature and masculine image that started with the group teaser photo that was released previously. 
The main track of their album is “Shadow,” which will be a dance song that was composed by member Yong Jun Hyung. Yong Joon Hyung has proven to be quite the composer and lyricist. He previously wrote fellow member Yang Yoseob‘s solo track, “Caffeine,” and has worked with other artists. 
The music video for “Shadow” and the album will be released on July 22. BEAST will also perform the songs at a concert on the same day. 

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Monday, July 15, 2013

[CAFE] 130614 Yoseob's Post - "It's been a while since I've posted on the fan-cafe."

It's been a whileㅎㅎ
Tomorrow is finally the day we will get to see everyone again!

In order to ensure that all the guests tomorrow will have a safe and enjoyable time, I will write down a few things that I've had on my mind. 
First off, since we don't know what kind of weather we'll have tomorrow..
If the weather continues to be as warm as it has been lately, even breathing may become difficult..
In such situations you must drink plenty of water so you won't collapse!!
And everyone knows that the sun's rays can cause skin-aging and skin-troubles right?
Everyone, in order to maintain your beautiful and pretty complexions for a long long time..
You must remember to grab your sunscreen if you're coming!!
Also, I know some of you will be coming in high heels, so please be careful not to hurt the people around you!
It may also be a good idea to carry a mini-electric fan or fan if you're coming!!
And B2UTYs all remember that we need to maintain our reputation as an orderly/respectful fandom right?
The place we're all meeting at tomorrow isn't solely, only, exclusively BEAST's space!!
You all know what I mean right??
In order to maintain the beauty of the trees in the park, we must leave things the way it was before we used it..
Do not vandalize the restrooms or the shelters
Do not leave trash behind in the park
Do not carve anything like names onto the trees like you would a tattoo
The flowers are beautiful like B2UTYs so please do not crush them, and do not pluck any flowers either. Etc. Etc. 
But I honestly assume everyone will be able to maintain themselves well!!ㅎㅎ
Nevertheless, wouldn't our days be better if everyone just thought at little first before we acted??ㅎㅎ

Beautiful people should be able to keep a beautiful place beautiful right???
I will be looking forward to see how our beautiful B2UTYs will beautifully utilize the park!!ㅎㅎ

Thank you everyone for reading such a long and nagging article like this!
Let's have an exciting and fun tomorrow *kisses*

CREDITS: Yoseob via PLAYB2ST (SOURCE); doubleuu88 @ B2STRISING (TRANS)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beast Wallpapers

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13.07.12 BEAST Reveals Moody Jacket Cover for Upcoming Track “Shadow”

Boy group BEAST revealed the jacket cover image for their upcoming song, “Shadow.”
The picture was revealed through Cube Entertainment‘s various social networking sites, including its official Twitter account. Along with the picture was the caption, “BEAST’s second album’s main track ‘Shadow’ jacket cover.” Unlike the more youthful and energetic themes BEAST has gone with in the past, the cover jacket promises a more mature and masculine image. In the picture all the members are looking down at the ground with serious expressions. 
“Shadow” will be the main track of their second album, “Hard to Love, How to Love.” The song is said to be a dance song about how life can be like a shadow in a world without love.
Most notably about this album is that all the members participated in the production of this album. 
“Hard to Love, How to Love” and the music video for “Shadow” will be released on July 19. 

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Monday, July 1, 2013